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TNA: Slammiversary 2007 Results

– The TNA promo hits.

– A video package hits with the old "NWA TNA" intro from 2002. The video, which has a country banjo sound to it, then goes into footage of the early days in Nashville. Present day footage of TNA is then show. They air the old Tiger Woods promo for Slammiversary last year where Jeff Jarrett takes him out with a guitar shot.

– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Slammiversary. We go live to the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville where the Lo Cash Cowboys are performing the theme song for tonight’s PPV. A series of pyro goes off behind them when they finish the song. We then see a shot of the crowd live in attendance tonight.

– LAX’s music hits to kick off the first match of the night.

– Rhino & Senshi w/ Hector Guerrero defeated LAX w/ Konnan. The crowd in Nashville is really hot tonight for this opening match. Big spot early on with Rhino and Homicide where Rhino flipped Homicide up for a powerbomb, but launches him over his head over the top rope. Senshi got some stiff kicks to the legs of Hernandez early on as well. Crowd is really into this match as Senshi connects with a stiff kick to the back of Hernandez’s head. At one point, Senshi takes out both members of LAX with kicks in the corner until Hernandez picks up Senshi and tosses him across the ring in a huge spot. Big elbow by Homicide off the top rope on Senshi. Hernandez with a big overhead toss on Senshi. Hernandez attempts a powerbomb on Senshi, but Senshi puts Hernandez back down and Senshi leaps up and connects with a Warrior Stomp right on Hernandez. Rhino got the hot tag and took out Homicide with a huge powerslam and took out Hernandez with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big spot saw Senshi springboard off the top rope to take out Hernandez on the outside. Konnan tossed in a slapjack to Homicide, but Hector Guerrero jumped up and dropped Homicide’s head off the top rope. Rhino then hit The Gore on Homicide to get the win. Solid opener. Don West put over how strong of a team Rhino and Senshi made.

– We go to Mike Tenay & Don West at ringside. They mention Scott Steiner’s injury and that tonight’s TNA World Tag Team Title Match will more than likely be changed. Tenay & West plug Christopher Daniels vs. Sting, Abyss vs. Tomko (just added tonight) and the King of the Mountain Match to determine a new TNA World Champion.

– A video package airs highlighting the finish at last month’s Sacrifice PPV where Kurt Angle became World Champion, but was later stripped of the title and Jim Cornette announcing a tournament to qualify for tonight’s King of the Mountain Match.

– Jeremy Borash was backstage by Jim Cornette’s office trying to get info on tonight’s scheduled TNA World Tag Team Title Match. Eric Young then appears and Borash tells him he needs to get ready for his match tonight with Robert Roode. Ms. Brooks comes up and asks Young what happened to them. She tries to seduce him. Young seems to like it until Gail Kim comes up and tells Young to focus tonight. Kim kisses Young and tells him to leave. Kim tells Ms. Brooks she will be watching her. Brooks calls her a bitch.

– Jay "Black Machismo" Lethal defeated Chris Sabin to become the NEW TNA X Division Champion. Kevin Nash and "Guru" Sonjay Dutt (who was throwing flowers on the ramp and around the ring) came out first. Nash joined Tenay and West on commentary. As usual, Lethal is way over with the crowd. Lots of quick back and forth action between the two early on. Any offense by Lethal gets a huge reaction from the Nashville crowd. Lethal with a suicide dive through the ropes to Sabin on the outside. Sabin regained some offense on Lethal with a stiff knee to the face of Lethal followed by a big running bulldog. Sabin with a quick jumping body splash on Lethal. Sabin attempts a low blow kick to Lethal, but Lethal blocks. Sabin follows that up with a rake to the eyes. Lethal with a big springboard moonsault on Sabin. On commentary, Kevin Nash noted that this city used to be called Jonesville and then he changed it to ‘Nash’ville. Sabin with a mule kick to the gut after Lethal attempts a splash from the top. Lethal with a kick to the back of the head, a superkick and then a front face plant on Sabin. Lethal connects with the flying elbow from the top rope and gets the pinfall to become the NEW TNA X Division Champion. After the match, Lethal holds the X Title high in the air as Kevin Nash hits the ring and gives him a hug.

– A video package hyping Frank Wycheck & Jerry Lynn vs. James Storm & Ron "The Truth" Killings tonight airs.

