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WWE: Smackdown Results (8/6/07)


As all of WWE and ECW braces itself for the draft on Monday’s Raw, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge is taking all precautions to protect the title from Batista. After Edge’s attempted attack during The Animal’s match with United States Champion MVP backfired, the Ultimate Opportunist may be more concerned than ever that his title is in jeopardy. Earlier in the night, Edge had been in non-title action vs. Chris Benoit, as part of the first two huge announcements made by Assistant General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Read the whole story…

Action in the ring was mild in comparison to the actions of the Chairman, as Mr. McMahon continued his heinous week when he visited SmackDown. The tormented McMahon made life miserable for any Superstar that crossed his path, including World Heavyweight Champion Edge, General Manager Theodore Long and especially SmackDown Diva Ashley, among others. The tirades of the Chairman have sent shockwaves through the world of sports-entertainment. Read the whole story…

Mark Henry has made the thrill of victory a permanent feeling since returning to SmackDown, and his path of glory has meant a path of pain for anyone who has stepped in his way. After wearing down and dominating Kane at One Night Stand in a Lumberjack Match, Henry was faced with taking on Boogeyman on SmackDown. The “self-proclaimed Silverback” dominated the worm-eating Superstar en route to another impressive win. Henry then made sure that it was known that not even the smallest of animals was safe in his jungle when he brutally attacked and annihilated Little Boogeyman. (Watch)

Coming off of losing the World Tag Team Championship with his brother Jeff, Matt Hardy was thrust into a Handicap Match against the WWE Tag Team Champions at the behest of Mr. McMahon. The courageous Hardy fought with everything he had, pushing the tag champs to the limits, and when it seemed Matt had the match won after a Twist of Fate, Deuce delivered a vicious Crack em’ in da’ Mouth to get the pin.

Finally, in Six-Man Tag Team action, Paul London & Brian Kendrick teamed with Jimmy Wang Yang to defeat Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Daivari & Jamie Noble. With the Draft approaching, could this be the last time London & Kendrick stand together as a team in a SmackDown ring?

Who will be drafted away from Friday Night SmackDown? On Monday, during the Draft and Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night, the fate of WWE and ECW Superstars will be decided, and nobody is safe. Tune in at the special start time of 8/7 CT on USA Network for Raw and catch the historic night.