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WWE: Raw Results (11/6/07)


Vince McMahon reads a statement welcoming us to the WWE draft and Mr. McMahon Appreciation night. In the statement, Vince says the lost of the ECW title has not had an adverse effect on his mental state.

All six announcer’s are ringside. The announcer’s explain the rules. No one is exempt, meaning John Cena, Edge and/or Bobby Lashley, the three world champions could change brands.

(1) Non-title match to earn a draft pick for his brand: Raw’s John Cena vs. Smackdown’s Edge. JR noted that Cena will be on Thursday’s Conan O’Brien show. JR explaind draft picks are earned by winning matches in the ring. Thus, one show may end up with more picks than the others. JR said that wrestler’s can earn draft picks for his brand by winning either via DQ or countout. Edge blocked a FU attempt, and later made it to the ropes when the WWE champion when for his STFU. Edge missed a spear and when head first through the ropes. Cena attempted to FU Edge on the ECW announcer’s table, but Edge raked Cena’s eyes and climbed back into the ring before the ten count, thus Edge wins via countout. SMACKDOWN EARNS THE FIRST DRAFT PICKS – THE GREAT KHALI. Khali and his manager came out, as Edge didn’t look pleased. Cena laughed at Edge.

They show a Vince McMahon Sr. history piece, in which Vince McMahon Jr. became the announcer.

In a recorded segment, Jesse "The Body" Ventura (wearing a U.S. Navy Seals) said Vince hasn’t earned the title Mister, who he is going to call him McMahon, as he did in the past.

They plugged Jesse Ventura appearing for Vince’s appreciation night. Ventura said Vince is a dictator.

Backstage, Coach said at Vengeance, all the titles will be on the line. He also said there will be a WWE championship challenge – thus anyone left on the Raw at the end of the night will be eligible for that match.

WWE rewind: highlights from last week which saw Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch beating the Hardy Boys to win the tag team titles.

(2) CM Punk vs. Carlito. ECW’s announcers Joey Styles and Tazz called the action. Following the rewind segment, Styles pointed out that the Tag Team champions could be split up tonight thanks to the draft. Back stabber by Carlito, but it drove Punk out of the ring. Carlito, rather than waiting for a countout, brought him back into the ring. Punk wins the match with his finisher. As a result, ECW EARNED THE SECOND DRAFT PICK – The Boogeyman.

Snoop Dogg, in a recorded segment, talked about Cena, Austin, and Vince being pushed into the butt of The Big Show, which they show highlights of course.

More Vince McMahon highlight clips for Appreciation night. Clips included Vince firing people, kicking Zach Gowen, and the Kiss My A$$ club.

Out comes Mick Foley. He said he would be apart of the WWE championship challenge if he remains on the Raw roster after tonight. Foley called Vince a super patriot, but also said McMahon is also an egomaniac. Foley wondered if Vince had any real friends? Foley said Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Eric Bischoff, The Rock, Dick Ebersol, HBK, Trish Stratus, and even Ted Turner were all asked to be apart of Mr. McMahon appreciation night, but all declined. Foley left by saying, "Hey Vince, have a nice day."

(3) Balls Mahoney vs. Umaga. Quick match, Umaga wins with the Samoan Spike. RAW GETS THE THIRD DRAFT PICK – KING BOOKER!

* In a recorded segment, Steve O thanks Vince McMahon for all the entertainment. He recites a poem, but says Vince is the man.

(4) ECW champion Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Benoit. Cole and JBL called the action for this bout. Early on, the two do some mat wrestling. Lashley grabbed the bottom rope when Benoit went for his crippler crossface. Benoit hit three German suplexes on Lashley. Fans popped when Benoit put on the sharp shooter, but Lashley powered out. Lashley wins with a running powerslam. ECW EARNED THE FOURTH DRAFT PICK – Chris Benoit. Poor Benoit. After the match, Lashley and Benoit shake hands.

Donald Trump, in a recorded segment, reminds us what happened at Wrestlemania 23. Trump said the fans aren’t happy. I don’t like Benoit in ECW! Trump wishes Vince good luck.

Rewind: Ashley gets suspended on Smackdown.

Via satellite: Ashley said she isn’t allowed to enter a WWE arena. She thanked Vince for creating the diva search. She said the coffee incident was an accident. They showed a clip from 2001, when Vince made Trish strip down and bark like a dog. Ashley said two divas would come out and bark like a dog. Out comes, Moolah and Mae Young. They take off their robes, and bark like a dog in front of a dog house set up on the entrance ramp.

