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WWE: Summerslam 2007 Results

In a dark match before the PPV, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick in a good bout.

WWE SummerSlam Opener:

Summerslam video promo opens the live broadcast, including match previews and more hype for the return of Triple H. Pyro goes off as the Summerslam theme songs plays in the Arena. Michael Cole said the event has been sold out since January. All three broadcast teams are sitting ringside.

Kane vs. Finlay

Kane came out first, his ribs taped. Kane immediately decked Finlay at the bell, then worked him over in a corner. Kane hit a back elbow, then dropped an elbow, but hurt his ribs in doing so. Kane slammed Finlay, then delivered a right hand to the jaw. Kane choked Finlay against the ropes, then delivered some knees to the midsection in the corner. Kane hit an uppercut, then kicked Finlay in the gut and hit a shoulderblock in the corner. Kane choked Finlay against the middle rope, but Finlay booted a charging Kane. Finlay went to the second rope, but Kane punched him over the top rope and Finlay fell to the floor. Kane went outside as well and hit a boot to the face. Kane threw Finlay back in and went to the top rope, but Finlay knocked his legs out and Kane fell gut first across the ropes. Finlay knocked Kane to the floor, and as Kane rolled into the ring, Finlay went after the ribs with kicks and knees. Finlay hit a back splash for a two count. Finlay applied a single leg crab, stepping on Kane’s back as well. Kane managed to get to his feet and hit an enzeguri.

Kane hit a boot to the face, then hit a clothesline in the corner. Kane hit a second clothesline, then dropped Finlay with a side slam for a two count. Kane went to the top rope and hit a clothesline. Kane was favoring his ribs. Kane missed a charge in the corner, and Finlay hit a sit-down splash on Kane’s ribs for a two count. Finlay went to ringside and pulled out Hornswoggle. As they got in the ring, Kane sat up and Hornswoggle ran away. Kane hit Finlay with a boot to the face, then went to ringside and kept Hornswoggle from getting back under the ring. Kane tossed the Cruiserweight Champion into the ring. Kane went for a chokeslam on Hornswoggle, but Finlay ran over to stop him. Kane grabbed Finlay by the throat as well, and threw away Hornswoggle. Kane couldn’t get the chokeslam off because of his injured ribs, and Finlay kicked Kane in the gut and hit a DDT for a two count. Finlay pulled the turnbuckle pad off in one corner, and as the referee fixed it, Finlay grabbed the Shillelagh. Before he could use it, Kane knocked him down. Kane stood over Finlay and went to pick up the Shillelagh. The referee turned back around and took it away from Kane. As the referee put it back at ringside, Hornswoggle handed Finlay a second stick. Finlay nailed Kane in the ribs with it, but couldn’t get the pin. Finlay missed a charge in the corner, going shoulder first into the turnbuckles, and Kane hit the chokeslam for the pin at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Kane


Jonathan Coachman, William Regal, Armando Estrada and Theodore R. Long were partying backstage. Vince McMahon entered and commented on "four guys partying together". Vince sent Armando out with orders that if the mother of his illegitimate child shows up, to let him know. Santino Marella entered to stake his claim as Vince’s son, but was sent out by Regal. MVP entered, noted he didn’t know if he was Vince’s son or not, and said he wanted to issue a non-wrestling challenge to Matt Hardy. After MVP left, Regal said that Vince’s son might be "more regal" and walked off. Vince commented to Coachman that he wouldn’t do an English woman with Coach’s equipment.

Rey Mysterio promo aired.

Intercontinental Championship
Umaga vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito

Kennedy came out first and declared himself the "next Intercontinental Champion" during his entrance. Carlito was out second, and the two argued a bit until Umaga came out. Kennedy and Carlito both tried to convince Umaga to work with them, but Umaga decked both of them. Umaga went back and forth between his opponents, knocking them down with ease. Carlito and Kennedy ended up on the floor as Umaga cleared the ring. Carlito and Kennedy bickered a bit on the floor, then Kennedy tried to distract Umaga while Carlito went for his leg. It didn’t work, as Umaga swatted Carlito away and knocked Kennedy back to the floor. Umaga was setting up for the posterior charge on Carlito, but Kennedy hooked his leg from the floor. This allowed Carlito to dropkick Umaga to the floor. On the outside, Kennedy kicked Umaga’s head into the ring steps.

