Saracen's Tenet

ST: Wow…

So there was me with my mouth wide open in shock at my placement in the TWO UK Top 50 votes. The only thing I can say to the people who voted for me is “thank you” and I hope I can justify your votes in the future.

Yes, I know, there will be backstage “discussions” about the voting and “isn’t it all convenient” or other excuses to either pull down the results. However, people who know me know one thing about me, I am honest to a fault.

I hate thieves mostly, I can never reconcile with someone who has stolen from me for instance, they would never factor as a part of my life again.

Well, unless they returned what they stole with a deep felt apology.
My other classic honesty thing is that I usually say what I think and that can lead to the usual social car wreck, though I have recently taken lessons on how to put it across positively.

Dealing with people is something that a person has to do every day, except hermits… for obvious reasons. It is how we convey the information and get people to understand us that is how we are perceived externally by others.

So in a locker room, you are being perceived so you have to make a good impression.

You also have to make the right impression to your audience and I guess that is what the TWO Top 50 is all about. A lot of people mistake it for the list of the best wrestlers, that isn’t true, as I stated last blog entry, things can be misperceived, such as the great body meaning a great wrestler.

I think the TWO top 50 is all about the whole package, ability, charisma, look and action. A part of that package has struck a chord with someone and they remember it.

This is why there is usually a lot of new comers to the top 50 every year, the new guys should always make an impression, or perhaps that some of the longer serving wrestlers have learned how to make a better impression.

Either way, I’m reckoning my rise is due to the greater exposure I have had with other companies, especially 2 that have vocal fanbases.
So what’s my next goal after the weight loss?

Well first there is the muscle building I need to complete to get me back to an impressive size (but for all the right reasons), then I need to work on my game and “mature” as a wrestler to be good enough to carry a company.

I like to think that I am very level headed when it comes to my wrestling career and ability, I have improved vastly over the last year, which I put down to several factors, one being the encouragement of my peers in training, however, there is a saying that when you think you’ve learnt everything you need to know about wrestling then you need to give up, no one knows everything about wrestling.

Though I’m sure there is a smark out there who can research a response to that…

Speaking of the laminated keyboard brigade, I have had some interesting encounters with “opinions” recently, some of which were pretty harsh and I got to thinking about why people even bother with wrestling if all they can do is criticise it.

Now one (popular with the wrestling fraternity) is that smarks are just jealous because they cannot do what a wrestler does and go out to attack the wrestler for not doing it how they would do it, if they ever had the balls to do it. No, I’m not talking about a week’s worth of training either, that just means you know shit and can’t even do that right!

I was wondering if perhaps though, that it might be a refusal to get away from something that they have loved as a child, but the adult is telling them that they should be seeing it logically. Basically they have cheated themselves of the magic and the spectacle by working out to 3 decimal places the optimum bending motion for a German Suplex.

Anyhoo, some of you long timers will recall that KSW regularly did town hall shows. Finally the company is getting closer as they will be doing a show at West Bromwich Town Hall and I am as excited as hell!

When I first joined KSW they were about to do the final town hall show at Walsall, I was invited to come along, but I knew no one really and I left it. So now I have time to make amends for missing the opportunity and this time actually be a part of the show.

I do revel in big shows though, I had a blast at SLAM in Corby and it showed in my wrestling that night, so I am hoping that I will step up to the plate for my home promotion as well and put out a corker of a match.

The anticipation is killing me!!!

Back to the present, I’d like to give a shout out to Tommy Gunn, who is having back issues at the moment. Get well soon matey.

I’d also like to give young Devilish Angel another public pat on the back for making my job so much easier, but then again, I give her a reward every month!

You need to clean your mind out son.