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WWE: ECW on SciFi Results (29/5/07)

– Randy Orton opens the show by making his way to the ring. Joey Styles says RVD isn’t medically cleared to wrestle tonight, but Tazz states he’ll be medically cleared for One Night Stand. Orton said he knows he isn’t welcomed in ECW due to what he did to RVD. Orton showed the footage from Raw involving himself and Van Dam. Fans boo Orton. Orton said RVD suffered a concussion, and states what he did was legal. He said RVD has challenged him to a stretcher match on One Night Stand. Orton said on Sunday, he’ll be carted off on a stretcher. Out comes Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer said people love RVD and HBK, and says Orton isn’t welcomed in ECW. Dreamer said he is welcomed to a match with him tonight, however. Orton accepts his challenge, and states he’ll kill the legend of ECW. Hasn’t Vince McMahon already done that?

– Graphic plugs a face to face interaction tonight between ECW champion Vince McMahon and challenger Bobby Lashley.

– Up next, CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke in a no-DQ match.

– They plugged that Mr. McMahon will face Lashley in an arm wrestling match on the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event on Saturday night.

– Announcers announce a tables match for the One Night Stand PPV: Sandman, Punk and Dreamer vs. the New Breed (Elijah Burke, Cor Von, and Matt Striker)

(1) NO-DQ match: CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke. Early on, fans chant we want tables. Burke got into an argument with referee Scott Armstrong, but of course, its no disqualification. Burke set up a table in the corner. Cor Von does a run in, but gets a chair shot from Punk. Cor Von pounces Punk into the table. Burke covers Punk for the victory.

– Vince on a remote puts down the names of Joey and Tazz. He said Joey sounds like a 12 year’s old name. McMahon brings up a L (as in Lashley), but calls him a loser. Vince introduces Lashley. Lashley said that he’s confident. McMahon wants to know what makes him tick, and Lashley said he’s a champion, but Vince reminds him that he’s the ECW champion. McMahon said he’s from the streets, which Lashley laughs at. Lashley said on Sunday, he’ll prove he’s a champion. Vince said this is Lashley’s last stand, just like Custer’s last stand. Vince told Lashley not to interupt him as he’s old enough to be his uncle, Lashley replies "my dad’s uncle." Lashley again says on Sunday he’ll become the ECW champion.

– Styles and Tazz ran down the PPV line up. The announcer’s wondered if RVD should compete on Sunday, and recapped the Raw RVD/Orton footage once again. We just saw this!

– They again plug the upcoming Orton vs. Dreamer match.

– Extreme Expose. Styles notes that Extreme Expose will be apart of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Oh boy.

(2) Balls Mahoney vs. Kevin Thorn. Thorn wins quickly win the original sin finisher.

– Backstage, the Majors are talking about Rob Van Dam and in comes Matt Striker. Striker mentions that the draft lottery could split up the Majors brothers. Striker couldn’t tell them apart. Striker challenges one of them for next week.

(3) Randy Orton vs. Tommy Dreamer. Orton wins the RKO. After the match, Orton hits a second RKO. Orton kicks Dreamer, which brings out RVD in street clothes. Orton nails RVD in the head, and leaves RVD with a glazed look on his face. Fans chanted "RVD, RVD." Styles again asks if RVD should compete on Sunday’s PPV?