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WWE: Smackdown *Spoilers* (8/6/07)


Dark match
Johnny Jeter b Sylvan with a spin kick off the top rope. Good match

Cutting Edge segment with Vince McMahon opened. Vince was still acting crazy. Funny flub by Edge where he mentioned it being Thursday (supposed to say Friday). They announced Edge vs. Batista for the PPV. In the end, Edge gave Vince his belt.

Mark Henry b Boogeyman with the world’s strongest slam. Post-match saw Henry destroy Little Boogeman with a big splash. Seemed as if they were writing Little Boogeyman out.

Vickie Guerrero made the next few matches. Vince was backstage with Vickie, Teddy Long and Kristal. Vince was still acting strange. He put over Vickie, said Kristal was a problem and told Teddy he was watching him

Jimmy Yang & Paul London & Brian Kendrick b Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble & Daivari when Kidman pinned Chavo

Edge b Chris Benoit with a spear. Good back-and-forth match. Benoit came close to winning several times.

Jillian and Ashley brawled backstage. As Vince was talking to Matt Hardy, Ashley accidentally spilled coffee on Vince. Vince then suspended Ashley

Deuce & Domino b Matt Hardy in a tornado handicap match when Deuce got the pin after a running kick to the face

Batista b MVP via DQ when Edge interfereed and speared Batista

Before ECW started, there was a dark match involving William Regal. Not sure who his opponent was due to the bad sound system

After ECW, Batista b Edge via DQ for a low blow in a short match