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Fire Pro to Set West Blaze

After almost two years, Spike’s unreleased sprite based title Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PS2 is getting an American and European release. Publisher Agetec will be bringing it to the West, and Agetec’s Mark Johnson had this to say:

"I admit that I am not a "hardcore" FPW fan, however I am a "hardcore" gamer – always have been and always will be. Those who are familiar with the approval process at SCEA can understand that getting this title approved was not an easy task, however the gameplay greatly outweighs what some would consider poor and/or dated graphics.
With this being said – I would like both the NTSC and Pal version to be as authentic as possible. I am looking for some help from both the Fire Pro Club community and some key people who I can work closely with that have a solid and complete love for the series."

Previously, the Fire Pro series was released in the west on the Gameboy Advance in the forms of Fire Pro Advance and Fire Pro Advance 2.