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WWE Smackdown Vs Raw DS Details Revealed

Alongside the next generation updates, and the continuation of his residence on the PS2; THQ and Yuke’s are preparing us all for some stylus and touch screen action with a DS incarnation of their SD Vs Raw series. Early details have been revealed, some of the more obvious note but exciting none the less.

The DS edition utliises stylus control, with 8 fighting styles to choose from. Each comes with its own unique strategy with exclusive moves, abilities, attributes and more. The third WWE brand’s debut in the series, ECW, invades the title with a variety of Superstars and new arenas coming with it. The Season mode alongs for the player to live the lifestyle of a WWE Superstar. Multiple character development options, stat tracking and career goals will guide players toward the ultimate achievement of becoming a Legend in the business. The situation based fighting system present in the last version of the title marks it’s return, with over 90 different situations – each offering the player a different mix of strategic options. Local wi-fi connection allows for multiplayer fun, with a variety of different match types and characters. Plus training minigames are present, in order to increase your stats and take a break from the ring by playing a selection of minigames.

The title should be hitting the stores around October/November time, and THQ and Yukes are due to release a whole new load of info around E3 next month. Stay tuned.