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WWE: Great American Bash Results (22/7/07)

Live from San Jose, CA

* Opening video package starts the broadcast.
* Pyro goes off
* Michael Cole welcomes us to the live show from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, where nearly 14,000 fans are in attendace for a sell out crowd.
* Cole and JBL introduce the ECW and Raw announcers.

(1) United States title match: Matt Hardy vs. MVP. Charles Robinson is the referee. In the first minute, MVP leaves the ring for a quick time out. Cole and JBL are the announcers for this one. Fans are pro-Hardy, as you would expect. MVP pulled Hardy to the mat, and you could see his head bounce off the mat. They even replayed it. MVP superplexed Hardy, but he kicked out. Hardy countered a top rope move into a semi-bulldog, for a two count. A bulldog from the second rope, but MVP kicked out. Leg drop by Hardy, again a two count. Side effect by Hardy, but MVP kicked out again. MVP won with the playmaker at 12:54 to retain the U.S. title.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Dusty Rhodes who has a rope around his neck. The Dream said that some say he created the Great American Bash. Rhodes talked about respect, and the lack of respect by Randy Orton. He said the cow bell is going to meet Orton’s head.

(2) Cruiserweight open: Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.. All five guys are in the ring to start the match. The first one to score a pin fall or submission is the Cruiserweight champion. Hornswoggle ran and left the ring as the match started. Lots of near falls, with someone making the save to keep the match going. Good action, but not much reaction from the crowd. Hornswoggle splashes Noble from the top rope and pins him to win the Cruiserweight title at 6:57.

– Promo for Triple H’s return airs

– JR and King talk about the Cena vs. Lashley match. They aired the history of Lashley video again.

(3) Singapore cane match: The Sandman vs. Carlito. Lilian Garcia introduced the match. She is wearing a Great American Bash themed top. Carlito came out and spit his apple into Sandman’s office. The singapore cane is on a pole. First one that can get to it, can use it. At 5:17, Sandman grabs the cane but misses Carlito, won wins the match with a back cracker at 5:30.

– Backstage, Randy Orton was interviewed by Grisham. Orton said today is HBK’s birthday, but he doesn’t realize it since he took him out. Orton said tonight, he going to kill the legend of Dusty Rhodes.

(4) Women’s Title Match: Melina vs. Candice Michelle. JR mentions that Candice is the first diva to participate in the diva search to win the Women’s title. Oh no, the diva search is coming back soon. This appears to be a popcorn match for the live audience. Michelle wins at 6:21 to retain the gold. Michelle’s new move is called the candy wrapper.

– They aired a Wrestlemania 24 promo for 3/30/08 in Orlando, FL.

– Backstage, Matt and Jeff Hardy talk. Matt said he lost his focus, and it cost him. Candice walks near them to grabs a water and pours it across her chest. Oh my, which distracts the Hardy boys. She pours the water over her head, and gets super wet. Ron Simmons walks in, and says "damn."

(5) IC Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga. Fans are pro-Hardy. Umaga stayed on the offensive in the early happenings of the match. Referee is Jack Doane, but Umaga isn’t paying him any attention. Side walk slam by Umaga, but Hardy kicked out. Hardy did a cross body over the top rope onto Umaga. Twist of fate by Hardy, but Umaga kicked out. Swanton bomb by Jeff, but Umaga kicked out again! Umaga wins at 11:19 with a samoan spike.

– More hype for Cena vs. Lashley, this time focusing on Cena.

(6) ECW Title Match: John Morrison vs. CM Punk. This is the first ECW title match in the 22 year history of the Great American Bash. Scott Armstrong is the referee. The shining wizard by Punk, but Morrison kicked out. Morrison won at 7:50 to retain the gold.

– They aired clips to hype up the Texas bull rope match.

(7) Texas Bull Rope Match: Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton. Orton keeps trying to escape, but Rhodes pulls him back.Fans chanted "Randy sucks." Orton won at 5:38 by hitting the Dream with the cow bell. Orton was going to attack Rhodes after the match, but son Cody made the save. Cody and Orton glarred at each other as Randy walked away.

– Cole and JBL talked about the Orton-Rhodes match, and started the hype for the World Heavyweight title match.

(8) World Heavyweight Title Match: The Great Khali vs. Kane vs. Batista. Cole said Edge underwent successful surgery. Khali tore up the ECW announce table, pulling off the top and smashing a monitor on the floor. Batista and Kane teamed up to slam Khali through the announce table.With Khali down, the focus has turned to Kane against Batista in the ring. Khali returned and was chokeslammed by Kane, but Batista made the save. Spinbuster by Batista on Khali, but Kane made the save. Chokeslam by Kane, but Batista kicked out. Kane went out for a chair, but Batista countered. Batista bomb, but Khali pulled Batista out of the ring. Khali slammed Kane at 10:02 to remain World champion.

– They aired a promo for the Most Powerful Families in Wrestling on PPV.

– Another HHH promo aired.

– King Booker and Queen Sharmell made their way to the ring. Booker said Triple H isn’t the king of anything, and the only king in WWE is King Booker. Booker cut a promo on "Jerome Lawler." He again requested that Lawler relinquish his crown. Lawler gets up, and tells him to come down there and get his crown. King Booker said Jerome disobeyed a direction order, and its an act of treason. King Booker and Queen Sharmell then leave.

(9) WWE Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena. JR said that Cena has held the WWE title 308 days. Lashley received a lukewarm reaction, Cena’s reaction was a little better than Lashley’s. Match starts off with a test of strength. Lashley displayed some early amateur wrestling. Cena went for a STFU, but Lashley was able to bail out of the ring. It appears Lashley is bleeding from the top of his head. Side walk slam by Lashley, but Cena kicked out. Cena hit a leg drop off the top rope, but with a slow cover, Lashley kicked out. Five knuckle shuffle by Cena, but Lashley got right up. Lashley escaped the FU and followed it up with powerslam, but Cena kicked out. Lashley dropped to the mat with Cena in a toture rack. FU by Cena, but couldn’t get over to cover Lashley. When Cena made the cover, Lashley kicked out. STFU by Cena. Lashley attempted to get to the ropes, and grabbed the bottom rope. Lashley speared Cena, but the champ kicked out. Cena wins with a FU off the top rope at 14:51.

After the match, Cena lifted the spinning belt over his head in the ring.