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SKK: SNME, Night of Champions, HBK Out

Well, Saturday Night’s Main Event is rapidly approaching and so far it isn’t looking good in my opinion. So far we’ve got like two matches announced:

John Cena vs The Great Khali

Chris Benoit & Batista vs Edge & MVP

One rumored match to now be on the cards is Finlay & Hornswoggle vs Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman.

So far all I can say is “Seen It!” Personally, with all the injuries I think WWE should have cancelled this edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Its going to be nothing more than a Backlash retread mostly, not to mention it is the day before One Night Stand. Cena vs Khali can only go so far, plus they’re having a Backlash rematch right before they have another rematch at One Night Stand. Seems like a bit of overkill from this guy’s point of view, plus it really isn’t that great of a feud anyway. Cena getting beat up on Raw week in and week out only to show up at the PPV and win just doesn’t make for good television. My prediction for this match is to have Khali either get DQ’d beating up Cena or win, to make Cena once again look like the underdog heading into another PPV.

The Smackdown tag match looks interesting and I think could be fairly good if they give it enough time. Benoit and the up and coming MVP should be able to work their magic and with Edge’s heel goodness it should be a good match. Let’s hope Batista brings his A-game as well. This is a good idea to get away from what they have been having recently on Smackdown, however I am pretty sure we’ll see this same match on Smackdown in the near future.

The Mixed Midget Tag Match should be an interesting show. Although they’ve had this match twice, I think they should be able to breath new life into it with some original spots thrown into it, otherwise it will be just something that we have all seen before.

Other than that they need to come up quickly with some interesting matches because the taping for this show is tomorrow. See, there’s a few more problems. Firstly that this show isn’t going to be live, which I think is a big mistake. Live shows tend to draw a bigger audience, plus they wouldnt lose the people that look up the spoilers on the internet. Secondly, What other matches are going to happen on this show? Another Marella/Masters match? Lashley is put up against the odds again? Snitsky squash? I think WWE is in trouble with this show and desperately need to throw some new material into the mix. I’m not even going to mention the little hype for this show, however WWE has a week to build it up. So I’ll hold off judgement until then.

Night Of Champions

Well, coming up soon on the USA network is a three hour special with all three brands of World Wrestling Entertainment in a Night of Champions. This can be one of two things for WWE. Either it can really boost the product and breath some freshness into it or it can flop.

First they need to come up with some fresh matches for this show. Give some of the younger talent a shot at the belts. For instance, they should definitely not have Cena vs Khali at this show or Cena vs Orton in my opinion. Go for something fresh and interesting like Cena vs Carlito maybe, something along those lines. How about Edge vs Kane or Edge vs Chris Benoit? What I am trying to say here is that they need to take a break from the traditional title shots here and go with something interesting, not Santino Marella vs Masters again. How about Santino vs one of the Hardys or Johnny Nitro something like that. It just needs to have fresh matches and give us something original.

Well, recently HBK’s knee problems became serious and they had to write him out of the shows for a while. Here we have once again another really big blow to the company. Heading what looked like a continuation of his feud with Cena has now been ended quickly. He may have even gotten to hold the belt for a short while. It was it seems definitely in the plans to have HBK and Cena feud for quite some time, maybe even all the way to SummerSlam. Now almost all the veteran Main Eventers are injured and it isn’t looking good, but I have hope that WWE wont bore us with Khali vs Cena constantly until Triple H returns.