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WWE: Detailed results from One Night Stand

– The card and history of the matches were recapped. Video highlight packages for the WWE stars and storylines air.

– A nice lengthy video putting Randy Orton over as the Legend Killer is shown, including his match with Tommy Dreamer from ECW on Sci Fi.

– Announcer’s welcome us the show.

(1) Stretcher Match: Randy Orton vs. Rob Vam Dam. They have a strecher set up on the side of the ring. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are the announcer’s for this one. RVD came out second, and did a stare down with Orton. The bell rang, and Orton and RVD were still engaged in a stare down. A chant of "RVD, RVD" is heard. Orton threw a punch, and RVD sold it ala as he did on ECW for a moment looking disoriented in the ring. Orton went for the RKO, but RVD countered. He tried to go up to the top rope, but fell off to the floor. RVD is brought back into the ring, and appears lifeless on the mat. RVD has a glazed look on his face, and fans chant "RVD, RVD." Orton tried to put RVD on the stretcher, but he rolled off to the floor. RVD got the up hand on the floor, and put Orton on the stretcher on his stomach. RVD did a spinning knee off the ring mat on Orton, knocking him off the stretcher. RVD went for rolling thunder, but Orton caught him into a powerslam. RVD battles back and places Orton on the stretcher again. He does a running flip over the top rope, but Orton gets out of the way. RVD crashes on the arena floor. Orton places RVD on the strecher again, and rolls him to the finish line. RVD gets up and fights back on the stretcher. RVD reverses Orton, and pushs him over the finish line to win at 14:34. Yes, RVD wins!

Winner: RVD

After the match, Orton attack RVD. Orton kicks RVD over the guard rail, into the fans. Orton DDTs RVD on the arena floor. The trainers came out to attend to a dazed RVD. Trainers put the neck brace on RVD, and put him on a gurney. He is wheeled away, as Orton throws up his hands in the air as he always does.

– Backstage, Vince talks to son Shane. Vince is feeling good, but has a feeling something bad is going to happen to him. Shane tells him not to worry, as its probably something he ate.

– They showed the Young Guns Gillete race car, and plugged the show for Thursday night.

(2) Tables match: The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and CM Punk vs. The New Breed. Sandman comes out first and busts a beer can over his head. The announcer’s hoped RVD is ok, selling the stretcher match angle. Dreamer went for table on the outside, but is stopped by Cor Von. Punk dives over the top rope into Cor Von. As the action turns to outside the ring, fans chant "we want tables." Striker sets up a table in a corner. Cor Von powerbombs Punk, and then sets up a table and places Punk on it. Sandman attacks Cor Von with a cane, but is stopped by Striker. Dreamer, Punk and Sandman win when Punk superplexes Striker through the table with Burke laid across it at 7:19.

Winners: The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and CM Punk

– They plugged the draft lottery for next week.

– Backstage, Orton tells Edge what happends tonight doesn’t matter. Orton said he is on a roll. Orton said if Edge wins, and he gets traded to Smackdown, he’s next. Edge tells Orton that if he’s traded to Smackdown, he’ll end up like Batista tonight.

– Jim Ross said RVD sustained another concussion.

(3) Tag Team title ladder match: The Hardys vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. The match starts off with a Hardy chant. This is a match with all four guys in the ring at the same time. At one point, all four men had ladders in the hands, but Hardy’s double drop kicked the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Jeff climbed the ladder, but Haas easily pulls him off. Hardys climbed either side of a ladder, but Shelton blocked by slamming another ladder into their ladder. Hardys climbed either side of a ladder. WGTT both climbed a ladder, but the Hardy brothers stopped them. They showed the girls in the front row chanting "Hardy, Hardy." Hardys slammed both Haas and Benjamin on set up tables. Ouch. Jeff sets up a table on the outside perched up again the guard rail, and drops Haas on it. Benjamin gets flipped over the top rope, landing on the outside table. Side effect by Matt on Haas. Matt climbs the ladder, but WGTT tip over his ladder. T-bone suplex by Shelton on Jeff. With Matt Hardy set up on a table on the outside, Benjamin jumped off a ladder set up inside in the ring onto Matt. Jeff suplexed Haas off the ladder, as Haas screamed in pain on the mat. As Jeff climbed the ladder, Shelton flipped over the rope and drop kicked the ladder. Shelton climbs the ladder, but Matt knocks him off. All four men climb two ladders, but both ladders get tipped over. Swanton bomb by Jeff, as Matt grabs the belts to retain at 17:17.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz

– Backstage, The Great Khali puts a promo with his translator. Khali said he beat Cena with one foot on Saturday Night’s Main Event, and will beat him tonight. Khali said is returning to India after his title victory where is truly appreciated.

(4) Lumberjack match: Mark Henry vs. Kane. Lumberjacks are Benoit, Venis, Marella, Mahoney, Richards, The Miz, Thorn, Masters, Nitro, Chavo, Dykstra, and Carlito. Henry tosses Kane out, but the lumberjacks are afraid to put their hands on Kane. So Kane re-enters the ring by himself. Henry is tossed out, and five guys try to get him back into the ring, and Henry powers out, and re-enters the ring by himself.Henry rammed Kane’s back into the ring post on the outside, which allowed the lumberjacks to toss Kane back into the ring. Henry puts Kane into a bear hug. Kane flies off the top rope onto Henry and the lumberjacks on the area floor, knocking them all down. Kane clotheslines Henry from the top rope. Chokeslam by Kane, but lumberjacks (Kenny and Chavo) ran in. Kane one hand slams Dysktra. This allowed Henry to recover and put Kane back into the bear hug. Henry wins at 9:07 as Kane fell vicitim to the bear hug.

