CBlog XIV- TNA & SummerSlam

Well, it seems like Congress has finally decided to pick on someone else besides the WWE. This is kind of amusing to me because U.S. Congress is requesting the drug testing records from TNA, but TNA has never had any sort of drug testing program. I know I will be keeping an eye on the situation.

Speaking of TNA, what’s their deal? Why did they release like 4 of their stars? Just for Pacman Jones (who I’ve never heard of)? I think Evander Holyfield being on Saturday Night’s Main Event is bigger than Pacman being in TNA (and not even competing mind you). I imagine that the TNA stars who were refused early releases from their contract aren’t too happy, now. Basically, TNA has some big big problems.
As of the date on this blog, there is only 9 days until WWE SummerSlam and I personally am really looking forward to this one. I am predicting Orton as the new WWE Champion, Khali to retain the World Title, Punk to win the ECW Title, Triple H to beat Booker, and Mysterio to beat Chavo. If Matt/MVP is added to the card, then I’m predicting Matt to be the new champion. It’s well overdue. While this pay-per-view will be big, I think that Triple H’s return will overshadow everything as the biggest event of the night. I’m much more of a Triple H mark than a Mysterio mark. Although Orton winning the WWE Title at SummerSlam seems like sure thing, I think it would be more “poetic” to have Orton win the title at Unforgiven. If that would happen, that would mean that Orton would have ended Cena’s title reign one day before the one-year mark. Although Orton winning at SummerSlam would be poetic as well, seeing as Orton won the World Heavyweight Title at the same event in 2004. I believe that the end of the year is going to be huge for the WWE with all the returns. You got Triple H and Rey Mysterio returning at SummerSlam, you got Undertaker returning at Unforgiven, and you’ve get Edge and Shawn Michaels returning sometime in November. Things are starting to look up in the WWE.
Until next time…