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WWE: ECW on SciFi Results 14/8/07

ECW – August 14, 2007

Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT

10:00 – Tonight’s ECW opens with flashbacks from Raw and the announcement of Vince McMahon’s illegitimate child.

“Last night on Raw we learned that Mr. McMahon’s child is in fact a WWE Superstar on either Raw, Smackdown or ECW. I’m here tonight to continue my investigation to question everyone to determine which one is Mr. McMahon’s child.

There is one more order of business while I’m here. On the order of Mr. McMahon, please welcome the new ECW General Manager, Armando Estrada.”

Armando makes his way to the ring, “Muchos Gracias Senior Coach and an even bigger thank you to Mr. McMahon.

I only home that Mr. McMahon made frequent trips to Cuba in the 1970’s if you know what I mean.

My name is Armando Estrada, but you can refer to me as the new ECW General Manager. Everyone will know me as extreme. Now then, for tonight, I am proud to conduct my first ever ECW Championship contract signing for the match that is going to take place at the biggest fiesta of the summer, Summerslam.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you first, he is the ECW Champion and the new face of Extreme. John Morrison.”

John Morrison makes his way to the ring and shakes Armando’s hand

“And ladies and gentlemen, his opponent, the #1 contender, he is straight edge, CM Punk”

Punk makes his way to the ring amidst loud cheers.

“Gentlemen, please be seated, I’d like for you to read over the contract, sign the contract and lets make the match at Summerslam official”

“You know what Punk. You’ve been knocking at my door ever since I became the ECW Champion. Sitting right there with your lame tattoos in that little chair is as close as your going to get to that earthly paradise” John Morrison says as he signs the contract.

Punk looks over the contract and before he signs it Morrison interrupts, “Think about it Punk, last week you couldn’t last 15 minutes in the ring”

“Yeah Morrison, now that you mention it, I didn’t last your full 15 minutes, did I. If memory serves, that’s only because before the time limit expired, I beat you.

I beat you to earn that title shot at Summerslam”

“I am the Guru of Greatness…blah, blah, blah, Punk you are fleeting, a footnote on reality. The fact is you couldn’t handle being the ECW Champion.”

“Shut up. Shut your mouth, and I speak for everyone here when I say, you talk way too much. One thing Morrison, I don’t wear expensive clothes, I don’t have fancy catchphrases, I don’t feather my hair like Farrah Fawcett and I don’t wear fur coats in August, but one thing, come Summerslam I will wear that title”

Armando interrupts, “It’s good to see you’re both fired up. Tonight you’re going to both be in competition, but not with each other. Morrison, you’ll be against the Boogeyman, and as for you CM Punk, your match is up next and you’re facing none other than Big Daddy V.”

Morrison smiles smugly.


10:15 – Back from commercial break with Punk in the ring as Big Daddy V makes his way to the ring.


The bell rings and Punk backs away then runs and locks up with V.

V tosses Punk to the mat. Punk gets back up and grabs V around the stomach but V backs Punk into the ringpost slamming him there repeatedly.

Punk gets free and goes to the opposite corner. V follows and hits him with several head butts getting him to the mat.

V then stomps on Punk and picks him up by the hair.

Punk gets free and knees V in the head. V grabs Punk and slams him to the mat. V picks Punk up again and slams him down to the mat.

V punches Punk in the back then picks Punk up and gets him against the ropes and chops him.

V whips Punk across the ring and slams into Punk, knocking Punk out of the ring.

Punk gets up on the apron and V shoves him off the apron and Punk lands face first into the announce table.

WINNER – BIG DADDY V via count out

They replay scenes from the match as Big Daddy V stands in the ring doing the Vulcan sign.

They then talk about the John Morrison/Boogeyman match coming up later tonight and run a Boogeyman Promo.


10:25 – Back from commercial with Dreamer talking to Armando,

“I just want you to know that I want the first shot at the winner of Punk vs. Morrison. I want the championship”

Armando replies with “I’ve heard about you, I know you’re an original, but I think you’re lazy. You’ve got 60 seconds to get to the ring for your match to prove that you want it”

After numerous obstacles, he makes it to the ring with several seconds to spare, turns around and finds Big Daddy V.


V takes Dreamer down and stops on his back, then lifts him up and gets him in the corner landing several chops.

V then slams into Dreamer and whips him across the ring. V grabs Dreamer and slams him to the mat then bounces off the ropes and lands a massive elbow on Dreamer and goes for the cover.