– Backstage, Leticia is with James Storm and Jackie Moore. Storm said Frank Wycheck crossed the line when he smashed a guitar over his head. He told Wycheck that he better have kissed his wife and kids good because tonight he is going to give him the last concussion he ever needs.

– Frank Wycheck & Jerry Lynn defeated James Storm & Ron "The Truth" Killings. Kyle Vanden Bosch of the Titans came down the ramp with Frank Wycheck and Jerry Lynn. Killings and Lynn started the match and Killings got in tons of offense in on Lynn. Wycheck got the tag and he stared down Storm who also got the tag. Storm put on a Titans helmet, hiked a football to Killings, Killings threw it to Storm and Storm dropped the ball on purpose as the fans in Nashville booed. Crowd is still very hot and have been all night. Wycheck tries to go after Storm, but Storm cuts him off each time. Wycheck goes over to Lynn to get some offense. Wycheck took down Storm with two shoulder blocks and a big dropkick. Killings gets crotched on the top rope. Lynn goes up on the top rope, Wycheck grabs Lynn and tosses him over the top rope taking out Storm and Killings on the outside. Back in the ring, Storm gets tossed over the top rope, holds on, but Lynn dropkicks him off the ropes. On the outside, Storm takes out Wycheck with a big clothesline. Storm dropkicked Wycheck in the face. Killings threw a steel chair in the ring, but the referee got rid of it. Lynn gets involved, but Killings interferes and drops Lynn face first off the ring apron. Storm connects with the Eye of the Storm on Lynn. Storm got some beer and spit it in the face of Kyle Vanden Bosch at ringside. Wycheck gets the tag again and he takes out both Storm and Killings with dropkicks and scoop slams. Storm catches Wycheck with a superkick, covers, but Kyle Vanden Bosch pulls Storm out. They brawl at ringside. Storm tries to hit Wycheck with a beer bottle, but Lynn interferes and throws Storm into Wycheck who hits a big piledriver on Storm. Wycheck covers Storm and gets the pinfall.

– A video package hyping Bob Backlund vs. Alex Shelley is shown.

– Bob Backlund defeated Alex Shelley. Mike Tenay noted that Backlund hasn’t had a professional wrestling match in 10 years. Backlund with some quick takedowns on Shelley early on. Both exchange some chest chops. Shelley gets Backlund in a headlock submission, Backlund was able to lift Shelley up to his shoulders and place him on the top rope. Backlund punched Shelley and Shelley fell off. Backlund with a butterfly suplex on Shelley. Backlund with an atomic drop on Shelley. Chris Sabin then hits the ring and tries to interfere, but Backlund crotches him on the top rope. Backlund with a drop toe hold on Shelley to the crotch of Sabin. Backlund then gets a quick rollup on Shelley to get the pinfall. After the match, Backlund extends his hand to Shelley. Shelley shakes his hand, but Sabin attacks Backlund from behind. Backlund counters that with a crossface chicken wing. Backlund then applies it on Shelley as well. Kevin Nash then hits the ring to break it up. Jerry Lynn comes out as well. Nash then levels Lynn with a big boot. Shelley and Sabin double team Lynn when Jay Lethal hits the ring. Lethal takes out Shelley and Sabin with two big elbows. Lethal then stares down Nash and asks him what is going on.

– We go to Tenay and West at ringside when the lights go out. We hear a voice say "STING" in the arena. The lights go out and then a spotlight goes on Christopher Daniels in the crowd. Lynn said he looked up to Sting at one point, but he realized he truly was an angel sent down from the heavens. Daniels called himself god-like and bragged about winning the TNA Tag Team Titles and the TNA X Division Title. He promised to take care of Sting tonight in the TNA ring and said the path he is on now will take him to the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

– A video packages airs hyping VKM vs. Basham & Damaja tonight.

– Voodoo Kin Mafia defeated Basham & Damaja. The match kicked off with both teams bawling in the ring right at the start. VKM quickly disposed of Basham and Damaja. The bell rang to officially start the match when two of the four leave to the corner. BG James is in first, but Basham and Damaja overwhelm him with quick tags. Basham attempted a flying headbutt on BG James, but BG moved. Kip James gets the tag as well as Damaja. Kip takes out both Basham and Damaja quickly. The finish saw Basham and Damaja attempt a double-suplex on Kip, but BG sees this and takes out Basham with a spear. Kip James then rolls up Damaja for the quick pinfall. After the match, Kip James goes after Christy Hemme. Lance Hoyt appears and puts Christy on his shoulder. They bring Christy to the ring and Kip looks to take her out when Hoyt takes out Kip with a big boot. Basham and Damaja then hold BG James back allowing Hoyt to take him out with a big boot as well. Hoyt yells at BG on the mat and then Christy jumps on Hoyt, kissing him.

