CBlog XIII- My TNA Rant

This is pretty much directly related to the recent blog by MITCH3LL regarding TNA’s downfall, how they size up to WWE, etc. Now anyone who has ever read one of my blogs or any of my posts on TWO, you will know that I am nowhere near a fan of TNA. Frankly, I just straight up hate TNA. I figured I could dedicate a blog to my pure hatred for TNA and show my support for the WWE. Nothing news worthy is really happening at the moment, anyways.

TNA’s Downfall?

I know it’s jumping the gun a bit by saying that TNA is on a downward spiral to destruction, but I think it’s safe to say that things aren’t looking too good for TNA right now. I can’t count how many different names I have read about that want out of their TNA contract. Konnan seems to be TNA’s public enemy #1 after K-Dawg not only quit the company, but has made his thoughts known on where he stands on the promotion. Ron Killings had to be more or less bribed back to the roster by Terry Taylor. Terry gave him the right to continue working for AAA while under TNA contract, a pay raise, and some other royalties. This makes me wonder if what Taylor did was a mistake, if he gives all these things to Killings to bring him back to TNA, won’t the other talent be wanting the same or similar options to continue with the company? I’m interested to see who these four “mystery men” that want out of their contract are. I may be being naive, but has TNA really done anything to better their situation and increase the morale in the company? To answer my own question- No, they have not. What they have done is made the decision to start doing random drug testing starting in September. I’m not sure how this will play out for the company, but they was going to have to make this move eventually anyways once Congress got done with the WWE (or at least that would be the sensible thing to do). This can hurt TNA in one big way and that is in the way of their TNA Champion, Kurt Angle. Either they will have to find a way around drug testing for Angle or have some sort of plan for if he tests positive. I honestly don’t know how they will get around it, since Angle has admitted on more than one occasion that he is/was on various painkillers. TNA needs to figure something out or they are going to have a big problem, to say the least.

Also, TNA may be digging themselves deeper by not letting their talent leave the company when they request their releases. WWE allows talent to get early releases from contract, but TNA just straight up refuses to let their talent have any sort of free will or outside endeavours. Vince Russo is not the biggest problem in TNA currently, believe it or not. TNA just seems to be getting lazy, it seems. They are going to need to learn some “damage control” because something is going to hit the company and hit them hard before it’s all said and done. While the name of the TNA talent had been kept a secret, I agree with what a certain individual said awhile back in regards to Kurt Angle. He said something along the lines of “TNA will feel horrible when something happens to Angle and they didn’t do anything to prevent it”.

The bottom line is that TNA has some serious problems and they’ve got to take action or they will be the ones who will fail and they won’t have anyone to blame but themselves. In my opinion, TNA will not last much longer if they continue down this path and even if they change for the better, I still think they are on borrowed time.

For the record, I am not saying that the WWE is perfect, but WWE knows “damage control” and love him or hate him, WWE has Vince McMahon. WWE and Vince seem to know what they are doing and even if anything further happens to the company, the WWE has the money and the resources to get past it. WWE and the U.S. Congress may be butting heads, but it won’t be a “one-sided fight” if you ask me. If Congress decides to go after TNA, then I believe they very well may crush TNA and Dixie Carter. WWE concentrates on improving themselves, while TNA concentrates on competing with the WWE. It’s like Vince said on the Monday Night Wars DVD, “there’s only so many hours in a day and we have to worry about ourselves” (not a direct quote, but that’s pretty much what he said). That statement is even more truthful now then it was in 2004.