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WWE: Smackdown Results (25/05/07)

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The fallout from Judgment Day was in full force on SmackDown, as new champions celebrated, while others fought to find a taste of gold.

After the ultimate opportunist, Edge kicked off SmackDown reveling in his own glory, General Manager Theodore Long announced to the World Heavyweight Champion and our fans that a match would take place to determine the No. 1 contender to the title. With the winner facing Edge at One Night Stand in a Steel Cage Match, Batista was able to defeat Mark Henry, Finlay and Kane in a Fatal Four Way to earn the No. 1 contender’s position.

Montel Vontavious Porter brought his newly won United States Championship to Des Moines to celebrate his victory over Chris Benoit at Judgment Day. The brash, swaggering Superstar was throwing his bling in the air and in the face of the Rabid Wolverine, but his celebration was cut short when he let his ego get the best of him and demanded too much from Chris Benoit.

In other SmackDown action, Paul London & Brian Kendrick stepped into the ring against the ever-dangerous duo of William Regal and Dave Taylor, with each team hoping to become the next challengers to Deuce & Domino’s WWE Tag Team Championships. London & Kendrick picked up the victory by disqualification when the boys from the Other Side of the Tracks interfered. All three teams then brawled, which has led to a Triple Threat Match first announced here on for the WWE Tag Team Championship Friday on SmackDown.

Another SmackDown Superstar with tag team gold around his waist is Matt Hardy, who took on The Miz in one-on-one action. Despite perhaps one of his best performances to date, Miz was unable to get the pinfall, instead losing when Matt Hardy delivered the Twist of Fate. Hardy continues his impressive streak, as he continues to climb the SmackDown ladder.

Also on Friday, SmackDown’s resident redneck Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero in a non-title match. Yang appears to have the number of the Cruiserweight Champion, having pinned him in two straight weeks.

Moving from one Guerrero to another, General Manager Theodore Long has named Vickie Guerrero the Assistant General Manager of SmackDown, so that he can spend more time with his girl Kristal. Vickie told her new boss, “I promise I won’t let our fans down.” While Vickie seems to have turned over a new leaf, even Long has his reservations.

One Diva who is used to letting our fans down, or rather, making them duck for cover is Jillian. The wannabe pop princess debuted her new song “Jill & Tonic,” and the results are the same – a toxic mix. The tone-deaf Diva caught the ire of Boogeyman, and as she tried to escape, Michelle McCool threw her into the ring, leaving Jillian to a foul worming by Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman.

  • Paul London & Brian Kendrick def. William Regal & Dave Taylor (DQ)
  • Matt Hardy def. The Miz
  • Jimmy Wang Yang def. Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guererro (Non-title)
  • Batista def. Mark Henry, Finlay and Kane (No.1 Contender’s Match)