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WWE: Smackdown Results 10/8/07


FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN – Friday, August 10, 2007

Youngstown, OH

8:00 – SmackDown opens tonight with Batista heading out to the ring.


The bell rings and Batista drives Domino into the corner and starts beating on him. Batista whips Domino across the ring and runs at him.

Batista flips Domino to the mat several times then goes for the cover. 2 count.

Batista knees Domino in the face then flips Domino to the mat and goes for the cover. 2 count. Batista whips Domino into the ropes and Domino nails Batista.

Batista grabs Domino and slams him to the mat then goes for the Batista Bomb but Domino breaks free.

Batista grabs Domino and goes for him but Cherry gets on the apron and the ref gets yells at her. Domino slaps Batista and Batista chases him out of the ring and nails Deuce too.

Batista gets Domino back into the ring and nails him with a Batista Bomb and goes for the cover.


Deuce runs into the ring and Batista takes him down with a spine buster followed by a Batista Bomb.

Backstage Khali screams something to Batista. “Batista the Great Khali says enjoy your victory and savor it because you won’t be doing any of it after Summer Slam. And here is a reminder of what Khali can do”

They then show Khali doing the claw to Ric Flair.

“What he did to Ric Flair last week is the same thing he’s going to do to you at Summer Slam”

They show a Chuck Palumbo promo then they welcome back Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring and hits a pose on all four corners.

“First, I would like to start out by saying, the hard road back…the injuries I sustained at the hands of Chavo Guerrero, who by the way is a much better wrestler than I am and an all around much better human being than I am.

The injuries I have sustained and been able to come back from are nothing more than a miracle. I don’t know if I am able to face Chavo Guerrero at Summer Slam and I don’t know if I will ever be able to face Chavo Guerrero again.

Chavo is in the prime of his career and I am very worried that Rey Mysterio’s return at Summer Slam would not only be my return but also my last match.

The last time I faced Chavo Guerrero, you inflicted so much pain in my leg and you made me say, “I quit”, so Chavo, I beg you again Chavo, I get on my hands and knees Chavo, please, PLEASE Chavo, don’t make me say “I quit” again. I never want to say “I quit” again….”

Eugene’s music hits and he heads out to the ring.

Eugene looks confused and points at Mysterio.

Rey kicks Eugene and takes him down. Rey gets Eugene in a headlock. Rey gets on Eugene’s shoulders and flips him to the mat.

Rey climbs the ropes and dives onto Eugene.

Eugene gets up and twists Rey’s arm around. Rey flips so that he reverses the hold and trips Eugene setting up the 619. Rey tries for it but misses.

“You want to laugh at me. I’ll give you something to laugh at” Chavo takes off the mask, “I’ll give you something to laugh at, Chavo style”

Chavo gets back in the ring and goes for a punch but Eugene catches his hand and punches him then gets him in the corner and steps on him.

Eugene picks up Chavo and nails him with the Gory Special and does the Guerrero dance then Eugene hits Chavo with the 3 Amigos.

Eugene climbs the ropes and goes for the frog splash but Chavo moves. Chavo climbs the ropes and hits the frog splash going for the cover.


Chavo grabs the Rey mask and yells at it.

Backstage Kenny is kissing Victoria and Michele McCool comes over and starts trouble with her.


8:29 – Back with the Raw rebound showing Vince’s return.

Mark Henry makes his way to the ring.


The bell rings and Sterling goes in but Henry grabs him by the neck and throws him into the corner.

Henry picks up Sterling and throws him onto the ropes. Henry then uses the ropes and smooshes Sterling’s head into them.

Henry hits Sterling with a drop elbow, then picks up Sterling and hit shim with the bear hug.


“This is getting redundant. You people are feeling sympathy for my opponents, but I’m the silverback and this is exactly what a silverback does and I’ll show you this to prove it.”

They then flashback to Mark Henry beating up Undertaker

When they come back, a druid is walking up the ramp leaving a trail of sand. Mark Henry stares at it and mumbles as they cut to commercial.


8:40 – Back from commercial break with Torrie Wilson making her way to the ring with Jimmy Wang Yang.


Victoria runs at Torrie and kicks her, then whips her into the ringpost.

Torrie jumps over Victoria and rolls her up. 1 count.

Torrie takes Victoria down and goes for the cover. 1 count.

Victoria knocks Torrie out of the ring. Kenny goes for her but Jimmy runs at him and takes him down. The ref kicks them out.

Torrie tries to go after Victoria as Victoria is yelling for Kenny but Victoria counters, hits Torrie with the widows peak and goes for the cover.


Victoria then starts beating on Torrie and Michelle McCool runs out and beats on Victoria and tosses her out of the ring.

Michelle McCool helps Torrie out of the ring.

They then show flashbacks of the arm wrestling challenge between Hardy and MVP.

Backstage with MVP, “Last week I informed Teddy Long that I have a heart condition that causes my heart to speed up over 250 beats per minute. While in the ring I tried to slow my heart down but Matt Hardy started the match anyway.

After that match I was forced to have heart surgery, and being the amazing man I am, I will be back in one week. And next week I will challenge Matt Hardy to a competition and I will beat him”

They show Matt Hardy backstage getting ready for his match.


8:56 – Back from commercial with a Triple H promo.


The pair lock up and Hardy gets Finlay into the corner. The ref breaks them up. The pair lock up again and Finlay gets Hardy in the corner but Hardy pushes Finlay towards the opposite corner,

They ref breaks them up and they stare each other down. They lock up again and Finlay gets Hardy in a headlock.

Hardy gets out and Finlay takes him down to the mat but again Hardy gets up. They men stare each other down.