– Backstage, Jim Cornette tells Rick Steiner he is sorry about what happened to Scott in Puerto Rico. Cornette said Rick can’t compete tonight alone against Team 3D. Rick said he isn’t alone and that he has a partner tonight. Cornette asks who and Rick whispers in his ear. Cornette laughs and smiles and tells Rick the match is on.

– Back live, we see LAX attacking Hector Guerrero in the arena.

– A video package airs highlighting Eric Young vs. Robert Roode tonight.

– Eric Young defeated Robert Roode. The match starts with Robert Roode getting in Eric Young’s face. Roode slaps Young over the head and Young slaps himself telling Roode to bring it. Young sends Roode over the top rope early on, goes up to the top rope, leaps over Ms. Brooks and takes out Roode on the outside. Young is way over with the Nashville crowd. Young and Roode brawl on the outside more, Roode throws Young back in, covers, but only gets a two count. Tenay said it was going to take more than that to put Young away. Roode with a flipping snapmare on Young. Young catches Roode with an elbow when Roode charged at him. Roode prevents anymore offense with a reverse neckbreaker. Roode then applied a chinlock on Young. Young then stands up and keeps Roode on his shoulders in an electric chair. Young then slams Roode on the mat back first. Roode let out a loud "OH SH*T!" when Roode caught him with a high back body drop. Ms. Brooks tried to interfere, but Young dodged it and danced with Ms. Brooks to mock her. Young then pulled down her pants and she ran away. Young then hit a suicide dive on Roode through the ropes. Back in the ring, Young connects with an elbow drop on Roode. Roode exposed his knee bad, went to drop a knee over Young, but Young got a foot up catching Roode on the chin. Ms Brooks interferes, but Young puts her on his shoulders. Young drives Brooks’ head into Roode’s crotch to low blow him. Young then places Roode over his shoulders as well and hits a double firemans carry on both Roode and Brooks! Young covers, but Roode somehow kicks out. Roode rolls to the outside, grabs a steel chair, Ms. Brooks distracts the referee and Roode cracks the chair over Young. Roode rolls back in and covers Young to get the pinfall. After the match, Roode said since he won, he still owns Young. Roode then fires Young. Jim Cornette then comes out on the mic and orders the match to be re-started since the finish wasn’t fair. Gail Kim runs out and takes out Ms. Brooks when she was going to hand Roode the steel chair again. When Roode goes to pick up Young, he is lifeless. Roode smiles and tells Cornette that this will be his fault. Roode goes to pick up Young again, but this time Young rolls up Roode and gets the pinfall!

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Tag Team Champions Team 3D. Brother Ray talked about how tonight was going to be history, but that it won’t happen because of Scott Steiner’s throat injury. Ray said Scott punked out the wrestling fans and the business for using the throat injury as an excuse. He said he left his brother Rick hanging. Ray said he hopes Rick found a worthy partner and tells Scott to get healthy because they still want The Steiner Brothers. He said he doesn’t care who is Rick Steiner’s partner tonight. Brother Devon finishes the promo with his usual, "Oh my brother…testify."

– Team 3D defeated Rick Steiner & Road Warrior Animal to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles. Road Warrior Animal got a huge reaction from the Nashville crowd when he was revealed as Rick Steiner’s partner tonight against Team 3D. Rick Steiner and Brother Devon started off the match. Steiner worked on Devon for quite a while until Brother Ray got the tag. 3D worked on Steiner until Road Warrior Animal got the tag. Animal got right in Ray’s face. Animal took down Ray with a big shoulder charge. Devon got the tag as well as Steiner. Ray dropped Steiner throat first over the top rope allowing Devon to follow that up with a big clothesline. 3D continues the quick tags and Ray drops Steiner with a quick neckbreaker. Devon is tagged back in and he works on the ribs of Steiner. Animal gets the tag when Steiner dodged a splash by Devon. Animal takes out Devon with a big boot and Ray with a big powerslam. Animal with a double clothesline on 3D. Animal calls for the Doomsday Device, but 3D counters and drops Animal in a reverse 3D. Team 3D the hits the 3D on Steiner and get the pinfall to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

– A video package hyping Sting vs. Christopher Daniels airs.