With Umaga down, Kennedy got back in the ring and Carlito rolled him up for a two count, but the referee saw Carlito grabbing the ropes. Kennedy fought back, but Carlito hit a springboard elbow for two. Kennedy came back by reversing a whip into the corner, then hitting a forward legsweep. Umaga was up on the floor and Kennedy went to kick him, but Umaga grabbed his leg and yanked him to the floor. Umaga then got into the ring, slammed Carlito and hit a second rope headbutt for a two count. Umaga went for a charge in the corner, but Kennedy pulled Carlito out of the way and Umaga went over the turnbuckle and into the ringpost. Kennedy grabbed a TV monitor and hit Umaga in the head. Carlito then knocked Kennedy off the apron and covered Umaga for a two count.

Kennedy got back in the ring, and Carlito convinced him they needed to take out Umaga first. They tried to double suplex Umaga, but Umaga reversed it and suplexed both of his opponents. Umaga gave them a double clothesline, then went back and forth decking his opponents. Carlito was given a Samoan Drop and Kennedy a spinning side slam. Umaga covered Kennedy, but Carlito broke it up. Umaga gave Carlito a superkick, then the posterior charge in the corner. Umaga then charged at Kennedy, who ducked and pulled down the top rope. Umaga fell over the top and to the floor. Kennedy then picked up Carlito and gave him the forward flip Samoan Drop and covered him. However, Umaga got back in the ring and picked up Kennedy and nailed him with the Samoan Spike. Umaga pinned Kennedy at the seven minute mark.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo wore a poncho to the ring that said "Warrior". Rey Mysterio came out wearing silver pants and mask, and silver body paint covering his chest, arms and back. Wow, they didn’t do a very good paint job, as it looks like someone applied silver suntan lotion and forgot to rub it all in. Rey is a lot less toned than he used to be as well. They went nose to nose at the bell and shoved each other. There was a "Chavo Sucks" chant. Chavo went for a leg, but Rey stepped away from him before he could grab it. Rey took Chavo down with a legsweep, and they went for a test of strength on the mat. They flipped each other over while maintaining the hold, then Rey released and grabbed a bodyscissors, then switched into an armdrag. Chavo fell to the floor and regrouped. They locked up when he returned to the ring and Chavo attacked the leg, kicking it and wrapping it around the middle rope. Chavo went to dropkick it, but Rey moved and Chavo slid through the ropes and to the floor. Rey went outside after Chavo and rammed him into the ringsteps. Rey tossed Chavo back into the ring and went after his leg with kicks. Rey hit a rana off the second rope, and then went to the top rope, but Chavo knocked his leg out and Rey got hung in a tree of woe. Chavo hit the leg repeatedly, then went to the floor and whipped Rey’s leg into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, Chavo kicked Rey’s leg repeatedly, then dropped several elbows on it. Chavo applied a torture rack to Rey’s leg, but Rey managed to hook Chavo with his other leg and headscissor him to the mat. Chavo came right back with a dropkick to the leg, and told Rey he should quit. Chavo applied a stepover toehold, then bridged back. Chavo applied a leg stretch, then drove his knee into Rey’s leg, telling him again that he should quit. Rey managed to hit an enzugiri, and Chavo fell in 619 position. Rey went for the move, but as he ran across the ring, he leg gave out. Chavo put Rey in a single leg crab. Rey managed to make the ropes. Chavo hit a forearm uppercut, then went for a slam, but Rey shifted his weight and landed on top for a two count. Rey went to the apron, but Chavo grabbed him and pulled him near the ropes for a possible superplex. Rey fought him off and pulled Chavo into a tree of woe. Rey hit some shots on Chavo’s leg. When Chavo got down, he grabbed Rey and tried to push him out of the ring, but Rey reversed and shoved Chavo to the floor.

Mysterio came off the apron and gave him a seated senton. Back in the ring, Rey hit a springboard senton, but was favoring his leg. Chavo went for a sunset flip, but Rey rolled through it and hit a kick to the head. Rey went for a springboard moonsault, but Chavo caught it and as going to slam Rey, but Rey floated around him and hit a DDT for a two count. Rey went for a top rope bodypress, but Chavo ducked and Rey crashed to the mat. Chavo hit Rey with the Gori Bomb, but Rey kicked out at two. Mysterio hit two kicked to Chavo’s gut and tripped him into 619 position. Rey went for the 619, but Chavo ducked it. Chavo grabbed Rey for the Three Amigos, but after two suplexes, Rey blocked the third and tripped Chavo into the ropes. Rey hit the 619, then delivered a springboard splash for the pin at the twelve minute mark.

Winner: Rey Mysterio


Todd Grisham with King Booker and Queen Sharmell. King Booker says Rey had a triumphant return, a fairy tale dream come true. But HHH will have a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. HHH shall have a grand entrance and the people will cheer, and I want HHH to take that moment in. That will be the only good thing, because HHH will have bowed down to King Booker!

