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WWE: Raw Results (18/6/07)


RAW begins with a video highlight of last week’s events, including footage of the official WWE statement and interviews from eye witnesses.

No pyro, Mick Foley is stood in the ring, Foley says what he said last week about Mr. McMahon may now seem inappropriate, he says Vince is the one who took a guy who didn’t have the best body, the best wrestling skills or a TV friendly face and made him a sucess, he then goes on to appologise to the McMahon family. Randy Orton cuts him off and says that Foley’s apology is insincere, he says that Mick buried Vince in his book and thst Foley may be the one who commited the crime. King Booker makes his way to the ring, he says that Lashley had been questioned for a hour earlier today and that he has experience with weapons and explosives, Booker goes on to blame Lashley. Lashley then makes his way to the ring and knocks Booker on his ass, Lashley doesn’t say a word, John Cena makes his way to the ring, he says everyone is pointing the finger but it could of been anyone that has ever crossed paths with Vince, especially anyone involved with the XFL! Cena says they should respect the McMahon family’s wishes and continue with the show. Jonathan Coachman then makes his way to the stage, he notes that he is in charge of RAW on an interim basis, and that he will do what Vince would of wanted him to do, he then makes a main event of Randy Orton & King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley & John Cena, he then says that Vince read Foley’s book and Vince told Coach that Mick distorted the truth and so Mick Foley will face Umaga tonight.

(1) Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Good action, Shelton and London compete most of the match, Kendrick hits the Sliced Bread #2 on Haas for the win.

Backstage Federal agent Daniel Beck is taking to Coachman.

Carlito makes his way to the ring, he says no one was cooler than Mr. McMahon and he gives his sympathies to the McMahon family. He says he is happy both Torrie and Ric Flair were drafted to SmackDown. Sandman interrupts and makes his way to the ring through the crowd, he enters the ring and swings for Carlito with his cane, Carlito ducks, slips out the ring and makes his way back up the ramp.

Graphics are shown for Foley vs. Umaga and Cena/Lashley vs. Booker/Orton.

In a pre-recorded segment, Cryme Tyme are trying to sell Mr. McMahon memorabilia, they are cut off by the Federal agent

(2)Daivari vs. Jeff Hardy
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch are ringside.
fast paced match, Jeff dominates early, Daivari tries to fire back, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and a Swanton for the victory. After the match, Lance Cade gets on the mic and says a few weeks a go the Hardys showed them a huge amount of disrespect, Murdoch then starts complaining, Hardy leaps over the top rope and onto Cade and Murdoch and then leaves to a pop from the crowd.

J.R. and King note it has been 7 years since Mick Foley has had a one-on-one match on Raw.

Backstage the Iron Sheik requests his own talk show on Raw – scary thought – Coachman actually considers it! Ron Simmons yells "Damn" at .

Also backstage, Todd Grisham interviews the limo driver, he is quite emotional, he says he has just gone to take a phone call and get ready to drive Mr. McMahon to his jet when he heard the explosion, he sais it could of ben him had he been still in the limo.

Backstage Mick Foley is seen making his way to the stage.

– The video recap of the limo explosion is shown again

(3) Mick Foley vs. Umaga
Foley works over Umaga early with punches, Umaga takes down Foley with a clothesline, action spills to the outside Foley hits Umaga with a steel chair, Umaga kicks the chair into Mick’s face, Umaga props Foley against the steel steps and peforms his running power move, Foley is out, Umaga is sent backstage, the match never officially started.

– Backstage Daniel Beck is seen talking to John Cena, while they are talking, a white limo comes into shot but no one exits.

– Advertisements are showing that RAW next week will be another 3 hour edition

– Backstage the doctor is seeing to Mick Foley, Daniel Beck tries to ask Foley questions, the doc asks him to leave.

– Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring to a good pop, he cuts a promo on how much he hates the Raw audience, looks like he’s still heel! he says the Raw audience don’t respect talent and they didn’t respect Mr. McMahon, he says Vince was a friend of his and that he was like a father to him, he now dedicates his career to the legacy of Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

– The white limo is again seen outside, the drives gets out and stands next to the passenger door.

– They finally show a "In Loving Memory" graphic for "Sensational" Sherri

(4) Melina & Jillian Hall vs. Mickie James & Candice Michelle
Before the match, Jillian tries to sing, thankfully Mickie James cuts her off. Melina & Jillian work over Candice, she finally makes the tag to hometown girl Mickie, she hits a hurricanrana on Jillian and a neckbreaker on Melina, all 4 women get in the ring, Melina hits a nice looking modified leg drop on Mickie James for the win.

– J.R. & King take us back to the closing moments of Raw, never before seen footage is shown – they cut back to the white limo parked in the parking lot, still no one exits.

(5) Randy Orton & King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell vs. Bobby Lashley & John Cena. Booker and Lashley start off in the ring, Lashley gets the upper hand, Orton and Cena get involved, Lashley and Cena clear the ring, back from commercials, Orton is dominating Cena, Booker and Orton tag in and out and continue to work down Cena, John finally makes the tag to Lashley, Orton tags Booker, both men are fresh, Cena is knocked to the outside, Lashley spears Booker but Orton gets the blind tag, Lashley turns around into an RKO and Orton gets the victory.

– In the parking lot the limo driver finally opens the door, out steps Stephanie McMahon, she makes her way inside the building

– A video package airs for Snitsky

– Backstage Coach asks Steph if she would like him to walk her to the ring, she says she has to do this herself

– J.R. and King run down the Vengeance main events

– Stephanie makes her way to the ring, she thanks the fans for their support, she then informs us that next weeks Raw will be 3 hours long and will feature superstars from all 3 brands in a celebration of Mr. McMahon’s life, she warns everyone that vengeance will belong to the McMahon family when they find out who did this, Steph then manages to say "I love you, Dad" before leaving the ring crying…