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WWE: Smackdown *Spoilers* 13/07/07

Source: Robert of

Dark Match:

Funaki & Shannon Moore vs. Paul Burchill & Dave Daylor. Funaki and Moore got the pin in a good, short match.

JBL and Cole come to the ring after that for the SD! tapings. Robert noted that much of the arena was tarped off.


Edge comes on-screen to open SD!. The crowd couldn’t hear what exactly he was saying but it was quick. It was a backstage segment deal.

The SmackDown! intro w/ pyro airs.

MVP comes to the ring and joins JBL and Cole. Lots of boo’s for him. Matt Hardy is out next to face Chris Masters. Hardy won the match with a twist of fate. After the match. MVP distracted Matt and Masters applied the Master Lock. As Hardy tried to break it, MVP jumped in the ring and beat him down. Masters and MVP leave after MVP hits his finishing move on Matt. Matt Hardy vs. MVP at the Great American Bash.

Finlay vs. Jimmy Wang Yang is next Finlay wins the match and afterwards Little Bastard runs in. Finlay throws Bastard over Jimmy Yang and the two leave.

A Kane video package for the Great American Bash is shown.

A Major Brothers video package airs noting that they’ve been on a role since coming to SmackDown!.

Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Knoble vs. The Major Brothers is next. Chavo got good pop while The Major Brothers didn’t receive much of anything. Major Brothers win with a missile dropkick on Chavo.

Vickie Guereero is backstage with The Great Khali’s translator. Khali’s translator backs him up and she is cornered into a locker-room.

Back from commercial as they are setting up for a contract signing, Khali beats up a random guy (indy wrestler) over a disagreement on the chairs that will be setup for the signing. He says he needs a bigger chair etc etc etc. Blah.

A Rey Mysterio return video package is shown. Big pop.

Edge cuts a backstage promo and turns around to face the TV and Kane’s face appears. When he turns around a second time, Kane’s face is gone from the screen.

Terry Long comes out for the contract signing and brings out Batista to a huge pop. Khali comes out next. Batista signs quick which is followed by Khali’s translator going on a rant about how when Khali issues and open challenge he doesn’t expect an ‘Animal’ to accept. Khali speaks some jibberish before being slapped by Batista. Khali tries to attack but the translator holds him back. Khali on the outside of the ring throws the ring steps inside. Batista throws them back outside before taking a table and tossing that too.

A Local Jobber vs. Chuck Palumbo is up next. The jobber gets in one kick and is totally dominated. Palumbo did his motorcycle gimmick and surprisingly got a big pop.

A Jesse & Festus promo airs – coming soon.

Edge is shown brushing his teeth backstage. When he looks in the mirror, Kane is there. When he looks again, Kane is gone.

Cherry, Deuce, & Domino are backstage. Eugene comes up and says he wants to ride in their car. They tell him that he can have one as long as he defeats Domino’s opponent tonight without naming him. It’s Eugene vs. Mark Henry. Eugene still has the green paint on his boots. Henry wins with a no hug. They all taunted Eugene and left.

Backstage segment with Torrie Wilson and Victoria. Victoria she’s says the most dominate diva on SmackDown!. It’s Torrie vs. Victoria in a few.

Teddy Long, Krystal, and Vickie Guerrero are backstage. Vickie is made the ‘made of honor’ for the wedding.

Torrie defeated Victoria by count out. Outside the ring as the two fight, Torrie snakes in before a 10 count.

Edge throws a Mardi Graas parage. He brings out ltos of cartoon characters like you’d see in a New Orleans parade. They throw out beads, etc etc etc. Edge spots a King & Queen and brings them into the ring. Edge spears the Queen. The King winds up being Kane and he tears the place apart. Kane’s pyro hits and the show ends.