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WWE: Vince’s son identity revealed *major future spoilers*

As previously reported the current plan is for Ken Kennedy to be revealed as Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son. If something would happen and the storyline would end up bombing, WWE has a contingency plan to fall back on. The plan would be to say that Kennedy "forged" the papers and lab results and is a con artist trying to get into a billionaire family.

The entire McMahon family will be involved in the angle with Stephanie getting involved sometime around October or November. This will then involve Triple H as he will come in and make the save revealing himself as Vince’s son-in-law therefore setting the stage for the RAW main event at WrestleMania with him as a babyface vs. Kennedy, likely for the title with the entire McMahon family somehow involved.

USA Network’s Bonnie Hammer loves the idea of the angle and wants another big three-hour special in October like WWE did last year with the Homecoming show. This will most likely be the show that reveals Kennedy as McMahon’s son. Hints will be dropped on RAW each week until that edition.

Shane was told that he won’t be needed in the ring until around the time of Royal Rumble. He will probably be Kennedy’s first family victim.