Winner: Mark Henry

– Backstage, trainers attend to WGTT and the Hardys. The teams argue verbally, but then get into an all out brawl with agents and referees breaking them up.

– They aired a Lashley/Vince saga video.

(5) ECW World Title match/Streetfight: Mr. McMahon (with Shane and Umaga) vs. Bobby Lashley. Tazz and Joey Styles are the announcers, Scott Armstrong is the referee. Fans chant "Bobby, Bobby" as the match starts. Lashley goes airborn right after Umaga. On the outside, Shane goes after Lashley and tosses him back into the ring. Lashley tosses Shane over the top rope onto Umaga. In the ring, Lashley attacks Vince as Umaga and Shane attack the challenger. Shane brings in a chair, but Lashley stops him. Heels gain the upper hand, and Shane DDTs Lashley on the chair. Umaga and Shane continue to work on Lashley, as Vince just stands there and watches. On the outside, Vince attacks Lashley on the floor, which allowed Shane and Umaga go to town on Lashley. Vince chokes Lashley with a foreign object. Vince then grabs a cable around Lashley’s neck. This is basically a mugging. Samoan Drop by Umaga, but Lashley kicked out when Vince tried to pin him. Vince spears Lashley with Umaga and Shane holding him. Lashley kicked out again. Lashley moves out of the way, and Umaga splashes Vince on the mat. Lashley tosses Shane over the top rope. Lashley hits Vince with a chair. over and over. Running powerbowb, but Umaga pulls Lashley out of the ring when he tried to pin Vince. Umaga splashes Lashley on the arena floor. Umaga puts Lashley on the announce table. Shane jumps an elbow from the top rope into Lashley, dropping them both onto the arena floor. Lashley kicked out again. Samoan bulldozer by Umaga on Lashley. Shane went coast to coast, but Lashley escaped. Lashley speared Shane. Lashley spears Vince to win the ECW title at 12:23. After the match, Lashley speared Vince again!

WINNER: Bobby Lashley

– They plugged the Vengeance PPV as the night of champions.

– Backstage, Maria talks to Marella. Todd Grisham comes into to interview Maria about the pudding match, and she sounded half intelligent, go figure. Candice Michelle comes in and says she’ll beat Melina again. Candice wants to kiss Marella, but Maria kisses her instead. Marella says he loves this country. In comes Ron Simmons, and says "Damn."

(6) Pudding Match (non-title): Melina vs. Candice Michelle. Melina came out with a pair of goggles. Candice tosses Melina into a inflattable bowl of pudding. yep. They fought inside the bowl, and outside it. Both divas are covered in pudding, but fans couldn’t care less. Candice forced Melina to tap out at 2:58. Maria came to interview Candice. She gets pudding flung at her, and dives in after Melina. The referee got pushed into the pudding as well.

WINER: Candice Michelle

– They showed the steel cage being lowered, as JR and King turned it over to Cole and JBL.

– They showed highlights of the Batista-Edge program.

(7) World title match fought inside a steel cage: Edge vs. Batista. Edge is introduced first. Cole was talking as Batista’s pyro went off, kinda fitting. As the match started, Edge tried to escape the match to no avail. Mickie Hensen is the referee. Batista is on the offensive in the early going. Batista tried to escape, but Edge drop kicked Batista’s knee. Edge speared Batista into the cage. Edge called for door to be opened by Charles Robinson, but Batista caught him. Batista superplexed Edge, but only got a 2 1/2 count. Edge went for a spear, but Batista countered with a shoulder block. Spinning side slam by Batista, but another 2 1/2 count. Spear by Edge, but a 2 1/2 count. Edge is bleeding from his mouth. Edge countered out of the Batista bomb. Edge climbed to the top of the cage, as Batista fought to stop him. Batista was able to stop him, but Edge gave him a low blow. Edge climbed over the top, as Batista tried to escape through the door. Edge was first out at 15:38 to retain the gold.


– They showed highlights of the John Cena vs. The Great Khali program.

(8) Falls Count Anywhere for the WWE title: John Cena vs. The Great Khali. Ross is really selling that Khali has never been pinned. Mike Chioda is the referee. Fans seem mixed on Cena tonight. Big boot to the face by Khali. Khali misses a leg drop attempt, which grounds the challenger. Khali knocked Cena off the top rope, onto the ring floor. Khali attempts a big boot pin fall attempt, but Cena kicked out. Khali smashes Cena into a teleivison monitor. The action moves into the crowd. Cena hits Khali with a monitor from a production table. Cena tries to pin Khali on the floor, but he kicked out. Cena tried to FU Khali on the floor, but was unable to. Khali tosses the champion onto a crane. Cena FU-ed Khali off the crane onto the arena floor. Cena pins Khali at 10:29 to retain the WWE title.

WINNER: John Cena