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WWE: Smackdown (6/7/07) *Spoilers*

WWE SmackDown Taping:

MVP will be first out. It’s MVP vs. Matt Hardy to open the show. Hardy won with a twist of fate.

They announced Ric Flair vs. Fit Finlay for later on tonight.

Edge tells Teddy Long backstage that he will do a Cutting Edge segment and will have the biggest guest in the history of the show later tonight.

Chris Masters vs. Jimmy Yang. Masters wins with the Master Lock. After the match, The Great Kahli comes down and chokeslams Jimmy Yang and issues an open challenge for the Great American Bash PPV.

The Major Brothers vs. PCW (Dallas indy promotion) regulars ‘Main Event’ Mike Fox and Jeremy Young. The Major Brothers got the win in a quick squash match.

Ric Flair vs. Fit Finlay. Decent match that went a fair amount of time. Finlay at one point had Flair in the figure four leglock but Flair was able to reverse it. Finlay scored the pin after interference from Little Bastard.

Victoria then interrupted Torrie Wilson’s photo shoot and attacked her.

Khali was in the back and then attacked a stage hand after asking him if he wanted to accept his challenge at the Bash.

Chuck Palumbo beat Kenny Dykstra in a boring match that went way too long.

Deuce was wrestling Eugene when Khali came out and attacked them both. They asked if there was anyone brave enough to accept his challenge when Batista came out. They stared each other down and them Khali left.

It’s time now for four The Cutting Edge. They must have handed out "Edge Sucks" signs because everyone in the front row has them and they are all the same. The guest on the segment is Kane. Edge sucked up to him, stating all of Kane’s accomplishments. Then, he mentioned his own. Edge tried to end the interview there but Kane attacked him. Edge then said he would never step foot in the ring with Kane again. Teddy Long came out and said that at The Bash it will be Edge vs. Kane for the title.