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WWE: Cryme Tyme released


World Wrestling Entertainment and RAW brand tag-team Cryme Time has parted ways. There are no in-depth details at this point, only that there was an incident sometime this weekend involving Cryme Time and WWE Tag Team champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. 


There’s a very interesting story behind Cryme Tyme’s release from WWE. Backstage, there has been heat between Cryme Tyme and Cade & Murdoch for several weeks. During an altercation at a house show this weekend, Shad from Crime Tyme said to Trevor Murdock, "Whatever happens out there happens". This was seen as a direct threat and Murdoch addressed Shad’s threat in front of the rest of the locker room.

Cade & Murdoch decided to pull a rib on Cryme Tyme involving the referee of their match that night and a major swerve. There was a spot in the match where JTG gets bumped out of the ring and gets back in right before getting counted out. The swerve was that the ref was going to count very fast at the end and disqualify Cryme Tyme – -without them knowing the real finish to the match. After it went down, Cryme Tyme was shocked — but immediately gave the referee their finishing maneuver – took off his belt and auctioned it off in the crowd!

Although the referee was protected during the move and they stayed in character by auctioning off his belt, Cryme Tyme still performed their finisher on somebody who did not expect it or was trained to take it and were seen as the real "bad guys" of the whole situation. They were released after the show