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ST: I am back!


Old Sazza here to pop down his thoughts finally after a while away.
Well things have changed a bit for me over the last year, opportunities have opened up for me with different wrestling companies and I have been able to work with differing talent and getting used to working against people of different styles.

The other major difference is that I have managed to drop 6 stone and this is causing a little bit of upheaval in my life, first, let me show you the difference:

Old me: New me:


Now there are many reasons for losing the weight, health being one, I mean, at 24 stone I was heading for an early grave, type 2 diabetes, you know the drill. Secondly, I noticed that a few wrestlers were getting audience heat despite the fact they weren’t very good. I honestly believe that audiences are fooled to believe that great body means great wrestler. So I wanted some of that and that has been my motivation to lose the weight and put on muscle.

The only problem was that, with advice from beeeeeefcaaaaake Saul Adams, I’d have to lose the weight first before I put on the muscle. Now here I am looking a lot smaller than I did, the only issue is that my wrestling style will have to change for the moment while I look like an average sized wrestler.

The worst thing is the loss of strength, as was explained to me, because there is a larger distance for my muscles to stretch, I have to put more effort into lifting things and, while I was benchpressing 100k, I now struggle with 60k.

But Saul warned me that I would have to start again. My gym buddy Carl Mizzery has seen a lot of muscle growth over the period I have been losing the weight and he really looks good. I hope to put on a lot of muscle over the next 6 months and get back to doing what I do best… being a monster.

But hey, there are plenty of advantages to not being a fat bastard anymore, the fact I have stopped sweating for no apparent reason, the fact that I am never blown up in a match and can give it my full concentration, the fact that I have finally started receiving some positive comments and of course, there’s the increased interest from the opposite sex. Cha-ching!

Some people have questioned whether I should call myself Staxx anymore, well, internet moaning over the rumours of me being the fictional son of a fictional character aside, I quite enjoy doing the Staxx gimmick and Staxx isn’t all about size, I have Staxx of charisma, Staxx of potential, Staxx of power and my opponents get Staxx of pain!

Slam wrestling have Stixx and myself on the roster and there’s the potential for a St*xx stable, imagine it, the high flying Stexx, the muscular Stoxx, though I doubt we could get anyone to be Stuxx…

So, yeah, I’m really enjoying my wrestling at the moment and I hope it shows as I have grown to love performing in front of the kids and families, except the one kid who shat himself after slapping me round the face.

Well that’s it from me until I have something else to say.


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Hey there Saracen,
It’s been a long time since I read your column and MUCH longer since I last saw you in person somewhere in the West Country.
Looking great – I however went the other way and reached 17 1/2 stone last year but it’s going away. Fair play to your effort
Respect where it’s due

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