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WWE: SummerSlam match with Jackass cast dropped’s Dave Scherer is reporting that the match featuring Umaga taking on the Jackass stars has been cancelled after the deal went off the table last week. The match was initially made public by Jackass’ Steve-O who revealed the match in an entry on his blog on his MySpace page. Steve-O was backstage at a RAW event recently and was not on his best behaviour and WWE threatened to call off the match. Steve-O was trying to film WWE Superstars doing stupid things to him for an upcoming DVD and he said that Umaga was ready to choke him out. WWE even released a poster for SummerSlam with Umaga standing behind the whole cast of Jackass with their bodies buried in the sand and their head sticking out. The poster carried the subtitle ‘Featuring Jackass’ under the SummerSlam logo. Steve-O’s involvement however had no bearing on the outcome of the deal and it’s rumoured that it was the Jackass cast who decided to bail out mostly due to the Benoit tragedy. It is believed that Jackass star Bam Margera removed himself from the match saying he has an injury and afterwards Johnny Knoxville, the main guy of Jackass, backed out as well.