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WWE: Kevin Kelly discusses Chris Benoit on talkSPORT Radio

The following was sent in by Mitchell Jones:

Just to let you know, Kevin Kelly (former WWE announcer) was on UK radio station talkSPORT discussing Chris Benoit. The hosts were very respectful to wrestling but not necessarily fans (although they knew what they were reporting from a factual standpoint). Kevin was basically covering points such as how hard it is for a parent to look after a child with special needs, how he had fond memories of Chris (telling a story of how he stopped what he was doing at breakfast specifically to introduce himself to Kevin’s mother), and so forth. He thinks we’ll never know why Chris did what he did, much like we’ll never know why someone picks up a gun and shoots people. The hosts brought up the Wikipedia controversy which Kevin thinks is purely coincidental but understands why the feds are looking into every possible avenue. Kevin doesn’t know of anywhere that Chris could have gone to seek help within the WWE (as in a set-up facility or policy) but knows that the WWE would have bent backwards to help had they known of any problems or issues. The host mentions the deaths of Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero and thinks that the WWE may have reached the end of the line of controversy. They gave him at least 15 minutes for the story and treated it as unbiased as possible. Kevin did a good job with it and came across as articulate and knowledgeable.