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ST: Yup, I got more

It’s encouraging to see more and more people use the UK Scene forums, no, I’m not going to harp on about the differences between it and the US scene, why it doesn’t seem to be as popular as there isn’t really much point.

We know UK wrestling is always going to play second fiddle to the US due to the grandiose nature of the American ideal. Everything is bigger, louder, more vivacious and we as the British people are reserved, modest and withdrawn. A friend from the US looked at some of the UK video montages once and wondered what the hell was wrong with the audience.

It seems in wrestling the audience is much more impressed with less, we Brits love to criticise instead of doing what we loved to do as kids, which is watch wrestling. Yup, in Britain, wrestling is the domain of the family, dominated by the want of the kid.

If you honestly think you’re ever going to set up your own ECW then you are sorely mistaken. Many companies have come and gone, some have spent big and failed, some made measurable headway but then lost its way. Our current list of boys at the top have accusations of daddies’ little rich kids spending their pocket money on making their own dream WWE competitor to self worshipping ego maniacs who will bankrupt a company and tarnish the already sordid reputation of British wrestling.

They got the money, so why are they not now the talk of every county?
Because, in general, the British public do not give a shit about wrestling.

Kids, drunks and geeks, that’s all you get as an audience, so pick one and make your show viable for them to watch, but lose the dream of running the country, no one cares that much for wrestling to make it mainstay.

Why? The word “fake”

Yes, old fireball himself Vinny Mac’s real legacy was to reveal to the world the “pre-determined outcome”, to avoid paying sports tax!!!

It was a tax dodge.

We now have the “smart” marks pretending they know everything about the business and doing a “santa clause don’t exist” to the rest of the populace.

I mean for God’s sake, why do wrestlers bother?

I’ll tell you why, because we get a thrill out of hearing the audience react to us, hey fake, pre-determined outcome, violent soap opera, I don’t care, I will still put my body on the line to entertain you the gentle fan, everytime. You don’t see the risks and frankly you don’t care, so I’ll highlight it.

Sweet Saraya had her kneecap tendons severed when accidentally landing on a Coke can.

Think about that for a second.

She injured herself entertaining people like you dear reader, so I hope that you are grateful.

UK wrestlers take the same risks as their US counterparts, some even more so because they are trained poorly, but that’s another story. UK wrestlers want the same thing as US wrestlers as well.

Think about it before you pass judgement on any UK wrestler, would you go out for 10-20 minutes knowing that you may not come back with your kneecap attached?

Sweet Saraya and all her counterparts have, regardless of the risk.
So pay your respects to UK wrestling.

And get well soon Saraya.