CBlog VI – Deaths, Drafts, & Fatheads

Let’s not waste any time. Monday’s RAW was probably one of the best RAW’s that I can remember. The draft picks were great, as were the majority of the matches, but the ending? That was a shocker, for sure. I obviously realize that McMahon’s Death is an angle (apparently, some bonehead news sites and radio stations think it’s real; like McMahon’s death would conveniently be on live TV, give me a break) and I think it’s within the realm of possibility that it will be revealed that Vince faked his own death.

This WWE Championship Challenge Match for Vengeance is an interesting concept. Foley coming out of the blue and announcing that he will challenge Cena for the WWE Title astounded me, but now Booker, Lashley, & Orton are a part of it additionally. Will this be a “fatal 5-way” or what?
Following the draft and “presumed death of Mr. McMahon”, the upcoming WWE shows should be of interest.
By the way, I just felt in necessary to mention that WWE Fatheads will be coming soon and that John Cena placed second in the Gillette Young Guns: Fast Cars & Superstars Challenge behind singer, Jewel (by 2 seconds in change). Until next time………..

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They didn’t really need to do the gimmick match for the WWE heavyweight championship.
It still would have been interesting had it just been Cena/Foley, Cena/Orton or Cena/Booker.

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