Divas Battle Royal
Maria, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian Hall, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Kristal, Michelle McCool, Layla, Brooks, Kelly Kelly

First Candice Michelle makes her way to the ring to observe.

Candice Michelle came out to ringside to watch the match. She has new theme music. The Divas in the match are Maria, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian Hall, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Kristal, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Brooke and Layla. Everyone went right at it, and the rules were that both feet had to touch the floor to be eliminated, no over the top rule. Brooke was the first to go out, and actually went over the top rope. Jillian Hall knocked Maria off the apron with a shoulderblock to eliminate her. Melina flung Layla between the ropes to eliminate her. A lot of generic brawling and struggles by the ropes, but no big spots to speak of. Kristal kicked Victoria between the ropes to eliminate her. Mickie James put Kristal on the apron. Michelle McCool knocked Kristal to the floor in what looked to be a poorly timed attempt at an "accidental" punch. Kelly Kelly was tossed out by several women. Mickie James tried to rana Jillian Hall to the floor, but they got caught in the ropes. Torrie knocked Jillian to the floor, then Melina knocked James to the floor.

It was down to Torrie, Melina, Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool. Michelle and Torrie teamed up and eliminated Melina. Torrie and Michelle double clotheslined Phoenix. Phoenix survived the double team and flung Torrie through the ropes and to the floor. Michelle and Phoenix went at it, with Michelle hitting a few shots, but Phoenix just lifting Michelle and easily depositing her over the top rope to get the win seven minute mark.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender: Beth Phoenix

The Aftermath:

After the match, MVP came out with two guys carrying a cooler. On the mic, MVP said no came to see the divas, they came to see the U.S. champion. He said in his day, he would drink beer, but now he drinks the best beverages. But tonight, he is going to lower himself to a beer drinking contest, and challenges Matt Hardy.

Outcomes Hardy. Hardy cut a promo, said he a normal guy, and proud of it. Matt said he knows he can beat him in a drinking contest, but he won’t try. Hardy brings up the SNME boxing match. He said MVP brought in a sub (Holyfield), so tonight, he has a sub for the drinking contest… Outcomes… Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Austin had a toast with Austin before leaving. Austin then "warmed up" with some push-ups and jumping jacks. Austin handed MVP and beer, and they were about to drink, when Austin kicked MVP in the gut and gave him a stunner. With MVP laid out, Austin then had a beer bash in the ring.


Theodore R. Long was pleased with Austin besting MVP, while McMahon, Coachman and Regal were ticked off. Cryme Tyme came in, and said one of them might be Vince’s son, noting they like to make money, just like Vince. Long and Coach joined Cryme Tyme in the "Money, Money" dance. Regal even joined in on the fun eventually. Ron Simmons appeared in front of the dancing Regal and said …. Damn!

Kat DeLuna, who did the Summerslam theme song, was shown at ringside.

ECW World Championship
John Morrison vs. CM Punk

Punk grabbed a double leg takedown at the bell and Morrison squirmed out from under him. Punk hit a hiptoss and bodyslam on Morrison. Punk put Morrison on the apron and then hit a second rope springboard dropkick. Punk went for a suplex, but Morrison blocked it, then kneed Punk as he tried a shoulderblock between the ropes. Morrison then hit a neckbreaker from the apron, jumping to the floor and driving Punk’s back into the ring apron. Morrison got a two count, then whipped Punk hard into the corner. Morrison hit a pair of forearms, then applied a half-nelson with a chinlock. Punk punched out of it and hit a hard slap. Morrison tripped Punk into the ropes, then hit a hard kick to the chest for a two count. Morrison applied a rear chinlock, but Punk battled out. Punk grabbed a sunset flip out of the corner, but Morrison kicked out. Morrison went for a catapult into the corner, but Punk jumped onto the second rope and hit a bodypress for a two count. Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, then went for a bulldog, but Morrison blocked it. Punk hit an enzugiri for a two count.

Punk hit a Ted DiBiase-style powerslam for a two count. Punk went for a short-arm clothesline, but Morrison ducked it and hit a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for a two count. Morrison went for his flipping neckbreaker, but Punk blocked it and hit a clothesline. Punk hit a moonsault for a two count. Morrison whipped Punk hard into a corner. Morrison charged and Punk lifted him and crotched him on the top rope. Punk hit a second rope clothesline on Morrison for a two count, then grabbed a small package for another two count. Punk hit a kick to the head, then sat Morrison on the top rope. Punk went for a top rope rana but Morrison held onto the top rope and Punk crashed to the mat. Morrison cradled Punk for the pin, putting his feet on the ropes for leverage (which he had trouble doing) at the seven minute mark.

