From Parts Unknown

Seabass Filler #1: Wrestling Departures

This blog will look at the recent firings/departures that has happened in the WWE (and TNA in one case)
This was meant to be part of another blog, but I was having trouble integrating it to original piece so here it is on its own. Pretty much a filler blog

Andrew ‘Test’ Martin: I’ll admit, I think Test has potential (he does need to work on his character though) but you can’t blame TNA for wanting Test to lose “some considerable weight”. Also I feel TNA has enough homegrown and former WWE stars that they don’t need to hire anymore for a while (well any ex-WWE stars anyway).

Eugene: Personally, I’m looking at this as a mercy killing. The Eugene gimmick had run out of steam (for sometime now) and WWE looks like they had nothing fresh for Dinsmore. While Dinsmore can kick himself for getting caught he can be also thankful he doesn’t have to play what become a lame gimmick a long time ago.

Cryme Time: Why not just suspend them for some time and then bring them back to re-fued with Cade and Murdoch. Yes, Cryme Time may have overreacted, but firing them was a bit harsh and you also lose a tag-team that may not be a great tag team or have any critical acclaim from anyone, but are still capable, entertaining and were getting over. Losing them weakens Raw’s tag team division, which is a bad thing.

Simon Bucci: Better known as Simon Dean (or Nova to hardcore ECW fans), some may say that Bucci was a scapegoat to show WWE was dealing with those caught up in the Signature Pharmacy scandal (and score some brownie points for the congressional hearings). Bucci’s role before being fired was that in charge of WWE’s development territories. This may not mean a lot to some but to those who were training in the developments, they liked and respected him a lot and so I guess it’s a blow for WWE somewhat to lose him.

Booker T: Well this is as major of a departure as you can get. Booker T was suspended for 60 days (having violated the Wellness Policy twice). Rather then sit at home and wait just to be stuck in mid-card (and face it, with HHH back and Cena and Orton taking the main event spots, it already happened), Booker T decided enough was enough and called it quits. A shame as he made a gimmick that could have been pretty lame entertaining and was a reliable talent in the ring who could have been used effectively to elevate talent.

Sandman: Well what the hell happened to the mid-card push and Vince’s love for the character then?! Well this is just been reported and no word on why the Sandman was released. Well he was being poorly used anyway on Raw. True it was the same on ECW but at least he had a sense of belonging there, on Raw he was like a fish out of water. Be cool to see him signed up by TNA, as he might be used quite effectively in gimmicky brawl matches.

Ric Flair: Flair says he’s not going anywhere, everyone else is reporting otherwise. We’ll see soon who’s right, but for now lets just say he is going for arguments sake. Losing Flair now would be a shame, especially since he deserves to be in a fantastic title chase storyline, even if he doesn’t end up getting the title. Yes he’s not as great as he was many years ago (I’d go back as far as ten years at the least) and he should really be a manager instead of wrestling. That said, with the right opponent, he is magnificent to watch and truly deserves to be rewarded for what he’s done in wrestling.