CBlog V – Titles, Referees and Paul Heyman

Well, I’m back after a short hiatus while my computer was getting repaired. A couple of things have happened since my last post; we got a new ECW World Champion and new World Tag Team Champions.

I could care less about Lashley winning back the title, but I do enjoy McMahon’s current delusional character. Cade & Murdoch winning the titles was a shock to me. I never expected them to actually win the titles, although I knew from the get-go that they would turn on The Hardys (it’d be foolish to think otherwise). I hate to be pessimistic, but one has to wonder if The Hardys dropping the tag titles means they are splitting up. I would like to see Matt have a run with the U.S. Title. I am absolutely excited about the potential outcome of Monday’s draft.

I wanted to discuss something that is fairly big news, but not extremely breaking. That is the new policy by WWE to not tell the referees the outcome of the match before it happens. I am all for any decision that makes the WWE seem more realistic. I truly dream of the day where WWE matches are not predetermined and the wrestling becomes more real, I know it won’t happen, but I really would love to see WWE treated as a real sport (like appearing on ESPN and whatnot). Having the matches not be predetermined would be wise. They could still pull the punches and everything. Of course, I know that having the wrestler’s legitimately win their matches would get troublesome and WCW-esque.

I think it’s a decent idea for the WWE to bring back Paul Heyman. Heyman always portrays a heel character that even smarks begin to truly hate (and that’s saying something). I still believe that he could possibly improve ECW, but from what I’ve read, he will be a manager- nothing more. Not to say that making ECW better would be tough. All Vince and the WWE need to do is simply revert back to the old ECW where there was no rules, ever. You can keep the gimmicks and TV production quality and everything, but I really think that the WWE are missing out on an opportunity to really exploit the diehard (old) ECW fans. I know that it’s wise to look at ECW as a third WWE brand and not a representation of the original ECW, but as long as you call it ECW, it will always be linked to the original. Why WWE didn’t call the brand something else is beyond me.
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Just make Heyman an on screen character for the ECW brand. That alone would make it more enjoyable.

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