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ROH: Caged Rage Results 24/8/07

Pre Show Matches:

Bobby Dempsey beat Eddie Osiris
Daizee Haze beat Candice La Rae
Mitch Franklin defeated Pelle Primeau to win the ROH Top of the Class Trophy

Chris Hero defeated Hallowicked in the opener of the actual show. Hero and his crew seemed to have picked up the slack where Cabana left off, as he did a lot of comedy spots throughout the match, but it certainly didn’t distract from the match at all.

Jimmy Jacobs made his return and defeated Rhett Titus. The crowd actually started to turn on this one at some points. It was good, but nothing spectacular, Jacobs got a pretty big reaction however.

Nigel McGuinness defeated BJ Whitmer, Delirious, and Adam Pearce in a match that was taped for the third PPV. McGuinness won after he pinned Whitmer. Match was again really fast paced, and Delirious took some great bumps. After the match, Pearce and his crew came in and beat up Delirious, and were threatening to staple his mask to his face with a staple gun. Whitmer did the run in, and looked him he was gonna make the save, but ended up swerving delirious, and beat him up too. I’m not sure if they actually put staples in Delirious’ face, but it was a really convcing fake if they didn’t because there was blood and everything.

Austin Aries Erick Stevens and Matt Cross beat Jason Blade Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards in a six man tag match. At the beginning of the match, Richards came out and attacked Pelle Primeau and took his spot on Jason Blades team. Match was fantastic and featured some incredible dives to the outside by everyone involved.

Brian Danielson defeated PAC in a match that was mostly Danielson stretching out PAC any way he could. It was actually pretty sick what he was doing to him at some points.

Morishima successfully defended the title defeating Claudio and Albright in an elimination match that saw Claudio pin Albright and then Morishima pinning Claudio. This match was just all right as well, Claudio and Albright did some really good work, but Morishima seemed to come off as kind of sloppy at times, as he screwed up a lot of his offense it seemed.

It took about 25 minutes to set up the cage during intermission

First match after intermission was Roderick Strong defeating Jack Evans in the cage. Both guys did an incredible job taking dives off the cage. This was just a fantastic match.

Main event was Briscoes defeating Steen and Generico to retain their belts. This match was pretty much just a brawl, as the majority of it took place out on the floor, which is great visually for your DVD’s, but makes following the action live rather difficult. They seemed to be having some problems with the cage in the last match, so maybe that contributed to the last of it’s use very much in this one. Match was good, but I thought it was overshadowed by Strong vs Evans.