Winner: John Morrison


We see Khali and Batista warming up for the world title match.

King Booker (w/harmell) vs. Triple H

King Booker is introduced first.

We have silence for a few moments as we wait the arrival of Triple H. The screen fades to black and the Triple H return promo plays. Suddenly we hear.. “ARE YOU REAAADYY??” Fireworks hit! The King of Kings beginning, but then we are back to the old “Time to play the game” music. Here is Triple H and a huge ovation. Triple H then start posing, so let’s say about 10 minutes to introduce both of them. Triple H looked in great shape, but not freakishly muscular.

We are finally ready to start.

Booker kicked Triple H in the gut at the bell, but Triple H fired off some right hands and clotheslined him over the top rope and to the floor. Booker regrouped, but when he stepped back into the center of the ring, Triple H hit some punches and whipped Booker across the ring. Triple H ran into a Booker elbow. Triple H reversed a whip, and Booker grabbed the ropes to stop himself from bouncing off. There was a pause, then Triple H clotheslined Booker over the top rope to the floor again. Triple H went outside and punches Booker and rammed him into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Booker hit a few shots, but Triple H hit the facebuster on the knee. Booker came back with a knee to the gut, and Sharmell hooked Triple H’s leg as he came off the ropes, allowing Booker to dropkick the knee. Booker stomped the leg, then went to the floor and rammed it into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Booker went for a slam, but Triple H floated over it and hit a chopblock.

Triple H applied a figure four leglock, but Sharmell reached in and raked Triple H’s eyes to break the hold. King Booker hit a superkick for a two count. Booker hit a series of rights on the mat, then stomped him in a corner. They traded punches, and Triple H got the better of it and threw Booker over the top rope and to the floor. Triple H rammed Booker into the ring steps, then whipped him into them. Triple H rolled Booker back into the ring and hit a clothesline in the corner. Triple H went for a backdrop, but Booker kicked it away. Booker then ran right into a Triple H spinebuster. Triple H set up for the Pedigree, but Booker hit Triple H’s leg to break out.

Booker ran into a Triple H elbow, but then kicked Triple H in the gut. Booker went for the ax kick, but Triple H dodged it, only to be caught with a Bookend for a two count. Booker hit some knees, then planted him with a side slam. Booker went to the top rope and went for the old Harlem Hangover, but Triple H moved out of the way. Triple H gave Booker a crotch chop, then went for the Pedigree. Booker popped out of it and went for a spinkick, but Triple H ducked and hit the spinkick for the win at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Triple H

After the match, Triple H celebrated and smiled as he bowed to the fans.

Another Undertaker’s promo is aired.

The events leading to the World Heavyweight Championship are shown.

World Heavyweight Championship
The Great Khali vs. Batista

Khali shoved Batista in the corner at the bell and stomped him down, then hit a series of right hands to the head. Batista fired back with punches, but Khali just shoved him back into the corner and hit some elbows. Khali hit a clothesline, then a short-arm clothesline. Khali kicked Batista in the head, and he fell through the ropes and to the floor. From the apron, Batista pulled Khali throat first across the top rope. Batista got in the ring and hit two clotheslines. Khali blasted Batista with a chop to stop his momentum and got a two count with his foot on Batista’s chest. Khali pounded Batista some more, then applied a double nerve hold. Batista made the ropes for a break, and Khali hit a forearm to the back, then shoved Batista into the ropes and hit another forearm to the back. Khali applied the double nerve hold again.

Batista started to pass out in the hold. Fans chanted "boring". Batista powered up and hit a jawbreaker to break out, but Khali hit a boot to the face, and got another two count standing on Batista’s chest. Khali went for the head vice, but Batista blocked it and gave Khali a spinebuster. Batista set up for the Batista Bomb, but Khali shoved it away. Batista hit an elbow to the mouth, then went to the top rope. Batista jumped into a Khali choke. Khali hit the double handed chokeslam for a two count. Ranjin Singh slid a chair in to Khali. Khali shoved the referee to the side and hit Batista in the back with the chair. Khali was disqualified at the eight minute mark.

Winner via DQ: Batista

Khali went for a post-match chairshot, but Batista ducked it and hit Khali with a spear. Batista grabbed the chair and hit Khali repeatedly in the back with the chair until the referee finally pulled it away from him.


