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WWE: Raw Results (2/7/07)

 – From the American Airlines Center in Dallas Tx.

– video package is shown of the WWE Championship main event from Vengeance

– a modified RAW opening video is shown and the pyro goes off


– Mr. Kennedy comes to the ring dressed in competing attire, he blames the fans for him loosing the Money in the Bank, he vows he will be the next WWE Champion. WWE Champion John Cena then interrupts him and makes his way to the ring, Cena mocks Kennedy and calls him "Mr. Camel toe!!". Cena continues to mock Kennedy until King Booker and Queen Sharmell come to the ring, Booker claims he is next in line for the WWE Title, Randy Orton them comes to the ring and states he has been on Raw the longest and is the most successful, he says he has never had a one-on-one match with Cena and he deserves one. Bobby Lashley then enters the ring and says he never lost his World Title so he deserves the opportunity. William Regal stands in the entrance way and announces Jonathan Coachman is on holiday so tonight he is in charge, he decides that Orton, Booker, Lashley and Kennedy will compete in singles "Beat the Clock" matches, and who ever defeats their opponent the quickest will face Cena for the WWE Title at The Great American Bash.

(1) Beat the Clock Match – Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy
Orton is fired up early and tries to take it to Hardy but Jeff keeps up with him, Orton grounds Hardy with a bear hug and continuous body slams. At 4:00 Orton has a body scissors on Jeff, Hardy finally gets some offence on Orton and goes for the Swanton at 6:00, Orton rolls out of the way and Jeff catches Orton with the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Orton catches Jeff with the RKO for the win at 7:06

– Up next; Melina vs. Maria

– New Women’s Champion Candice Michelle makes her way to ringside.

(2) Melina vs. Maria
Maria takes down Melina with a Lou Thesz press but Melina takes advantage knocking Maria down with a clothesline, Melina keeps staring at Candice as she is taking it to Maria, Maria fires up on Melina but the A-lister hits her modified leg drop on Maria for the win – after the match, Melina attacks Candice, but Candice strikes back at Melina by slamming her into the security wall, she then poses on the announce table with her Women’s Title.

– Later Tonight; Santino Marella vs. Umaga for the Intercontinental Championship

– A video package is shown covering Triple H’s current quad injury, from footage of the match to footage of the surgery, no word yet on a return

– Backstage Dusty Rhodes is introducing his son Cody to Jim Duggan, Randy Orton approaches them and introduces himself to Cody he mentions he is the “Legend Killer” while staring at Dusty, Cody tells Randy to stay away from his Dad, Orton slaps Dusty, Cody goes for Orton but Dusty holds him back

– Video package is shown of the Marella-Umaga history

– Santino checks on Maria backstage, Maria says she is more concerned for him, he says he must prove he can beat Umaga and prove he deserves to be Intercontinental Champion; he then kisses Maria before leaving

(3) Intercontinental Championship – Umaga vs. Santino Marella
Santino tries to wear down Umaga with kicks, Umaga tries to splash Santino but he moves, Umaga goes to squash Santino against the ring post but he moves and Umaga flies into the steel. Umaga catches Santino mid-air and Samoan Drops him, he squashes Santino’s head with his running power move, Umaga then finishes Santino off with the Samoan Spike to become NEW Intercontinental Champion

– Backstage King Booker is seen making his way to the entrance way

(4) Beat the Clock Match – King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell vs. Val Venis
Booker goes for an inside cradle early but only gets a two count, Booker then hits a straight kick but still only a 2. Booker locks Venis in an arm bar but Venis quickly makes it to the ropes, Val tries to fire up but Booker knocks him straight back down, Venis finally gets Booker down and gets a 2 count, Booker connects with a Scissors Kick and wins for a new record time of 4:30

– Backstage Mr. Kennedy tries to encourage Super Crazy to lay down in the ring for him later tonight, Crazy “agrees”

(5) Beat the Clock Match – Mr. Kennedy vs. Super Crazy
while the clock is ticking down, Mr. Kennedy gets on the mic to introduce himself, Crazy sneaks up behind him and rolls him up for the win after 40 seconds! Mr. Kennedy doesn’t even win his Beat the Clock match!

– Backstage King Booker and Queen Sharmell are talking to Shelton Benjamin, they believe he will be Lashley’s opponent, they ask Shelton to just last the 4 mins. 30 so that Booker can go onto the Bash and when he wins the WWE Title, Shelton will get he 1st shot. Shelton says they have a deal and kisses Booker’s ring.

– Dusty Rhodes challenges Randy Orton to meet him in the ring next week

– Carlito is talking to Jillian Hall about the Sandman, Sandman then approaches them and tells Carlito how much he loves to drink and fight, Carlito spits apple in Sandman’s face so Sandman spits beer in Carlito’s! Simmons yells Damn at Carlito

(6) Carlito vs. The Sandman
Carlito and Sandman both begin by wrestling, but Carlito goes for the cane to hit Sandman, instead, Sandman hits Carlito with it to get disqualified

– Bobby Lashley is seen making his way to the entrance way

(7) Beat the Clock Match – Bobby Lashley vs. Shelton Benjamin
Benjamin keeps dodging Lashley to waste time, Shelton hits a rough looking DDT on Lashley, Bobby suplexes Shelton and hits a few power moves on him, Lashley gets a 2 count. Shelton takes Bobby down with less than a minute to go, Shelton goes to the top but Lashley connects with a mid-air spear on him to get the victory with 24 seconds left on the clock! Lashley is the new #1 Contender!

– John Cena makes his way to the ring for the contract signing

– Another nice looking video package is shown for Triple H at the end it says “Triple H – Coming Soon”

– In the ring William Regal officially announces that John Cena will take on Bobby Lashley at the Great American Bash for the WWE Championship, Lashley makes his way back to the ring followed by the WWE Champ John Cena. Cena puts over Lashley and tells him he’s looking forward to the match, Lashley says he is also looking forward to it and signs the contract. Kennedy and Booker then try to stop the signing but Cena and Lashley take them out, Cena then signs the contract and turns around right into a spear from Lashley! Lashley motions he will be the next WWE Champ and leaves Cena lying on the mat! Lashley poses before leaving!