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WWE: Jeff Hardy Missing Raw/Injured?

First reported on late Monday July 30th and early Tuesday July 31st from various news sites that Jeff Hardy had missed Raw and had not contacted WWE about his absence.

Reported on the Wrestling Observer website later in the day on Tuesday July 31st was that Jeff Hardy was sent home by WWE and that they did not have any other details, except that Hardy’s program with Umaga was dropped and Umaga appears to be going face.

Now According to &, Jeff suffered neck & back injuries at last weeks Raw. WWE is giving him time off to heal. states that this information was obtained from On the messageboard at the administrator there posted this message in a topic entitled Update on Jeff..From Jeff:

"ok.. this is going to end right now! it has it’s own thread because enough is enough. i have been gone all day and now i’m home and i’m home with news (even tho it had been posted by tiff and bubu).. just this very minute from jeff!

he wants all of you to know that he sustained neck and back injuries from his fall last week on raw. they (wwe) are giving him time off to heal!"

Further Updates will be posted as they come in…