Jimmy Snuka and The Iron Sheik. Snuka wonders why he is different. Sheik said Trump double crossed Mr. McMahon.

(5) United States Champion MVP vs. IC champion Santino Marella. MVP wins the match, thus SMACKDOWN EARNED THE FIFTH DRAFT – TORRIE WILSON. Wilson came out, and MVP looked on in a pleasing way. JBL and Cole were excited as well.

Bret Hart, in a pre-recorded segment in a gym, Bret said the best way to pay tribute to Vince would be one fist, and if thats not good enough, and second.

(6) The Miz vs. Snitsky. Snitsky wins the match, but ends up getting DQ-ed and The Miz wins via a referee reverse decision. SMACKDOWN GETS THE SIXTH DRAFT PICK – Chris Masters.

In a pre-recorded segment, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan talked about the Vince strut. He just can’t figure it out.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper is introduced, and the WWE hall of famer talks from the entrance ramp. Piper introduces some of Vince’s proudest moments, such as the DX pranks, Vince kissing Big Show’s butt, the Austin 3:16 toy gun angle, the Austin beer bath, Shane reveals he now owns WCW, Vince getting a stone cold stunner, and Vince getting his head shaved from Wrestlemania 23.

In a pre-recorded segment, Dallas Maverick’s Mark Cuban appreciates Vince McMahon.

JR plugs a supplemental draft on WWE’s web site on Wednesday at 12 noon ET.

(7) Candice Michelle vs. Kristal. Candice wins, thus the SEVENTH DRAFT PICK IS FOR RAW – ECW Champion Bobby Lashley.

Lashley comes out, but so does Coach. Coach said per Vince’s orders, Lashley has been stripped of the ECW title. Lashley hands over the ECW title to Coach. Lashley said he is still a champion, and he’ll prove it on Raw.

In a pre-recorded segment, Bob Costas pays tribute to Vince, and of course, brings up the imfamous HBO interview.

They showed highlights of John Cena doing his ABC auto racing celebrity show. Cena said he plans to win "Young Guns."

Jeff Hardy vs. Elijah Burke vs. Batista. Cole stated that regardless what happens tonight he will face Edge at Vengeance. Batista pins Burke via the Batista Bomb, thus, THE 8TH PICK GOES TO SMACKDOWN – RIC FLAIR. Batitsta looks pleased in the ring, as Flair comes.

Cpt. Lou Albano, in a pre-recorded segment, pays respect to Vince. He said has known Vince since he was a kid, and he’s just a bigger punk today.

They aired a promo for Summerslam, in which it hinted that ‘Jackass’ is going to crash the party.

Dusty Rhodes is introduced, and pays tribute to Vince McMahon. "The Dream" said regardless if you like him, you have to respect Mr. McMahon.

Final draft pick will be determined in a 15 man battle royal. Each brand will have 5 superstars compete.

In a pre-recorded segment, "Mean" Gene Okerlund talked about stepping down as host of Tuesday Night Titans, only for the show to be cancelled. Geno remembers being pushed aside, and ended up on "Nitro."

(9) Battle Royal – Smackdown (Regal, Chavo, Masters, Henry, and Matt Hardy) vs. ECW (Thorn, Striker, Cor Von, Sandman, Dreamer) vs. Raw (Kenny, Nitro, Orton, Eugene, and Viscera). The winner will be win two draft picks for his brand. Orton eliminated Hardy, thus RAW WINS DRAFT PICKS NINE AND TEN: SNITSKY AND MR. KENNEDY.

Backstage, Vince appeared to be leaving his office and JR wondered if he’s coming to the ring.

In another pre-recorded segment, Austin appreciates the chances to he has had in the past to beat down Mr. McMahon, but thats it, he swears at Vince and calls him a liar.

Vengeance Match: John Cena will defend the WWE title against Randy Orton, Mick Foley, King Booker and Bobby Lashley.

Out comes Vince McMahon, still looking dazed. Vince was handed a microphone, and thanked the fans. He then dropped the mic in the ring and looked around. He leaves the ring and walks back up the entrance ramp. He walks off the stage, and the fans cheered. Backstage, Vince walks down the hallway with a bunch of WWE superstars lined up. Coach tells Vince he is walking the around way, and turns around and heads towards his limo. They show the Fink, Pat Patterson, Gerald Briso, etc. Vince walks outside the arena, and looks back at some production guys. He enters a white limo which blows up and is in flames as the show ends.