CBlog XI- Kronus, Khali, & The Bash

Let’s start with John Kronus. Unfortunately, the wrestling world lost another great talent in John Kronus. Kronus was most notable for being one half of The Eliminators with Perry Saturn in ECW. Kronus is a former ECW Tag Team Champion. I honestly haven’t had much experience in seeing Kronus in action with ECW or any other organization, but I have seen a couple of his matches. Whether he was a household name or not, I believe that any wrestler that passes deserves, at the very least, to be acknowledged.

With that said, the media will probably blame the WWE and steroids for Kronus’ death. No, this blog is not going to be about how much I hate the media, nor is it going to be regarding Benoit and family (as I’m not completely sure what the toxicology results even mean), I just wanted to add that in.

Next piece of business is actually a big piece of–well, you know, and this is The Great Khali. If any of you have been on lately (or any other wrestling site, really), then you have read that Edge has a torn pectoral muscle that will keep him out of action until November and much like Batista, Edge had to relinquish the World Heavyweight Title to Theodore Long at Tuesday’s SmackDown! tapings. Now, I’m a big Edgehead and I was disappointed when I read that he was injured and his title reign will be cut short (actually I had an inkling that he would be vacating the title, when it was announced on RAW that he would have a major announcement regarding the World Heavyweight Championship), but losing Edge as World Champion due to an injury isn’t even the worse part. The worse part is that the new World Heavyweight Champion is The Great Khali. Yes, you unfortunately read that right. The dumbest and worst wrestler on the WWE roster is the World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H is rolling in his grave and he isn’t even dead yet. Of all the people on the entire WWE roster (as we’ve seen many times before, WWE can pull the emergency brake and bring someone in from another brand), WWE chose to have Khali as champion. I hope and pray he loses it to either Kane or Batista at the Bash. I’m pulling for Kane as I hate Batista almost as much as I do Khali. I mean, WWE could’ve done the right thing and brought Booker back to SmackDown! (I know it would make the draft seem pointless, but still) or they could’ve brought Kennedy back to SmackDown! (since he’s getting buried on RAW, anyways), but no, they went with that freak, The Great Khali (which is ironic, because the only things that are great about him are his height and how much he sucks). WWE owes Kane another World Title run after only allowing Kane to hold the title once and for only a day in 1998 (the WWE title, that is).

While on the subject of The Bash, I have recently noticed that the card is very “RAW-heavy”. RAW has 5 matches on the card, SmackDown! has 2, and ECW has one 1. Now I understand ECW having one match, as that’s typically how it goes, but I would’ve expected RAW and SmackDown! to split the matches close to even. Even with the changes made to the SmackDown! matches, there was still only going to be 3 matches before. Anyways, here are my thoughts/predictions for The Great American Bash:

WWE Championship: John Cena (c) Vs. Bobby Lashley
Everyone seems convinced that this match is going to be “great” and a “classic”, but I don’t believe that. This is going to be another poor match by Cena and another poor match by Lashley rolled into one. It’s obvious Cena is going to win. The build-up to this match has been anything but good. I’m more looking forward to the alleged Cena/Orton feud with Orton hopefully taking the title. SummerSlam, perhaps?

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple Threat: The Great Khali (c) Vs. Kane Vs. Batista
I made my feelings known on this match above, but for the record, I want Kane to win, although the odds are very good Khali will retain as WWE doesn’t seem to volley the World Titles around anymore as they tended to do in the Attitude Era.

ECW World Championship: John Morrison (c) Vs. CM Punk
Jim Morrison–excuse me, John Morrison changed his name for what reason exactly? And why have your ring name changed to resemble the name of a deceased rock legend? I say they should’ve just gone with his real name of John Hennigan. In any case, I want Punk to win this one, but I see Morrison retaining.

Texas Bullrope Match: Dusty Rhodes Vs. Randy Orton
This one is kind of a coin toss for me. I could see either one win. While it would be nostalgic (not to mention cool) to see Rhodes win a Texas Bullrope Match, I got to think Orton will win this one. I’m a fan of Orton’s as well, so that kind of conflicts with my views on how this match will go. If Dusty wins, then I see Cody lending some assistance.

Intercontinental Championship: Umaga (c) Vs. Jeff Hardy
I have read rumors that Jeff would regain the Intercontinental Title and I hope they are true. In any case, I am wanting Jeff to win and I think Jeff will win (by hook or crook). I’ve mentioned it before and it looks like the WWE have been thinking the same thing and that is to see Jeff on RAW with the IC Title and Matt on SmackDown! with the U.S. Title.

United States Championship: MVP (c) Vs. Matt Hardy
While I could visualize MVP retaining, I am hoping and predicting that Matt will win. I’m a fan of MVP’s, but I’m much more a fan of The Hardys (and more particularly, Matt Hardy). A title like the U.S. Title (secondary title) is way over due for Matt.

Singapore Cane Match: Carlito Vs. The Sandman
I could really care less about this match, as it’s been a pointless feud from the get-go, but for all intents and purposes, The Sandman will probably win.

Women’s Championship: Candice (c) Vs. Melina
I am honestly hoping for Candice to lose the Women’s Title, she gives a bad name to the title. I would rather see Mickie James as champion again, but as far as predictions, I imagine Candice will retain, seeing as it’s her first defense. I hope that, sometime soon, Mickie regains the title from Candice or whoever holds it at the time.

Well, them are my predictions for The Great American Bash, and this has been CBlog, see ya next time.

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Candice is improving every week as a womans champion. The match at GAB was the best woman’s match in WWE in a long time.

Everyone seems convinced that this match is going to be “great” and a “classic”, but I don”™t believe that. This is going to be another poor match by Cena and another poor match by Lashley rolled into one.

Firstly, everyone *wasn’t* convinced it was going to be good. A lot of people thought it’d suck because people still have this stupid notion that Cena’s next match will be a bad one, even though he hasn’t had a single horrible match since… God, it’s been a good two years now.

And secondly, as per usual when it comes to Cena, you were wrong. It was a good match from both guys.

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