Vince McMahon was chatting with Jonathan Coachman. William Regal said a woman had arrived. Before Regal could explain, Vince told him to bring her in. Regal brought in Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah. Regal explained that Mae didn’t give birth to Vince’s son, but she wants to give birth to one. Mae tackled Vince and put him in a liplock. Regal and Moolah eventually pulled Mae out of the room. Vince spat and complained about the taste in his mouth. Coach offered him a Tic-tac. Vince suddenly realized he liked the taste, and said that Mae had turned him on. Coach said that was disgusting, and Vince said "Old chickens make good chicken soup".

Jim Ross announced that there were 17,441 fans in attendance at the Continental Airlines Arena tonight.

A video package on the John Cena-Randy Orton feud was shown.

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton introduced first, then Cena follows under tons of boos.

The belt is raised up and we have a bell. The two circle the ring and then they lock up violently and are moving around the ring locked up. Cena locks in the side headlock and the fans “boo.”

Cena with a side headlock takedown and we are on the mat. More “boos.” Referee starts to count Orton’s shoulders down and only one. We break, and then Orton slaps on a headlock, fans cheer. Orton shoulderblocks Cena down. Then applies a side headlock and a side headlock takeover for Orton now.

Cena shoots Orton to the ropes and drop toe holds him, looking for an STFU, but Orton gets to the ropes. Orton up now and clocks Cena with a big right hand. He now stomps Cena.

Cena off the ropes now and bulldogs Orton and gets a two count. Cena whips Orton again, and telegraphs the back body drop. Orton kicks him in the head and goes for a pin, only gets two.

Cena whips Orton again, but reversed by Orton and Cena goes for a cross body, and Orton ducks. Cena meets the mat face first. Cena rolls outside to the apron and stands up. Orton takes advantage and charges, knocking him off the apron to the announce table. Orton runs outside to bring Cena back in before he is counted out and covers him for a two count. Orton with a reverse chinlock. Fans are totally with Randy Orton.

Cena is fading now, but suddenly battles back with a side suplex as a reversal. Both men to their feet, Cena charges Orton in the corner, who ducks and Cena meets the turnbuckle. Orton pins and gets two.

Orton sets up Cena on the mat, temple facing up, and goes for a knee drop but Cena rolls out. Cena pops up, goes to the ropes and gets powerslammed down. Orton back to the reverse chinlock. Cena powers out of the hold, and punches Orton in the gut, and hits the ropes. Orton dropkicks him, and goes for the pin. Only gets two.

Orton applies a Sleeper Hold. Cena tries to back suplex himself out of it but Orton hangs onto the hold and rolls through the suplex, maintaining the hold.

Cena tries to get to a vertical base, and does so with Orton on his back applying the Sleeper. Cena’s face beat red. Cena backs Orton into the ropes and smashes himself free. Cena now with an adrenaline rush hits two shoulder blocks, then a spinning one-arm powerbomb. He calls for the 5-knuckle shuffle, and hits. Cena picks up Orton for an FU, Orton gets out. Cena to the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Orton turns it into an inverted backbreaker.

Orton now sets up Cena with his feet on the middle ropes. Orton has him in a dragon sleeper, and then drops for a DDT. He pins Cena and gets only two. Randy Orton is now waiting for the RKO…

Cena slowly getting to his feet and turns around. Orton goes for it, Cena blocks it, charges Orton who is near the ropes, Orton drops and pulls down the top rope. Cena falls to the outside. Orton picks up Cena and sends him into the steel steps.

Cena looks to be out and limp. Orton rolls him into the ring and pins him…1…2….NO!

Cena now suddenly hits off the ropes and hits a spinning Neckbreaker on Orton. Cena climbs the ropes and Orton catches him and climbs with him, looking to set up a superplex. Cena putting up a defense. Cena not letting him set it up, and he shoves Orton down, and hits a Guillotine legdrop on Orton. Cena sets up an FU near the ropes. Orton hangs onto the top rope and slides over to the ring apron and then jawjacks Cena over the top rope.

Inside the ring goes Orton and he lays in wait, stalking Cena, looking for an RKO. But Orton now gets to his feet instead and now looks to punt Cena in the head.. He charges, Cena moves. Cena drop toe holds Orton and slaps on the STFU.

Orton tries to get to the rope, Cena wrenches it in. Orton gets to the rope!! The hold has to be broken. Cena turns around and walks toward Orton quickly. Orton suddenly hits the RKO and seemingly hurt his knee. Orton crawls over and lays over for a cover and only gets two. He tries for another RKO but Cena pops up and hits an FU, and pins Orton …1…2…3

Winner (believe it or not): John Cena