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ROH: Results from 8th and 9th of June shows

8th of June 

*Brent Albright defeated BJ Whitmer via DQ when Whitmer loses it, headbutting the referee and throwing a bunch of chairs around.

*Daizee Haze challenges Lacey to a match. Jimmy Jacobs comes out and cuts a promo, distracting Haze long enough for Lacey to attack her. They have a match tomorrow in Philadelphia.

*American Dragon defeated Jimmy Rave after the referee stopped the match following repeated elbows to the head.

*Kevin Steen defeated ROH Tag Team champion Mark Briscoe in a really good match that saw Steen win with a double underhook piledriver. Steen grabs a chair but is run off by Jay Briscoe. Briscoe grabs a mic and challenges Steen and Delirious to a Boston Street Fight.

*ROH has announced an August 10th return to the venue with Death Before Dishonor 5.

*Four Way Survival match: Nigel McGuinness vs. Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castignoli vs. Miike Quackenbush. Claudio gets the fall on Quackenbush and will receive a title shot at Death Before Dishonor 5.

*Eddie Edwards defeated Pele Primea with Edwards with a cradleshock type move in a good but short match.

*Matt Sydal defeated El Generico with a rana.

*Delirious & Matt Cross & Eric Stevens defeated Roderick Strong & Rocky Romero & Davey Richards when Delirious gets the pin on Strong in a really good match.

*ROH champion Takeshi Morishima wins over Jay Brsicoe with a backdrop driver. There’s a post match brawl between the Briscoes and Steen & El Generico to set up their tag team street fight on August 10th.June 9, 2007 from Philadelphia, PA



Do or Die Results
A) Pelle Primeau d. Rhett Titus, Mitch Franklin and Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne in a Four Way Fray to retain the Top of the Class Trophy

B) Damien Wayne d. Rex Sterling with a brainbuster

C) Deranged & Azrieal d. Gran Akuma & Mike Elgin with a combo top rope Ace Crusher

Main Show Results
1) MATT SYDAL d. HALLOWICKED with a Shooting Sydal Press
– BRYAN DANIELSON was injured last night and can’t compete.

2) LACEY and DAIZEE HAZE wrestled to a time limit draw

3) KEVIN STEEN & EL GENERICO d. MIKE QUACKENBUSH & JIGSAW with the Package Piledriver/Brainbuster combo on Jigsaw

4) DAVEY RICHARDS d. MATT CROSS with the 14:59; after the match the rest of the NO REMORSE CORPS beat up Cross until ERICK STEVENS and DELIRIOUS made the save

5) DELIRIOUS d. ROCKY ROMERO with a rollup; a brawl between the NRC and the Resilience and Delirious is occuring

Delirious and the Resilience challenged The No Remorse Corps to a Philly Street Fight on Death Before Dishonor V: Night Two, to be held on August 11th

6) MARK & JAY BRISCOE d. CHRIS HERO & CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI in 2 straight falls to retain the ROH World Tag Team titles

1st fall- Jay pins Hero
2nd fall- Doomsday Device on Claudio


7) BRENT ALBRIGHT d. B.J. WHITMER, JIMMY RAVE and ERICK STEVENS in a Four Corner Survival when Albright pinned Whitmer

8) BRYAN DANIELSON d. NIGEL MCGUINNESS with the Arms Across America in a "fantastic" match, even after Danielson got busted open head butting Nigel; this match was taped for the 2nd PPV

– It was announced that Brent Albright will get a World title shot at Death Before Dishonor V: Night Two in Philadelphia on 8/11.

9) TAKESHI MORISHIMA d. RODERICK STRONG with the Backdrop Driver to retain the ROH World title