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TGP: Great Balls of Fire! Vince is dead and does it matter!

Vince McMahon’s terrible departure from Raw the other week has put me into a tailspin. They want to see an explosion in ratings and a burning to be seen as a credible weekly soap opera. I say, then write the show with more weddings! The concussion has taken the place of the coma write-off.

It was a terrible display of book writing that has J.R. shamelessly shilling the death as well as the champion Cena. We are in a new era of poor taste. The recent deaths alone make me wonder why someone would put on such an angle, but I am not smart enough to question why someone would put out such garbage.

Mick Foley comes out of retirement one more time for this angle? Why on earth, Mick, do you do this to yourself, and then you suffer the coma-concussion the same night! What is wrong with you, Mick? You haven’t won a match in nearly a decade, and you save yourself for the death of Vince McMahon? I thought you were going to start picking more wisely your returns. Well, I guess that goes the way of a good pay check and plug of a book.

To see how bad it really is, all we have to do is watch the wrestlers. They come out “no tears” hardly any regret, and speak and wrestle. Where is the Owen Hart crying or the Guerrero sobbing? Yes, it isn’t real, but Vince is putting out the idea that it’s not a work. If you are going to do it that way then give me some acting. Poor Taste! You scream it out! Well, yes it is a poorly chosen direction to take your company. A charade that makes me fell like turning the channel instead of watching the show.

Let’s even make this worse, because on TNA they are really dealing with a tragedy at this very moment. A grief that Double J, Jeff Jarrett, is harbouring is one that makes me cower at night. There is True Loss and True human emotions that are being respected and not being turned into a circus. It also shows a lack of class at this time of personal loss that VKM is running a death angle. Poor taste even if he didn’t plan it.

What do we learn about this situation after processing all the factors? We learn that Vince is not running a wrestling show. He is running a second rate poor man’s soap opera that wouldn’t even be televised today if it wasn’t for the sweat and work of some of these guys that have passed on to a bigger show. What would they think about having a VKM Memorial show after a limousine blows up? They would think it is pretty damn silly exactly where the darlin’ one falls in line at this moment.

I am sorry it has been such a long time but vacation and other circumstances left me unable to get in touch with you the masses that care so much about this column. I shall make an oath to not take so long again to post my beloved musings about the wrestling state and you shall forever be entertained by the wit of the Great Irish poet Darling Danny Dunn.

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I’ll bet Vince feels like a jerk now about faking his death after what has happened to Chris. That’s why we have quit watching wrestling. More soap opera than wrestling. That’s a pretty sad joke though. Especially now!

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