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PTW: Results For "Faith, Hope & Charity"

Thanks to Power Trip Wrestling for sending in the following:

Here’s the results from another wild night at Power Trip Wrestling. At PTW, we do nothing quietly, and this show was just another example! We raised 450 pounds last night, and we thank all of you for a night we wont forget!

PTW – ‘Faith, Hope, & Charity’ (all proceeds going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer):

* PTW Owner Peter Staniforth came out to a loud reaction, and as ever, after thanking the crowd for their attendance and support in the name of such a good cause; made reference to the number of Luton Town FC shirts in the crowd and how much he loves the Hatters too! He then introduced ‘Maniac’ Matt Savage and Aphrodite as his new bodyguards, which drew Jim Brooks, Dan Edge, & Melicious to the ring to seemingly challenge them to a fight. As soon as Staniforth told Savage and his valet that they were welcome to do something about this statement, Brooks and company made a quick and seemingly somewhat worried exit from ringside.

* The Players Club (Rich N’ Famous & Kyle Kraze) defeated The New Wave Enforcers (Brian Braddock & Frantastic). One major shock that came out of this was the surprise attack on Frantastic, by ‘Diamond’ Damon Kruiz. Brian Braddock, although offered by Peter Staniforth the choice of any wrestler in the back he wanted to team with, since Frantastic was in no position to continue; took the brave and proud option of taking on the Players Club 1 on 2 and paid the price of defeat. But this wouldn’t be the end of the situation with them, as we would find out later.

* Wheeler defeated Special Agent, and Stealth; in a triple threat match.

* Shabazz, The Red Haired Loon, & Micken defeated American Allstar w/ Miss Vicky, Lucian w/Chelsey Karter, & Rolling Aikeda in a 6 man tag match.

* ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm defeated Ashe, in what was considered by many the ‘Match of the Night’, and also one of the best matches in PTW’s history so far. Storm took the microphone after, to an audience that adores him; and spoke of how he loves working for Power Trip Wrestling. And just for the record, we love Jonny too!

* ‘Diamond’ Damon Kruiz was victorious over Seb Drea, with Bacardi in his corner.

* In an LDN guest match, Johnathon Hardwick beat Stevie Lee.

* Whilst it was originally non-title, and in what ended up becoming for the PTW Hardcore Title, with the Hair VS Beard stipulation; Jim Brooks (with Dan Edge) became the PTW Hardcore Champion for the second time by defeating Leon X (with PTW Owner Peter Staniforth). This one was outrageous, and in probably the biggest reaction from the fans without a doubt all night, Peter took the microphone during the match and said three words that at first caused confusion and then utter hilarity – ‘Victoria….get him!’. At this point, Peter’s 4 year old daughter Victoria came from the crowd and put Jim Brooks in an armbar that she calls the ‘Woo-Lock’, as Brooks tapped out madly. Due to it being outside of the ring, the match continued; and Leon X would eventually lose consciousness and Jim Brooks would become the new PTW Hardcore Champion! Staniforth would go on to say that he the only thing he hates more than Jim Brooks and Dan Edge is Watford FC, and that at next month’s show Jim Brooks and Leon X would be forced to team together in a bid to end this once and for all!

* In the TLC Match (with the UKPW Tag Team Titles on the line), The Sky Hi Xpress faced off against Beer Fuelled Violence (with Stella). This match ended in utter controversy, for two reasons. The first was the injuries to Dan Ryder (foot) and Arkangel (back). Due to the severity of Arkangel’s injury, the match was ruled a no-contest; and to add to it, the team known as ‘Mean and Green’ – Anton Green and Maverick – ran out and quite literally stole the UKPW Tag Team Titles. A furious PTW Owner came out, and stated that Green and Maverick would pay the price for their antics; and be forced to take on Jim Brooks and Leon X at the next show in August!

* And in the Invitation Only rumble, the man that came out on top and showed that the Players Club couldn’t hold him down; was Brian Braddock. As an exhausted Braddock celebrated an extremely hard earned victory that he could treasure, Peter Staniforth came out, hugged Braddock, and declared him the winner. He also declared all the fans winners for coming out to support the Breakthrough Breast Cancer cause, the wrestlers in the back winners for donating their time free of charge for the show, and his fiancee’ Chrissie and her sister Jennie winners for the future participation in the Walk for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in September in London.

* PTW will be back on Friday August 17th, at Luton Rugby Club, Newlands Road, Luton! Matches will be announced soon, and keep checking back at and for more!