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WWE: Raw Preview for 13th August 2007

Any time Raw rolls into the mecca of sports-entertainment – New York City’s Madison Square Garden – the strangest, most outrageous and most shocking things occur. This Monday night will be no exception, as heated rivalries build ever hotter toward SummerSlam, a crowning achievement seems inevitable, and WWE’s Chairman may suffer the consequences of some unexpected paternal affairs.

It was the mother – actually, father – of all bombshells last Monday, when Mr. McMahon was served a summons relating to a paternity suit for an illegitimate child. In the past, the Chairman has considered himself a “genetic jackhammer”; now it seems there may be truth to his statement. Does another McMahon exist out there, and if so, will the man who sired him own up to his parental responsibilities?

WWE Champion John Cena has never been one to back down from his commitments; however, his Garden obligation Monday night must have him considering it on some level. As if facing his SummerSlam opponent, Randy Orton, and Carlito in a Tag Team Match wasn’t going to be bad enough, Cena must do so with a savage partner who tried to destroy him last week: Intercontinental Champion Umaga. How can The Champ possibly co-exist with the Samoan Bulldozer and fend off a calculated attack from two of Raw’s most cunning Superstars?

On top of everything else, Madison Square Garden will also host royalty this Monday night. After a momentary distraction by Queen Sharmell cost him his match last week, Jerry “The King” Lawler must hail King Booker and crown him in a Royal Coronation ceremony. How difficult will it be for Lawler, a wrestling “King” for more than 30 years, to swallow his royal pride and acknowledge Booker as His Majesty in the kingdom of sports-entertainment?

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