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WWE: ECW on SciFi Results (26/06/07)

– In a pre-recorded segment: Vince McMahon talked about last night’s Chris Benoit Tribute show which aired 26 hours earlier. McMahon said he wouldn’t mention Benoit’s name further, and said tonight’s show was a tribute to all affected by the terrible incident. Tonight is the first step in the heeling process. Tonight WWE superstars will do what they do best, entertain you.

(1) Champion vs. Champion: John Cena vs. Johnny Nitro. On the outside of the ring, Nitro rammed Cena’s shoulder into the ring steps. Nitro hit an impressive clothesline on the WWE champion. Just for a moment, fans did a "let’s go Cena" chant. With Cena tossed over the top rope, WWE took a commercial break. Nitro blocked an FU attempt, and kicked the WWE champion for a two count. Nitro applied the sleeper holder on Cena. Cena recovered, and forced the ECW champion to tap out from the STFU at 15:38.

– Later tonight, CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke in a best 2 out of 3 falls match with the winner becoming the #1 contender’s match.

* Out comes "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. "So this is ECW?" says Piper. Piper said he has never been in ECW before. Piper is cutting a promo about being hardcore, and outcomes Matt Striker. Striker, all dressed up, brings out a birthday cake for himself. Striker shakes hands with Piper. Striker brings his "Happy Birthday Matt" cake into the ring. Striker said if it were Piper’s birthday, the cake would have about 96 candles on it. He asks Hot Rod to sing happy birthday, since he is his all time favorite. Piper suggests that everyone sing to the "mark." Matt corrects him, and said his name is Matt. Piper gets the fans to start singing happy birthday to Striker. Piper asks Striker, what his name is, and before Striker could respond, Hot Rod pushes the birthday cake into Striker’s face. Just then, the Boogeyman’s music hits. Striker tries to leave, but Piper pushes him back into the ring. Boogeyman slams Striker, and spits worms into Striker’s mouth.

* The Miz crashes ECW promo aired.

– Backstage, Nitro is coughing and said he has a cold and a high fever tonight, and said Cena got lucky tonight. He said he’ll be watching the Burke-Punk match, but said it doesn’t matter who wins as he’s the ECW champion.

(2) 2/3 falls to become the #1 contender: Elijah Burke vs. CM Punk. Burke won the first fall with the Elijah experience. Punk won the second fall. In the third fall, you could hear a light "we want tables." Tornado DDT by Punk, Burke kicked out. Burke blocked the GTS with a clothesline, but Punk kicked out. They did a series of near falls. Punk won the third fall with the GTS to become the #1 contender. The show ends with Nitro coming out and holding up the ECW title belt as Punk looked on.

My Notes: The show was really, really good and I advise you to try and catch it if you can.