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WWE: Smackdown *Spoilers*

Dark Match:

*D’Lo Brown defeated a local wrestler.

Billy Krotchsen called in the following spoilers from the ongoing Smackdown taping in Uncasville, CT:

Dark Match:

*D’Lo Brown defeated a local wrestler.


*WWE United States champion MVP comes out and says that he won;t be cleared to box this Saturday on Main Event, but he wants to talk to Matt Hardy. Hardy comes out and MVP challenges him to take the Masterlock Challenge. Chris Masters comes out. Hardy nearly breaks it but MVP kicks him and lays him out.

*Backstage, Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman arrive, seeking Vince’s illegitimate child.

*WWE Tag Team champions Deuce and Domino defeat The Major Brothers.

Backstage, Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman meet with Teddy Long and Kristal Marshall. The Great Khali bursts in protesting that he has a match with Kane later. Coachman reminds Vince of "that time in India" and Vince wonders if Khali could be his son.

*Finlay vs. Jamie Noble is a no contest when Kane hits the ring.

*Chavo Guerrero pinned Shannon Moore.

*Batista comes out and discusses what The Great Khali did to Ric Flair last week. Khali appears on the Titantron. Batista promises to take the World title at Summerslam.

*Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman are discussing that anyone could be Vince’s son and that it could be The Great Khali or Batista. Big Dick Johnson shows up dressed like a baby and starts dancing.

*Mark Henry defeated unidentified wrestler (It was East Coast indy wrestler Plazma, who worked for Jersey All Pro, among other groups)

After the match, Henry takes the mic and says he’s not scared of the Undertaker. The lights go out and Undertaker’s gong strikes as his music plays. The lights go on and Henry goes to the back but mysteriously there is sand everywhere as he walks to the back.

*Backstage, Kristal Marshall asks Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool to be her bridesmaids in her wedding to Teddy Long. Victoria walks by with Kenny Dykstra and agrees to be one as well. Kristal says she’s picked her bridesmaids. Victoria slaps McCool. McCool slaps Kenny then fights with Victoria. Teddy Long sets up a match between the two.

*Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman are walking in the back and encounter Jimmy Wang Yang and Funaki. He wonders if one of them are his son. Kane shows up from behind and says, "Hello, Dad."

*Victoria defeated Michelle McCool after Kenny Dykstra interfered.

*WWE World champion The Great Khali defeated Kane. Finlay interfered. Batista makes the save but gets caught by Khali’s claw.