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FPU: Judgement Day 2007 Review

Since it’s been two days already and a lot of people having seen the PPV, have their own opinions, I’ll try to make this entry not too heavy.
Carlito vs Flair: Nothing against Carlito, who I think has potential or Flair (well, okay I think he should have retired by now), but it’s not a good sign when your more occupied trying to get the VCR to work then watching the match.
The problem is the WWE hotshotted this angle and instead of letting it build – even possibly letting the pair win the tag team titles – they instead rushed it. While the match wasn’t bad, it lacked any tension or emotion and so had that meh feeling.

The feud will continue (going by what happened on Raw) and maybe something can become meaningful from this feud.
Match wise, as stated it was decent but it had no stand out moments. Why Carlito worked on the arm I have no idea unless he was trying to weaken Flair’s chops of doom. Focusing on the back would have made more sense.
HBK getting knocked the f*** out surprised me and made Orton look more of a evil bastard then a whiney pussy that he’s been lately.
Lashley vs Team McMahon (Vince, Shane and Umaga): Chances are you could have made a cup of tea and missed this one. Is was that quick and the crowd loved it. Lashley looked pretty good here, and the way he was dominating reminded me of Stone Cold, which could be WWE’s main aim.
Lashley is getting over and the crowd reaction was immense when Lashley won the title and didn’t let up when Vince said he wasn’t the champ since Lashley didn’t pin him.
Ah yes, that finish. I was a bit miffed at the way it was done at first, but a) Lashley couldn’t lose again and b) at One Night Stand, if things go according to plan, Lashley will look even more impressive. So meh, take the good with the bad and whatnot.
The Doctor pretended to give a damn about HBK while HBK looked like a Morphine addict.
Elijah Burke vs CM Punk: Just got to say I love CM Punk’s theme. It definitely suits him and it gets me pumped up for some reason. WWE needs to stop hating and push this guy, the crowd love him and he’s fantastic in the ring. Not taking anything away from Elijah Burke though has he’s been great on the mic and he’s also capable in the ring. Adding these factors up, this match (from an angle that was also hotshotted to hell) should have been good. It wasn’t – It was fantastic. Fantastic back and forth action and nice selling from Punk made this a joy to watch. Some might call this an exaggeration, but for me, it was like a ROH match. For me, this was match of the night.
Missed the Edge interview, meh, since I don’t find Kristal so hot anymore, no big miss
Orton came down to the ring and called for the match to be called off and for Orton to be declared the winner by default. After the match, HBK fans would wish that was the case…
HBK vs Orton: Well, this match was unintentionally funny. HBK looked like someone who went on a drug bender (if such a thing is possible), somehow kicked out on “instinct” and threatened a comeback (this all took a great deal of suspension of reality) and the Sweet Chin Music failed attempt is the reason this match was unintentionally funny. They should have just had a 15 minute match, with the whole scene taking place near the end of the match. Still, we got to see HBK’s hot wife who was the most convincing thing in this angle, so it wasn’t a total loss
Hardy Boyz vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch: Good angle going here. Eventually we’re going to see Cade and Murdoch turn on the Hardy’s but for now it’s giving it an interesting twist. Plus it looks like we could be potentially seeing the tag team division be held in high regards again. The match wasn’t off the charts, but it was enjoyable tag team action, especially with Cade and Murdoch playing by the rules. Best spot was when Hardy hit Cade with a right and boy did it sound like he putted him.

Edge vs Batista
: Woot, Edge gets pretty fireworks cause he’s the champ. I was hoping this would be a good match but unfortunately it was a bit of a disappointment. The pace was just too slow but it could have been part of the build up had the match not been over at around 10 minutes. Edge was his usual good self, but Batista, after having brilliant matches with the Undertaker, just seemed not to be up for it and, while not quite back to his old wooden self, wasn’t giving it his all. I did like the finish though, as that was neatly done. I was expecting Ken Kennedy to come in at some point and assault Edge but alas it was not to be.
Someone please fire Ashley. The Cena -wannabe just gets on my nerves.
Chris Benoit vs MVP: I’ve become fond of MVP. I always thought he had decent mic skills, but his wrestling was patchy. Then he met Chris Benoit and since then, their matches have become something of a joy to watch. while not a patch on their Wrestlemania encounter, due to the fact it was quite short. It perhaps would have been better for Benoit to win the first fall, outing MVP on edge, and then having MVP win the other two falls. Still, for the time allotted (15 minutes) it was a good enough match to be the 2nd MOTN.
Cena vs The Great Khali: It’s been said that WWE have been trying to make Cena the next Hulk Hogan and there is evidence to entertain the thought and one is the type of opponents cena has been facing. To make a long point short, one could compare Khali to Andre and the match even played out a bit like Hogan vs Andre; Khali dominating, Cena making small comebacks and then doing the near-impossible (in this case getting Kahli to tap). This is one of those times when it was a good thing that the match was short as any longer and it could have gotten boring. Instead it felt fast-paced and Cena’s selling was brilliant. Hell even the Great Khali looked impressive. Even If I had not seen Raw, I would have guessed another match between the two would occur as due to the camera angle, khali’s foot being clearly visible under the rope was going to be used.
Well there you have my opinion on the matches. The main aim of this entry was to get me into the habit of writing more stuff so I do understand if you don’t think this is great stuff.
Next time though…I’ll rock your socks off!