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WWE: Raw Results (4/6/07)

Live from Tampa, FL

– RAW kicks off with J.R. and The King welcoming us to the show, WWE Champion John Cena makes his way to the ring to a good pop. After milking the crowd, he says he loves the fact that he is hated and loved, he loves the noise of the crowd and he says he is happy that after getting beat down the past 6 weeks he can finally say to The Great Khali "FU". He goes on to talk about the draft, he says he knows what it is like to be drafted and this may very well be the last time he is on RAW, he says for that fact he wants to say, maybe for the last time, "The Champ is…". Before Cena could finish he is cut off by Mr. McMahon who is holding his ribs. Vince says Cena is here to embarrass him for no longer being a World Champion, he thinks Cena is here to rub Vince’s nose in the dirt, while he is talking, Cena turns his back on him. Cena says he is going to tell himself that maybe Vince is a little upset and delusional, McMahon then tries to carry on what he is saying but Cena turns away again and tells him the only thing keeping Vince alive is Cena’s patience. Cena tells Vince he is loosing his mind (as he is talking like he is having a nervous breakdown). Vince tells Cena he isn’t loosing his mind but tonight Cena will loose his WWE Championship as he will defend it in a Triple Threat match against Umaga and The Great Khali. Cena looks shocked as Vince slowly leaves the ring with a smirk on his face.

(1) Six-Person Tag Team Match – Cryme Tyme & Candice Michelle vs. Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Nitro & Women’s Champion Melina. JTG and Kenny start it off, Nitro and Dykstra keep on top of JTG until he makes his way to Shad for the tag, Shad dominates Nitro and Kenny, Candice takes down Melina and Shad body presses Candice onto Melina, Cryme Tyme hit the G-9 on Nitro for the win.

– backstage Maria and Santino Marella are talking, Vince approahes them and is mesmerized by the IC Title, Vince says he used to have a championship belt, he tells Santino to go to the ring because he is going to defend his title, he then slaps Santino and Vince repeatedly says "get", he is acting like a nut job.

(2) Intercontinental Championship – Santino Marella vs. Chris Masters. Masters dominates Santino early, Marella tries to fight back but Masters goes for the Master Lock, Marella avoids it and gets the pin on Masters to retain.

– backstage The Hardys are talking about retaining the titles last night, Cade and Murdoch approach them and congratulate them, Cade now has short hair, Cade and Murdoch challenge The Hardys for the titles when they are 100%, Hardys accept, Vince walks up to The Hardys and tells them they will also be defending their titles and it will be against Cade & Murdoch.

– Vince then walks around the corner and sees Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson, he approaches them and says he hates it when a degenerate hangs around with a woman half his age, Torrie then reminds Vince of the time Linda walked in on him standing in front of Torrie with his pants around his ankles. Flair and Torrie laugh at Vince so he puts Torrie in a match with Carlito tonight! He then goes on to talk to Flair by saying he never has his name chanted but wherever he goes all he can hear is "woo", he says he is sick of it and the fan attention makes Flair a legend, Flair thanks Vince, he tells Flair not to thank him yet because a legend should be in a match with a legend killer and so Flair will face Randy Orton tonight.

(3) Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair. Flair works over Orton hard with chops and shots to the head. Back from commercials Ric Flair has the Figure-Four on Orton, he finally makes it to the ropes, Orton hits a modified backbreaker and sells a hurt knee from the figure-four, Orton hits a dropkick on Flair, hits a back body drop and keeps Flair down with a sleeper, Ric manages to fight back and goes for another figure-four but Orton gets him in an inside cradle for a 2 count. Flair hits a few chops and a running knee drop, Orton takes it to the outside where he clotheslines and suplexes Flair, Orton puts Flair back in the ring and hits him with the kick to the head that took out HBK and RVD, Flair slowly gets back up and is dropped with an RKO for an Orton victory. After the match Orton sizes up Flair for another kick but the referee manages to persuade him to leave, as he leaves he looks back with a vacant expression.

(4) Carlito vs. Torrie Wilson. J.R. notes Torrie has an injured leg (not sure if thats kayfabe). Carlito makes out that he doesn’t want to hurt Torrie, he tells her to just leave the ring and get counted out, she goes to leave but Carlito waistlocks her and slams her into the mat, he then picks her up and hits a Back Stabber for the victory.

(5) World Tag Team Championship – The Hardys vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Hardys are moving slower than normal due to being banged up last night. the two teams shake hands before the match. Matt’s abdomen is taped up, Hardys keep on top of Cade and Murdoch, Jeff hits a crossbody to the outside on Murdoch, he lands funny and sells a knee injury, he quickly gets to Matt to tag out, Matt asks if Jeff’s ok, Jeff says "my knee." Cade and Murdoch work on Matt and keep him down, Matt finaly gets the tag to Jeff and he dominates Cade and Murdoch, Jeff goes for the Swanton on Cade but he moves, Cade covers Jeff, Jeff puts his foot on the rope but Murdoch pushes it off, the referee counts to 3 and we have new World Tag Team Champions. Matt asks Jeff what happened, Jeff tells him he had his foot on the rope, Matt confronts Cade and Murdoch, they attack him and hit them both with their newly won titles.

– In Mr. McMahon’s office Coach asks him if he’s ok, he says he has this cold feeling inside of him that he can’t get out or bring up, he says he doesn’t know what it is but it is like a black cloud, he says he will feel better next week because it’s the draft, he then tells Coach to "go tell them what it’s really about" Coach smirks and leaves the room.

– Jonathan Coachman makes his way to the stage, he plugs next weeks show and says not only is it the WWE Draft, but it will be "Mr. McMahon appreciation night."

(6) WWE Championship – John Cena vs. The Great Khali vs. Umaga. Khali takes down Cena straight away, Umaga leaves the ring, Khali takes Cena to the outside, Umaga goes to hit Cena with the steel steps but Cena ducks and Umaga nails Khali! Khali goes down and Umaga works on Cena in the ring. Cena tries to suplex Umaga but he is too heavy and Cena buckles undernesth him. Umaga nails Cena with a big sidewalk slam, Cena rolls to the outside, in the ring Khali walks up behind Umaga, they size each other up and Khali gets the upper hand, Umaga is now sent to the outside. Cena gets back in the ring and tries to FU Khali but he reverses, Khali slams Cena and hits him with a leg drop, he goes for the cover but Cena gets his foot on the rope, Khali knocks Umaga off the apron. Khali goes for the double choke bomb on Cena but Umaga plows through Khali knocking him into the ropes, Khali gets tied up in the ropes, Umaga goes for his running turnbuckle power move but Cena moves, Khali grabs Umaga around the neck but Umaga hits the Samoan Spike on Khali, Cena then shoulder blocks Umaga through the ropes and to the outside. with Umaga out Cena manages to again pick up and deliver an FU to The Great Khali for the pin and the victory. Cena celebrates his victory as he leaves up the ramp…