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RQW: More Details For June 16th Show


Real Quality Wrestling is very proud to announce its next show, which will take place on June 16th at The Colchester Arts Centre in Colchester, Essex. Since its ‘Rebirth’ in November 2006, RQW has prided itself on delivering the very best UK wrestling has to offer, and utilising the finest film equipment and production values available to not only make every live show a night to remember, but to capture every single second of the action for its flagship TV show seen on TWCFight (Sky Channel 427) every Wednesday at 11pm, repeated throughout the week.

Team NOAH on way to RQW
RQW management is delighted to inform fans that a star-studded team of wrestlers from top Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH, will be appearing in Colchester, headed by the legend that is Naomichi Marafuji. Team NOAH also includes Takeshi Rikio, Ippei Ota, Makoto Hashi and Atsushi Aoki. Details will follow in a subsequent release on the matches planned for the Japanese stars, but one thing is already certain – RQW Champion Martin Stone will be in the building. This night will certainly be one not to miss.

ChickFight Pre-show
For this very special show, RQW has once again teamed up with ChickFight to bring you, the fans, a two-match bonus pre-show, starring several of the top stars of the exciting female promotion – at no extra charge! While one match is still under negotiations, ChickFight and RQW management can confirm that the RQW Women’s Championship will be put on the line in the second.

Four-way Elimination RQW Women’s Title Match
Eden Black Vs The Amazing Kong Vs Jetta Vs Wesna

With such an array of international female talent arriving on our shores as part of ChickFight 9, RQW management has signed the very first women’s four-way to be held on an RQW show. In January, Eden Black managed to safeguard her RQW Women’s title against the USA’s Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif in a three-way match which proved that women wrestlers are as tough as their male counterparts. June, however, will perhaps prove to be an even bigger challenge in every sense of the word, as Black puts her title on the line, not only against long-term arch nemesis Jetta, and ChickFight 8 stand out Wesna, but also Japanese wrestling sensation, the Amazing Kong. Black has been dogged by injuries over the last few months – can she achieve the near-impossible by leaving Colchester victorious?

RQW Main Show
Matches announced so far:

No DQ, No Count-Out
Drew Galloway Vs Sheamus O’Shaunessey

These two men are no strangers to each other – in fact, not long ago they were the best of friends, before certain things began to eat away at that friendship – not least Galloway’s unbearable arrogance. These two men also have some history at RQW, with Galloway’s relentless taunting of SOS at ringside at the December show resulting in Sheamus interfering in Galloway’s Championship tournament match with Pac, causing him to lose, and Galloway almost costing SOS a defeat in his RQW wrestling debut against Stu Sanders. The heat on this feud reached boiling point when their first match for RQW to attempt to settle things, ended up in a double countout as the mens’ hate for each other reached breaking point and, forgetting all rules, just wanted to cause each other as much pain as possible. RQW management has ruled that, at the request of SOS, Galloway and himself will meet again in an RQW ring in order to bury the feud that has destroyed one of wrestling’s closest friendships, and that the match would be a no count out, no disqualification match. In a match that could end either man’s career, there is also one other big consideration – both have recently signed with the WWE. Would it be beyond either man to try and end the other’s dreams of making it big time in the USA?

ChickFight Grudge Match
Sweet Saraya Vs Cheerleader Melissa

The beginnings of this feud extend all the way back to ChickFight 7 in January – the first in the series of prestigious women-only tournaments held in the UK – and have been smouldering away ever since. In perhaps one of the most anticipated and unexpected quarter finals of the tournament, ChickFight mainstay and Future Legend Cheerleader Melissa would take on the UK wrestling institution that is the Sweet Saraya in what many had pegged as the potential final of the competition. During the hard-fought match, Saraya found herself hung between the first and second ropes, instantly drawing the Knight family to ringside to help. Ignoring the referee’s requests for her to stay back, Melissa was relentless and proceeded to attack Saraya at her most vulnerable, as she sagged, semi-conscious, in husband Ricky’s arms.
Fast forward to RQW April at York Hall. Melissa and Jetta stood victorious after an accidental mist by MsChif on her partner Eden Black caused them to lose the match. Who should jump the barriers and fly at Melissa but Saraya herself. The two proceeded to lay into each other as referees and officials spilled out to break it up. After order was restored, Len Davies, owner of RQW, ordered Saraya out of the building – but not before ordering that both ladies would be given a clear shot at the other on a forthcoming RQW show. The match has been signed, the scene has been set, and fans at RQW Colchester on June 16th will witness the long-awaited grudge match between the best that the UK and the US have to offer.

Jon Ryan Vs James Tighe
In another rematch that has been months in the making, James Tighe will finally get another shot at ‘The Bad Boy of British Wrestling’ Jon Ryan. Ever since their first meeting at RQW Rebirth back in November 2006, which resulted in a no-contest decision, there has been considerable tension between these two men, stoked by Ryan’s manager and Tighe’s former boss, Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert. After defeating several RQW wrestlers in his £10,000 Submission Challenge, and attacking RQW staff and security in the process, Ryan was surprised by Tighe’s appearance in March at York Hall. Tighe demanded a rematch against Ryan, who seemed happy to oblige… until another Lambert protégé, Hade Vansen, jumped Tighe from behind. Following his and Vansen’s victory over Jody Fleisch and Martin Stone in April, Ryan now has his eyes set on the RQW champion Stone. But the old score with Tighe has yet to be settled.

A WAW Guest Match is under negotiation with management from both companies.
And much more to be announced.

June 16th
Colchester Arts Centre
Church Street, Colchester, Essex

Doors: 6pm
Belltime for Bonus ChickFight Two-Match Pre-Show: 6.30pm
Belltime for main show: 7pm

Book your tickets online now at and save £s!

Advance tickets:
Ringside: £15
General admission: £10
Children (under 16) £6.50

On the door tickets:
Ringside: £18
General admission: £13
Children (under 16) £9.50

The Arts Centre is situated in Colchester town centre, behind the Mercury Theatre and just round the corner from Jumbo the water tower.

It is approximately 20 minutes by foot from the main railway station, 15 minutes from Colchester Town Station.

Nearest car parking is in St. Mary’s car park on Balkerne Hill.

Card so far:

ChickFight bonus two-match pre-show event:
Announced so far:
Four-Way RQW Womens Championship Title Match
Eden Black vs Amazing Kong vs Jetta vs Wesna

RQW Main Show
Featuring Naomichi Marafuji and other stars from Pro Wrestling NOAH, plus RQW Champion Martin Stone

Matches announced:
Drew Galloway vs Sheamus O’Shaunessey
The Sweet Saraya vs Cheerleader Melissa
‘The Bad Boy of British Wrestling’ Jon Ryan vs James