– Sting defeated Christopher Daniels. Sting made his entrance coming down from the top of the arena into the ring on a wire. Big reaction for Sting. The bell rang and both got in each others face. Sting is the first with offense to take out Daniels with two big hip tosses and a dropkick. Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock right away, but Daniels gets the ropes to break it up. Sting with a clothelines off the ring apron to Daniels on the outside. Both get back up on the ring apron and Daniels uses the ropes to launch Sting from the ring apon to the steel guard railing. Back in the ring, Daniels connects with a charging knee to Sting in the corner. Sting fights back with some right hands, but Daniels pushes Sting back to the corner with a charge, snapmare and elbow drop combination. Daniels applies an abdominal stretch on Sting. Referee Earl Hebner tells Daniels to break the hold and Daniels does. Daniels gets in Hebner’s face and chest bumps him. Daniels with a springboard moonsault off the ropes onto Sting. Daniels with a splash on Sting in the corner, but Sting isn’t fazed by it. Sting hulks up and lands right hands on Daniels. Sting with an atomic drop, series of clotheslines and a face plant on Daniels. Sting dodges an Angel’s Wings attempt and then counters a Last Rites attempt by Daniels into a Scorpion Deathdrop. Sting covers Daniels and gets the pinfall.

– A video package airs hyping Abyss vs. Tomko tonight.

– Backstage, Leticia is with Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko. She refers to him as the former World Champion. Cage cuts her off and said he doesn’t like being called that because it changes tonight. Cage promised to walk away the new TNA World Champion tonight. AJ Styles reminds Cage he is in this match as well. Cage said he is right, chokes up and says AJ is doing the right thing to help him win tonight. Cage then tells Tomko to take Abyss out. Tomko said he will get right on that.

– Abyss defeated Tomko in a No Disqualification Match. The match starts with both Abyss and Tomko staring each other down. They both exchange elbow shots. Abyss then clotheslines Tomko over the top rope. On the outside, Abyss sends Tomko face first into the steel steps. The action goes back tothe ring and Abyss takes out Tomko with another shoulder block. Abyss splashes into Tomko’s head in the corner and then connects with a big chokeslam. Abyss covers Tomko, but Tomko kicks out. Abyss goes under the ring and brings out a bag. Abyss dumps out the bag and thumbtacks are spread across the mat. Abyss grabs Tomko, but Tomko counters and slams Abyss back first into the tacks. Tomko quickly covers Abyss, but Abyss somehow kicks out. Abyss’ back and arm and filled with tacks. Abyss with a quick Black Hole Slam on Tomko, covers, but Tomko somehow kicks out. Abyss again goes searching under the ring and gets another bag. Abyss dumps this bag out and reveals it to be broken glass. Abyss steps on the glass to break it up more, but Tomko charges at him out of no where and Abyss falls on the glass! Tomko then grabs a shard of glass and cuts Abyss across the forehead with it. Tomko then kicks Abyss’ face into the glass as well! Abyss is busted open across his forehead. Tomko then pulls out the barbed wire bat from under the ring and goes after Abyss. Abyss is walking up the ramp and Tomko hits him with the barbed wire bat repeatedly. Tomko walks to the top of the entrance area watching Abyss climb up a scaffold. Tomko climbs up a ladder nearby to wait for Abyss to come up to the top of the scaffold. Tomko takes a swing at Abyss’ head, but Abyss catches the bat and pulls Tomko off the scaffold and Tomko crashes on a gimmicked area. Abyss then jumps off the scaffold and splashes Tomko! They gimmicked area is exposed as nothing but cardboard boxes covered in a black sheet. The two get to their feet, with Tomko crawling to the end of the ramp. Abyss rolls down the ramp as Tomko enters the ring. Abyss finally rolls in and Tomko kicks him. Abyss then catches Tomko with a Black Hole Slam on the broken glass! Abyss covers Tomko…1…2…3.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Angle tells Joe to bring it tonight. Joe promises he will.

– Back live, Mike Tenay is in the ring and directs the crowd to the screen featuring an interview with Jeff Jarrett. In the video, Jarrett talks about TNA’s debut in 2002. He talks about founding the company with his father and he remembered sitting at his kitchen table with his wife Jill. Jarrett begins to cry thinking about this. He talked about his wife encouraging him to start TNA. Jarrett talked about Jill’s battle with cancer and her passing on May 23rd this year. It was hard for Jarrett to continue talking at some points talking about his wife. Jarrett said being in the wrestling ring is probably the worst place for him right now. He thanks the TNA fans on behalf of Jill. Back live, the fans in Nashville clap loudly chanting "JILL" and "THANK YOU JEFF."

