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WWE: Smackdown *Spoilers* (31/07/07)

The show opens with Teddy Long and Kristal Marshall coming to the ring and dancing. (Kristal’s was better.) Teddy announced the their wedding will take place on a future episode of Smackdown. While they celebrated, Khali with his manager interrupts. Khali says his usual unintelligible stuff and scares Kristal away.

His manager asks Teddy if he’s bothered by them interrupting his celebration, and compares it to Batista interrupting Khali’s celebration last week. He says Khali thinks the whole thing is outrageous but Teddy yells back “I don’t give a damn what he thinks!” The crowd cheers.

Teddy decides to shut both men up by announcing at Summerslam: Batista vs. Khali for the World Heavyweight Title. The two men don’t seemed pleased, and they walk off.

First match: Kane vs. Chris Masters.

Damn, Kane’s pyro blows my hair back! He gets cheered while Masters gets booed. It was a typical match with Masters sucking while Kane carried him. At one point, Masters screwed up a neckbreaker, and the crew had to film it again. I yelled out at Chris “Thank goodness for editing!” Kane chokeslams Chris for the pin.

Winner: Kane

Deuce and Domino are backstage preparing for their match with Batista and Ric Flair. They can’t find Cherry though, and Deuce becomes suspicious.

Next match Matt Hardy vs MVP in an Arm Wrestling Match?

I was hoping they’d wrestle. It was pretty funny sort of as MVP kept stalling the contest by wrapping his hands up in tape, complaining the tape was too tight, then rubbing his hands in chalk before getting a stress squeeze ball which Hardy knocks out. Hardy beats him but then MVP says he didn’t really beat him because he wasn’t ready for the match. (Haha!) He then challenged Hardy to a wrestling match.

Now this is what I’m talking about. A great match where both men use a lot of submissive techniques. Eventually MVP has enough though, and takes off. Matt wins by countout.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Deuce is looking for Cherry, and then finds her in Batista’s room. He gets mad at her, but as they leave, Batista who wasn’t in his room when she was there, shows up. When he opens his door, Ric Flair greets him. I guess Cherry was with Flair.

Next is Mark Henry vs. Nate Vickerson (Jobber)

It took too long for Henry to squash this guy. After he won, Henry boasted about how he took out the Undertaker, and laughed like and evil man.

Jaime Noble is backstage. Shannon Moore and Funaki laugh at him for losing to Hornswoggle. (Ugh) Jaime then challenges Shannon Moore to a match.

Next: Jaime Noble vs. Shannon Moore.

Crowd was pretty quiet, but I kept popping for all the great moves including a great Northern lights Suplex by Noble. It was a fun match that I kept cheering for, and then Noble won by hitting Moore with his Roderick Strong finisher.

Winner: Jaime Noble

Afterwards, Hornswoggle came out and Jaime chased him around the ring. The leprecaun managed to pie-face him and spray him with a fire extinguisher and then he left up the ramp while Noble looked like a fool.

Next: Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Kenny Dyksra

Victoria and Torrie Wilson accompanied the respective guys. This was my favorite match of Smackdown. Even though the two have pretty different wrestling styles, Yang and Dykstra had some pretty good ring chemistry. The crowd was actually into Yang, and popped for all of his high flying martial arts moves.

There was a cool spot where Yang tried to footsweep Dykstra, but he jumped over it and came back down on Yan with a double legdrop. Another spot involved Yang doing a flying crossbody off the turnbuckle, but Dykstra jumped up and hit Yang with both knees. Eventually Yang prevailed with a great floating moonsault.

Winner: Jimmy Wang Yang

And now the main event: Batista and Ric Flair vs. Deuce and Domino

It was especially funny as Deuce and Domino came to the ring, they found two people with the signs “I hate Deuce” and “I hate Domino.” They acted mad.

Everybody stood up for Ric Flair and damn nearly cheered him to death. The building was filled with Woooos! Batista came out to a thunderous applause, and seeing his ring entrance live is REALLY intense.

The match went underway, and was pretty good. Both teams got a lot of offense on each other, although there were some slow spots where Flair took too long to give the hot tag to Batista. Khali interrupted the match, and the D&D lay the beatdown on Batista while he was distracted. The match ended in a DQ. After Batista prevailed he and Khali stared at each other with burning eyes.