Again, we have to watch Big Daddy V celebrate.


10:33 – Back from commercial break with a flashback of last week with Balls Mahoney and Kelly Kelly checking on him.

Backstage Balls runs into Kelly and starts to tell her about a nice restaurant, but before anything could happen, the Miz and the other two Extreme expose girl’s interrupt.

Miz mocks Balls and makes cracks that a girl like Kelly Kelly couldn’t want someone like Balls. Balls glares at Miz but Layla gets them to leave before anything can happen and they take Kelly with them.


Thorn backs Richards into the corner but the ref breaks them up.

Thorn slaps Richards and Richards spears Thorn and takes him to the mat.

Richards knees Thorn in the stomach and goes to whip him across the ring but Thorn counters and takes Richards down with a clothesline.

Thorn stomps on Richards then slams him into a corner.

Thorn whips Richards across the ring and grabs Richards by the hair and knees him in the face.

Thorn knees Richards a second time. Richards gets to his feet and starts punching.

Thorn takes Richards down with several punches to the neck. Thorn picks up Richards and slams him to the mat.

Thorn sits Richards up and kicks him in the back. Thorn nails Richards with a clothesline.

Thorn gets Richards in a headlock. Richards fights his way to his feet but Thorn takes Richards down again and holds onto his arm.

Thorn yanks Richards up and takes him down again and starts yelling at him, “Who do you think you are Stevie? How dare you beat me”?

Thorn takes Richards down again and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Thorn grabs Richards by the hair and picks up him. Thorn shoves Richards into the ropes and Richards’s counters with several punches and a kick to the head.

Richards takes Thorn down with a kick to the head and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Richards goes for another cover. 2 count.

Thorn picks up Richards and slams him to the mat and goes for the cover.


After the match Thorn starts kicking Richards. The ref tries to stop him but Thorn ignores him and picks up Richards and slams him down with the crucifix bomb.

An announcement is made that the ref has reversed his decision so the winner of the match is now STEVIE RICHARDS.

Thorn gets furious and glares at Richards.


10:48 – Back from commercial break with Coach talking to Elijah Burke about whether or not he could be Vince’s child.

They then go over the Summerslam matches and then show flashbacks of the Punk/Morrison feud.

John Morrison makes his way to the ring.


10:56 – Back from commercial break


The pair circle a moment then they lock up and Boogeyman flips Morrison to the mat and then Boogeyman slams Morrison into the corner.

Boogeyman whips Morrison into the opposite corner and dives onto him. Boogeyman follows up with a hard clothesline.

Boogeyman slams Morrison to the mat and jumps on him going for the cover. 2 count.

Boogeyman kicks Morrison in the back then whips him across the ring.

Morrison jumps off the top rope and kicks Boogeyman in the head.

Boogeyman gets on the ropes but Morrison knocks him off and Boogeyman hits the steel steps as he falls.

Morrison gets out of the ring and grabs Boogeyman and throws him back inside the ring and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Morrison starts punching Boogeyman.

Morrison picks up Boogeyman and kicks him in the chest taking him down as a very loud and distinct “Boogeyman” chant starts.

Morrison takes Boogeyman down and goes for the cover. 1 count.

Morrison gets Boogeyman in a submission hold and works on Boogeyman’s arm.

Boogeyman gets to his feet and starts punching Morrison. Morrison punches back but Boogeyman whips Morrison into the ropes.

Boogeyman picks up Morrison, slams him to the mat and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Morrison goes for the throat and takes Boogeyman down. Morrison drags Boogeyman by his foot and starts to kick him.

Morrison climbs the ropes and dives onto Boogeyman but Boogeyman moves just in time.

Boogeyman picks up Morrison and slams him to the mat, picks Morrison up again and slams him down again and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Boogeyman runs at Morrison but Morrison moves and kicks Boogeyman. Morrison goes for the cover. 2 count.

Morrison goes for another cover but Boogeyman grabs the ropes.

Morrison tires to drag Boogeyman off the ropes but Boogeyman holds onto the ropes.

Morrison sits on top of Boogeyman and punches him trying to get him off the ropes.

The ref tries to break it up but Morrison goes after the ref. Angry the ref ends the match.


Boogeyman comes up behind Morrison and slams him to the mat. Boogeyman grabs his bag of worms, east some and grabs Morrison but Morrison fights free and starts to run away.