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TNA: iMPACT *Spoilers*

TNA taped the next two episodes of Impact tonight, leading up to the No Surrender PPV, in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios Soundstage 21. Complete results of the taping featured:

Impact 8/30

*Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machine Guns was announced, but before it could begin Scott Steiner came out. He tells Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley to get out of the ring. Steiner brawls with Team 3D. He has control of the situation and goes to get a table. Devon attacks Steiner and they nail him with the 3D. Devon grabs several chairs. Ray sets a chair on Steiner’s throat, playing off his surgery, and Devon nails it with another chair. Brother Ray said that Steiner would be going back to the hospital. Security comes to the ring to clear it. Security tries to help Steiner to the back. 3D attack security and bring Steiner back into the ring. They set up a table in the ring. They lay out Steiner through it. Steiner does a stretcher job.

*Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin return to the ring. Sabin says that no team can match them for their total sexiness. Shelley says that TNA needs some heroes and they challenge anyone to face them and bump up the ratings. Voodoo Kin Mafia come out…

*The Voodoo Kin Mafia defeated The Motor City Machine Guns in under 90 seconds. Kip James gets the mic and asks if they are any tag teams that want to challenge them. LAX, XXX and Eric Young & Shark Boy all come out. All four rings brawl in the ring. It settles down to LAX and Young/Shark Boy.

*Sting defeated AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe in order to become the new TNA Tag team champion (with Kurt Angle). Samoa Joe had the Samoan dance troupe for his entrance. Before the match started, TNA Everything champion Kurt Angle and Karen Angle came to ringside to watch. Sting forced Styles to tape to the Scorpion Deathlock. Before the finish, Joe was given the Unprettier on the floor by Cage and was out for awhile. Cage and Styles were discussing how to finish off Sting. Cage goes to get a chair but Joe stops him from getting back in the ring and they brawl to the back. Sting is down in the ring. Styles tried to distract the referee as Tomko interferes. Styles only gets a two count. Sting forces Styles to tap.

*After the match, Sting gets his belt from Kurt Angle and Karen raises their hand. The Angles leave. Ron Killings and Pacman Jones attack Sting (well, Killings did) and Jones spraypaints Sting’s back. Angle makes the save.

TNA Today or Road to No Surrender Bout (not sure)

*Eric Young & Shark Boy defeated Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams when Young hit a double death valley driver on Williams.

Impact 9/6

*Tomko defeated Kaz. During the bout, Robert Roode and Traci Brooks come out. Roode tries to interfere but it backfires. Kaz hits a baseball slide on Roode and brawls with him. After the match, Brooks checks on Kaz but Roode yells at her and attacks him. Tomko gets in Roode’s face and shoves him to the mat.

*Samoa Joe defeated Raven. AJ Styles comes out with a kendo stick and hits Joe to try and help Raven. Joe chokes out Raven. After the match, Joe pulls Styles into the ring. Tomko hits the ring, followed by Christian Cage. Christian hits Joe with a chair. They handcuff Joe to the ropes. The members of Samoa Joe’s dance troupe tried to protect Joe but they were laid out. They hit a One Man Conchairto to one of the dancers while Joe is cuffed to the ropes. Security comes out and they uncuff Joe. Joe grabs a kendo stick and runs off in pursuit of Cage and company.

*Abyss and Jay Lethal defeated TNA Tag Team champions Kurt Angle and Sting in a non-title match when Abyss pinned Angle with the Black Hole Slam. During the match, Karen came to the ring. Angle picked her up and carried her back to the stage. He backed up into Abyss and they began fighting. Abyss had Sting and Angle for a double chokeslam, but Abyss decided to let Sting go. Abyss had Angle set up for a powerslam, but Angle escaped. He hit an Olympic Slam. He went for the Ankle Lock but Abyss escaped and hit the Black Hole Slam for a three count. After the match, Abyss retrieved a bag of something from under the ring. Jim Mitchell comes out and Abyss sees him, then chases Mitchell to the back. Angle is still down in the ring, so Pacman Jones and Ron Killings come out through the crowd and attack Sting, then spraypaint Angle’s back.


*Robert Roode pinned Homicide with a Perfectplex.

*Gail Kim & Chris Harris defeated BG James & Roxxi after Gail pinned Roxxi with a missile dropkick. The women were the showcase of the bout.