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WWE: ECW on SciFi Results

– Show opens with video highlights from the ECW title match at One Night Stand.

– "Let the Bodies hit the Floor" opening video.

– Vince McMahon opens the live show in a rocking chair rocking on a stage. He has the same look as he did on Raw last night.

– Out comes the new ECW champion, Bobby Lashley. As Lashley enters the ring, Vince just rocks in his chair and looks into space.

(1) Hardcore Handicap match: Bobby Lashley vs. ECW Originals – Balls Mahoney, The Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer. The originals surround the ring and bring in weapons such as a road sign and a garbage can into the ring. They show McMahon continue to just sit and rock in his rocking chair with a stern look on his face. Fans started a "we want tables" chant. Dreamer tells The Sandman to "get the table." Lashley moved out of the way, and Balls hit Dreamer with a chair shot. Lashley speared Sandman through a table. Lashley gets up and spears Mahoney for the victory. Vince continued to work in his chair. After the match, Lashley climbed up on the stage, and stood in front of Vince and held up the ECW title. Vince paid him no attention.

– They plugged the 6/11 draft lottery.

(2) Stevie Richards vs. Kevin Thorn. Richards was introduced as Stevie Richards, but the graphic read Steven Richards. Is he still apart of the Ring to Censor group? Thorn wins with his original sin finisher.

– They plugged Major Brothers vs. Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von for later on the show.

– Extreme Expose. Kelly, Brooke, Layla danced on the ECW announce table in front of Tazz and Joey Styles. Styles mentioned that the Expose dancers could be split up in the draft. Styles said RVD won’t be drafted due to what happened to him at One Night Stand. They showed highlights of the Orton/RVD match at the PPV. Styles noted that RVD suffered his second concussion in as many weeks at One Night Stand and is out of action indefinitely.

(3) New Breed – Cor Von and Burke vs. the Major Brothers. Fans started a "boring" chant. Poor Monty Brown, so under used. The referee was more vocal about keeping the illegal man out of the ring. The New Breed win when Cor Von hit the pounce.

– A graphic plus CM Punk vs. Matt Striker tonight.

– They showed the empty rocking chair that Mr. McMahon sat in earlier on the show, and showed highlights of Lashley’s handicap victory from earlier on the show. Announcers wondered what was going through Vince’s head.

(4) CM Punk vs. Matt Striker. Punk wins via the GTS – go to sleep manuever.