– In the ring, Jim Cornette said there was only two choices he could make for the last spot in the King of the Mountain tonight. He said one of those choices was Jeff Jarrett. Cornette said Jarrett told him that he insisted that the other name get this spot tonight since he was with TNA since day one. Cornette introduced the final participant in tonight’s King of the Mountain Match…"Wildcat" Chris Harris.

– Kurt Angle won the King of the Mountain Match to become the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Mike Tenay goes over the rules for tonight’s King of the Mountain. Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for all competitors involved. The match kicked off with Angle and Joe brawling, while Cage and Styles went after Harris. Cage and Styles both splashed Harris in the corner. Cage then made Styles lay down for an easy pinfall, but Angle broke it up. Styles with a huge dropkick on Harris. Styles then gets a rollup on Cage, but can’t get the three count. Cage gets in Styles face about trying to pin him. Styles levels Harris with a kick to the head. Joe counters a springboard attempt by Styles and then launches him into the steel guard railing. Joe with an atomic drop and huge charge on Cage in the ring. Harris then launches Joe into Angle on the outside. Cage counters a Catatonic attempt by Harris. Harris comes back with a full nelson slam on Cage. Harris with a Catatonic on Styles (also taking out Cage) and gets the pinfall. Harris is now eligible to go for the TNA Title. AJ Styles is now in the penalty box. Joe launches a ladder into Harris on the outside. Joe then goes after Angle, working on his neck. Joe attempts a boot to the face, but Angle counters into three german suplexes. Angle with an Ankle Lock on Cage and Joe with a rear naked choke on Cage as wel. Styles and Harris break it up. Cage positions a ladder across the ring apron and guard railing. Cage stands on it and then falls through it, crotching himself. Styles with a springboard inverted DDT on Harris. Styles with a Pele Kick on Joe and then a flying elbow on Joe. Styles attempts the Styles Clash on Angle, but Angle counters into the Ankle Lock. Styles fights out of it into a huricanranna sending Angle to the outside. Styles gets launched over the top rope and lands on Cage over the ladder! Harris grabs the TNA Title and starts climbing up a ladder. Angle grabs Harris and hits an Olympic Slam. Angle pins Harris. Chris Harris is now in the penalty box. Harris and Angle are the only two legal people to hang the title and win. Joe with a huge slam on Cage and then a big sideslam on Styles. Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Styles, covers, but Angle breaks it up. Cage takes out Joe with a ladder. Cage then pins Styles and is now eligible. Kurt Angle is now in the penalty box. Harris, Angle and Cage are now all eligible. Joe prevents Cage from hanging the TNA Title. Joe with a HUGE bulldog on Cage right on the TNA Title off the ladder! Harris fights of Joe and Cage on the ladder, but Styles kicks it sending Harris crashing to the outside. Styles goes to the top of the penalty box. Joe follows Styles to the top and both start to brawl. Joe has a choke on Styles, but Styles low blows him. Joe chops Styles and then flips him over his head! Styles crashes through the announcers table! A loud "THIS IS AWESOME" chant starts up. Harris and Cage are now on top of the penalty box. Harris with a front suplex on Cage back into the ring. Harris with a flying clothesline off the box on Angle. Harris uses the ladder to take out Cage and Angle. Harris calls for the TNA Title. Harris climbs up the ladder with the belt. Cage then pushes the ladder over sending Harris into the corner. Cage then cracks the ladder off Harris. Cage then grabs the TNA Title, sets up the ladder and starts climbing. Angle grabs the ladder as Cage gets close. Angle applies the Ankle Lock on Cage on the ladder. Cage kicks Angle away. Cage goes to the other side of the ladder and hits Angle with the title. Angle fights back. Harris jumps off the top rope and spears Cage! Angle grabs the title, climbs up the ladder, reaches and hangs the TNA Title. Kurt Angle is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Angle celebrates on top of the ladder and then in the corner. An angry Samoa Joe throws the ladder away and gets in Angle’s face. Joe extends his hand to Angle. Angle goes to shake his hand, but kicks him in the gut and hits the Olympic Slam on Joe! The PPV goes off the air with Angle grabbing the TNA World Title and holding it up high in the air.