Saracen's Tenet

ST: More wrestler ramblings

I mentioned in the UK scene that I think that British wrestling is beginning to carve out a niche of its own, separate to the direct influence of the Americans.
There will always be influence of course, that can’t be denied a good idea that works should always be used and the great thing about the history of the WWE is that it is full of good ideas that captivate an audience or create new role models for our younger generation.

As a promoter, I look for the next thing to captivate my audience. I run a business and if something can bring bums to the seats then I will exploit it. If you read my earlier tenets you will see an idealistic view of the world of pro wrestling, sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong.
I have learned a lot in the 4 years I have been wrestling, coming up to my 5th year and I still have a lot to learn.
My company’s history has been steeped in controversy, I’ve heard all the stories from all the parties involved and I came to a decision. That the past is in the past and now it’s time to stride forth with a new product and create a new history.
Growing up from the ashes of the former self is a hard thing to do, fighting forces and opinions that do not reflect what the company is anymore and it’s a fight worth fighting, it’s time to focus on the important thing, making money whilst entertaining people.
The best thing about wrestling in the Midlands now is the end to the animosity of the past. I won’t go into the reasons but about a year ago, wrestling in the Midlands was factional, people aligned themselves to one promotion and arguments ensued about who was the best, I walked into wrestling under this banner and I have to admit, I was drawn in as well, making the classic mistake of believing what I was told instead of working things out for myself.
But then again we are only human and we are prone to make mistakes, in fact, if we never made a mistake, we would learn nothing.