Hardy gets Finlay in a headlock and Finlay takes Hardy down to the mat. Finlay punches Hardy in the side but Hardy doesn’t break the hold.

Hardy slams Finlay’s head into the ringpost and hit shim with a clothesline then goes for the cover. 2 count.

Hardy whips Finlay into the ropes then nails him in the face with an elbow and goes for the cover again. 2 count.

Finlay sits in the corner holding his ear, telling the ref he needs a minute. The ref says if Finlay doesn’t get going he’ll end the match.

Finlay runs at Hardy and takes him down, getting him in a headlock. Hardy gets to his feet and tries to break free.

Finlay lets him go and hits him in the head. Hardy hits Finlay with an elbow drop to the back of the head. Hardy takes Finlay down with several clotheslines then a modified bulldog and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Hardy ends up outside of the ring, as he tries to get back in Finlay kicks him in the head.

Finlay gets out of the ring and goes after him and Hardy counters slamming Finlay’s head into the ringpost.

Finlay counters and slams Hardy into the ringpost.


9:09 – Back from commercial break with Finlay working on Hardy’s left arm. Hardy gets to his feet and punches Finlay in the head. Finlay takes Hardy down and punches him.

Finlay drapes Hardy’s arm over the ropes and kicks it. Finlay gets hardy in the corner and beats on him.

Finlay gets Hardy to the mat and gets him in a headlock. Finlay goes for the cover. 1 count.

Finlay goes back to working on Hardy’s arm. My goodness this match is HORRIBLY boring!!!!!

Hardy starts punching Finlay and whips him into the ropes.

Finlay runs back at Hardy, grabs him and pushes him to the mat working on his arm.

Finlay twists Hardy’s arm around, rolls out of the ring and slams it against the apron. Finlay gets back in the ring and goes back to working on Hardy’s arm.

Hardy gets to his feet. Finlay holds Hardy’s arm and keeps punching him.

Hardy takes down Finlay and climbs to the second rope and dives onto Finlay and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Hardy goes for another pin. 2 count.

The pair exchange punches and Hardy hits the side effect and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Hardy climbs the ropes and Finlay takes him down and goes for the cover. Finlay helps Hornswaggle into the ring but Jamie Noble pulls Hornswaggle out and the two run up the ramp.

Finlay ends up out of the ring and starts walking away.

WINNER – MATT HARDY via count out

Backstage they show Noble looking all over for Hornswaggle. Jamie Noble asks Funaki and Shannon Moore if they’ve seen him but they just laugh at him.

Finlay comes over and threatens Noble for touching Hornswaggle but Kane comes over and grabs Finlay and throws him to the ground.


9:22 – Back from commercial with Sylvan in the ring talking in French and JBL mocking him saying things like he just surrendered and whatnot. Kane’s music hits and he heads to the ring.


Kane punches Sylvan and slams him into the ringpost then starts punching him.

Kane whips Sylvan into the ropes then flips him over his head.

Sylvan gets Kane into the corner and starts to punch him. Kane whips Sylvan into the ropes then picks up Sylvan and slam shim to the mat.

Kane picks up Sylvan and punches him then whips him into the corner where he hits him in the head with his elbow.

Kane flips Sylvan to the mat and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Kane gets Sylvan in a headlock. Sylvan struggles to his feet only to have Kane take him down. Kane whips Sylvan into the corner and runs a him.

Sylvan hits Kane with an elbow then kicks him. Sylvan climbs the ropes and dives but Kane kicks him.

Kane climbs the ropes and jumps onto Sylvan then hits the chokeslam and goes for the cover.


Finlay ran out and started to beat on Kane with his shillelagh. Three refs pull Finlay away and Kane sits up.

Finlay runs at Kane again and the refs separate them but Finlay nails Kane yet again before the refs get him out of the ring.

Backstage Teddy and Vickie are talking about the wedding and Vickie offers him a viagra. A very disturbing conversation takes place.

9:33 – Back from commercial with Chris Masters

“Since I couldn’t find any suitable competition here tonight I’ going to issue an open Masterlock challenge to anyone in this crowd. Anyone with the guts that is. So who will it be?”

Masters approaches a girl in the crowd who can’t be any less interested if she tried.

Masters then picks another disinterested crowd member. The guy then gets up and climbs over the railing and gets into the ring.

The guy then lists his credentials, how he was a football player, captain of his wrestling team and then he said he just got out of prison for killing a man.

Masters sends him back to his seat then picks a scrawny guy. Masters puts the Masterlock on the guy.

Masters throws the guy to the ground and then celebrates.


9:43 – Back from commercial with a Summerslam rundown.

Backstage Batista approaches Ric Flair to see how he is.

Flair goes on about how tonight the Nature Boy is going to take down Khali and nothing is going to stop him.


9:50 – Back from commercial break with Khali making his way to the ring to no crowd reaction. Flair then makes his way to the ring with cheers and “Wooooo”s


The pair lock up and Khali flings Flair to the ground. Flair gets up and Khali takes him down with clothesline.

Flair gets up and chops Khali in the chest, Khali has no reaction. Khali picks up flair and slams him to the mat.

Khali grabs Flair’s neck and gets Flair to the mat.

Flair gets free and gets up. Khali grabs him again and again brings Flair to his knees.

Flair finally gets to the ropes and Khali breaks the hold. Khali chops Flair and knocks him to the ground.

Khali then holds his foot in the air and Flair walks into it. Khali picks up Ric and gets him in the hold. Flair nails Khali with a low blow then starts chopping him.

Flair starts punching Khali but Khali grabs Flair in the head with the claw. Khali gets Flair to the mat and goes for the cover.


After the match Khali refuses to break the hold.

Batista runs out to help Flair and the two men go at it. Khali gets the claw onto Batista as well.