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WWE: ECW on SciFi Results 31/7/07

Taz and Joey Styles were greeted very nicely.

John Morrison comes out looking like the lead from The Doors. He actually showed some great mic improvement and charisma in his speech, talking like Jim and dogging on the Cardinals and Diamondbacks. He then offered a local his chance at “15 minutes of fame.”

The jobber wasn’t named, and John squashed him in one second with his Capoeria neck-breaker move. Then Tommy Dreamer comes out wanting to offer John a real challenge. He got mad cheers!

Elijah Burke followed to a chorus of boos and “You suck” chants also wanting a title shot.CM Punk then shows up to a great crowd reaction telling Morrison that if he gave him one more chance at the belt, he’d never challenge him again.

Morrison played the coward saying he just had a grueling match, but then he announced there’d be a Three Way Dance in the main event to determine the number one contender to his championship.

First Match: Stevie Richards vs. Kevin Thorn 2

I tried to cheer loudly for Stevie as the crowd was a bit quiet at first. Kevin Thorn followed suit to some boos, and they started. Stevie got him some stiff kicks and a dropkick, but Thorn really lay the beatdown on him. I still kept cheering for Stevie and yelling “BWO” and the crowd eventually supported him. As Thorn went for the Jacknife Powerbomb, Stevie reversed it into a roll-up getting his second victory over the Vamp. I hope this means he’s being pushed.

Winner: Stevie Richards

Next match: Big Daddy V with Matt Striker vs. John, Jeff, and Brandon. (I think)

The three obvious jobbers got no reaction. When Daddy V came out, I kept yelling out “wear a shirt! Put a bra on!” He pretty much demolished the poor threesome and pinned all of them in a pile.

Winner: Big Daddy V

The Boogeyman came out to a really loud reaction. I was the only one who booed. He’s actually worse to see live. He confronted V, but he and Striker left while Boogey did his stupid worm nonsense.

Extreme Expose came out, and did a dance to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Kelly still isn’t all there. They danced for a little bit before they gyrated the ropes and the fireworks went off. (Or just a bang.)

Then came The Miz for his next match. He got on the mic and claimed women love him and men fear him. I booed him loudly like everyone else. If everyone else hates him, why do these 3 naïve girls like him so much? Are they gonna be heels too?

Balls Mahoney came out to a good pop and a chorus of “Balls! Balls!……) And our next match starts.

Balls Mahoney vs. The Miz

I’m glad Balls wasn’t getting squashed by Khali or Umaga, but trying to carry this joker through a match almost seems as worse. The guy needs to be higher up in the card. After the good matches Miz had with Little Guido and Matt Hardy, I was sad to not see him put fourth the same effort.

The crowd chanted at him “You can’t wrestle!” and he deserved it in spite of winning with a neckbreaker.

Winner: Miz

He celebrated with the women who have real bad taste in guys while Balls was mad at losing to the loser.

Main event: Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke vs. CM Punk

Tommy got a good pop, Burke more boos, and Punk with the whole crowd behind him. Burke played coward and stayed out of the ring in the beginning while Tommy and Punk went at it.

They wrestled a good match until Burke finally interfered and started giving it to them. There was a scary part where Burke did his handstand elbowdrop and almost fell off the turnbuckle. Good thing he didn’t.

The match then became a series of moves, reversals, false pins, and the crowd was eating it all up. Eventually Punk pinned Burke after the Go to Sleep.

Winner: CM Punk

Dreamer congratulated Punk and they celebrated. The crowd just adored both of them and were greatful for the fantastic match. Thus ends ECW.