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There were rumors last week that the X Division Title would soon be phased out. With the recent addition of Andrew Martin and Matt Morgan along with reports of signing Rikishi and A-Train, it would appear that the X Division is going by the way side.

Current story lines right now only focus on the heavyweights such as Angle, Cage, Sting, Jarrett, Abyss, Tomko, and Steiner.

At this time, it is believed that Kurt Angle will defeat Samoa Joe in the Winner Takes All Match and Angle will form an alliance with a yet to be named partner and carry the TNA Tag titles while the World Title and X Division Title will then be unified there by phasing out the X Division title. This is similar to what WWE did years ago when for a short time they phased out the IC title by unifying the World Title and the IC Title.

Sources have indicated that talks with Rikishi and TNA are now coming to a close and is rumored to start with the company shortly after the Hard Justice PPV.

Rikishi has been working and promoting shows in Italy since his release from WWE.

Speculation coming out of the TNA offices are saying that within the next few weeks, A-Train (Giant Bernard in New Japan, the tag team partner of Tomko) will be debuting for TNA.

There has been talks that several talents within TNA’s contracts are set to expire in the next 60 days. Four unnamed talent’s contracts expire towards the end of August and a few more are set to expire come September and early October.

These next few weeks could be crucial time for TNA. Will they let their talent’s contract run out without a fight? Will their be contract negotiations to hold a few of them? Will the talent find themselves in Japan or working full time for ROH? Does WWE have any interest in any of the upcoming talents being released?

WWE scooped up Monty Brown aka Marcus Cor Von really quickly. While this signing was a no brainer, Monty will excel for WWE/ECW but what of the other talent? Cassidy Riley is still under a developmental deal with WWE at OVW and Sonny Siaki was snatched up last year and is in the WWE’s Tampa Territory. With Rumors circulating of the Naturals coming to the WWE, seems any of those released or those who fall off contract with TNA are almost certain to gain jobs with WWE either with a booking contract or a developmental deal.