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WWE: Why King Booker almost quit – details

John Lauranitis continues to heavily put over Steve Keirn to both Vince and Stephanie McMahon for the job that he has done with WWE’s new Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory. However, despite Lauranitis’ claims, we have been told that things in FCW are a complete disaster. The training facility just got air conditioning this month as they had been operating in the hot Florida summer heat without it.

King Booker was so upset that his school in Pasadena, Texas got passed over for the next developmental territory after WWE parted ways with Deep South Wrestling; he was ready to leave the company. According to at least one source Booker had spent a lot of money on cameras, a warehouse, a new ring, and gear all in hopes of becoming WWE’s next developmental territory. In addition to that, Bruce Prichard lives just a few minutes from Booker’s school and even offered to stop by every day and work on his off days with students. Both Undertaker and Steve Williams live very close to Booker’s promotion as well.

However, it appears that WWE decided to go with Keirn because he and Lauranitis are good buddies despite the fact that he had no experience or setup. It has been said that Lauranitis likes to party in the Tampa area so he loves going down to Florida Championship Wrestling to check out the school so he can enjoy the night life thereafter.