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WWE: Raw Results 30/7/07

 – From the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Ariz.

– Raw begins with a video package of last week with Jonathan Coachman deciding who the new #1 Contender is

– no pyro, WWE Champion John Cena makes his way to the ring, Cena speaks about Orton’s actions last week, he says Randy has been reading his #1 contenders book but should just skip to the final chapter because the result has been the same since September “The Champ is Here”, Carlito interrupts and declares Cena is the 1st guest on the new and improved “Carlito’s Cabana”, the ring is quickly set up Cabana style, Carlito says Cena is a liar because he doesn’t win every championship match, Carlito defeated Cena for the US Title in his 1st match, Cena says congratulations, that was about 3 years a go, Cena continues to mock Carlito until Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring, Kennedy says Carlito ran from Lashley last week and doesn’t deserve to be #1 Contender, Carlito and Kennedy get in each other’s faces. Cena leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, he says Randy Orton deserves to be #1 Contender because he deserves it, he may not agree with what Orton has done but he still has earnt it, Cena tells Kennedy to try challenging Lashley himself instead of mocking Carlito for running from him, Kennedy says he will, Cena then says than Carlito may have beaten Cena 3 years a go, but what has he done since then? Nothing, Cena says Carlito will be in the main event tonight against the Champ, Cena tells Carlito to be prepared or he will “rip off your apples and shove them up your cabana!”

– Jim Ross confirms that John Cena will face Carlito and Mr. Kennedy will face Bobby Lashley tonight

(1) 6-Diva Tag Team Match – Melina, Beth Phoenix and Jillian vs. Women’s Champion Candice Michelle, Mickie James and Maria w/ Santino Marella
faces control most of the match, Beth and Melina perform a double-team facebuster on Maria for the victory

– A Triple H returns video airs, the end read “The King of Kings Returns…SummerSlam”

– Back from commercials, Santino Marella is still in the ring, he is ranting about the referee not seeing the cheating in Maria’s match, Umaga charges to the ring, Santino tells the referee to restrain Umaga, the ref then calls for the bell to start an official match! Santino looks shocked, Umaga superkicks Santino and totally destroys him, he finishes Santino off with the Samoan Spike for the victory

– Backstage Todd Grisham interviews King Booker, Booker yells at Grisham for calling Jerry Lawler “King” he says he hops Triple H is watching so that he can see what he is going to do to “Jerome” tonight.

– Jonathan Coachman is in his office, Cody Rhodes enters saying “you wanted to see me?” Coach talks about Randy kicking Dusty in the head last week, he shows the footage to Cody and asks Cody how his Dad is? He tells Cody he cannot touch Randy Orton tonight or he will loose his spot on Raw, he then tells Cody that he has a match next, if he wins, he can stay, if he loses, he will be let go.

– Also backstage Todd Grisham congratulates Randy Orton on being named #1 Contender, Orton says history will repeat itself as it was at SummerSlam that he won the World Title, he also says he is dressed to compete but no one wants to step in the ring with him, Sgt. Slaughter then appears and challenges Orton to a match tonight…squash!!

– Jim Ross confirms Randy Orton will face Sgt. Slaughter tonight

– Daivari is in the ring rambling in his native language

(3) Daivari vs. Cody Rhodes
Cody keeps on top of Daivari, hitting him with Dusty-style punches, he hits a crossboy and a powerslam, Cody then finishes off Daivari with a big DDT for the win!

– Bobby Lashley is seen walking backstage

(4) Mr. Kennedy vs. Bobby Lashley
Lashley dominates Kennedy early, hitting him with a vertical suplex and sets him up for the spear, Kennedy rolls out the ring, Lashley follows, Kennedy stomps hard on Lashley’s shoulder, he only just makes it back in the ring before the 10-count, Kennedy works on the hurting shoulder, Lashley tries to fight back but to no avail, Lashley fights back one-armed, sets up for the spear but Kennedy gets his knee up and drives it into Lashley’s shoulder, Kennedy then gets the east pin.

– Graphic is shown for John Cena vs. Carlito

– Video for Snitsky airs

– Video package highlighting the King Booker-King Lawler rivalry airs

(5) King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
another Triple H returns video airs after Booker’s entrance, Booker is irate, after Lawler’s entrance, J.R. puts over Lawler’s achievements saying he has won over 100 Championships. Lawler and Booker fight back-and-forth, Lawler hits some big punches and an elbow drop, the ref counts to 3 but then sees Booker has his foot on the rope so the match continues, Lawler thinks he has won, Booker issues an assault on Lawler and gets disqualified, Lawler is announced as the winner, Booker walks up the ramp acting like he was the winner, Lawler catches up with Booker and attacks him on the ramp! The refs pull Lawler off and take him to the back

– More graphics are shown for Cena vs. Carlito and Sgt. Slaughter vs. Randy Orton

(6) Cryme Tyme vs. John Mason & Brandan Gatston?
Cryme Tyme make real short work of the jobbers, hitting the G9 for the win. JTG & Shad then auction off one of the Jobbers boots hand signed by Cryme Tyme themselves!

– Randy Orton is seen walking backstage

– A SummerSlam video airs…4 weeks until the event

(7) Randy Orton vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Orton dominates Slaughter, wearing him down with a sleeper hold, Slaughter fires back up and locks in the Cobra Clutch, Randy makes it to the ropes and hits an RKO out of nowhere for the win, Randy goes to leave but then turns around and hits Sarge with the punt kick knocking Slaughter out, the medics again come to ringside with a stretcher to take Slaughter away as Orton looks on, how many more men will Orton take out??

– Randy Orton stays at ringside to watch John Cena’s match

(8) Carlito vs. WWE Champion John Cena
Cena makes easy work of Carlito to begin with, Orton is looking on, Randy looks ready to pounce, Carlito gets some offence, Cena fires back, goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Orton gets on the apron, Cena goes for Orton which allows Carlito to hit the Back Stabber on Cena for the victory!! Carlito looks shocked and spits the apple in Cena’s face, Carlito leaves looking happy with himself and Orton looks on as Cena comes around and realizes what’s happened, Cena looks irate as Raw goes off air…